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One of the best actionadventure movies!
04124296025 August 2002
Good film.This movie is spectacular, but The Mark of Zorro with Tyrone Power is better.Guy Williams is fantastic in the role of Don Diego Vega.This is one of the best action\adventure movies that I ever saw!
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The Best Zorro
zillionairepoet5 November 2006
Yes, the Tyrone Power film Zorro was very good ... the sword fight one of the best on screen. But Guy Williams was the perfect Zorro --- he was more dashing and handsome than Power / Banderas, etc. (although these actors also did the character much justice), and looked and moved the part. His costume was the best, too, as was the theme song. And he pronounced "Tornado" like it should be, unlike Banderas' mistake "Tor NAY doe" .... As Don Diego, Williams (Armand Catalano) was also the best in the humor dept. (Powers comes close "So fatiguing") along with Bernardo. It's quite a feat that something from TV was this good, and competed with big budget films. If Williams was in his prime today, he would have been the greatest!
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The Sign of Zorro
halvorh21 May 2006
I love this movie! The costumes are excellent, actors are excellent, fencing and shooting are excellent and cast and crew are excellent. But even tough, this movie is good, it's also old. So it has this old fashion in it, but that doesn't matter.

Guy Williams (Don Diego de la Vega and Zorro) is my favorite actor of all time. Henry Calvin (Sgt. Garcia) is also an excellent actor, and he is very funny. Which makes him perfect for his role. Gene Sheldon (Bernardo) is an even better actor, and just as funny! He makes an excellent man servant.

Plot: After 3 years of study in Spain, Don Diego de la Vega returns to California because he father sent a message for him. When he arrives in Los Angeles, he finds that a dictator named Captain Monasatario, has taken over control. He is the most cruel man in all California, and arrests everyone that can not pay the taxes. Diego decides to do something about it, and makes the Zorro outfit. And with his man servant Bernardo and the horse Tornado, he fights for freedom and justice!
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Fun, But Bogus "Feature" Film
John T. Ryan11 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
WE CAN RECALL when Mr. Walt Disney had an episode of his DISNEYLAND TV slow devote its hour to previewing just what was coming our way from Walt Disney Productions that year. The year was 1957 and in addition to whatever theatrical releases were on deck, television seemed to dominate this unashamed, blatantly self-serving commercialism. We all loved it, nonetheless.

IN ADDITION TO the already mentioned DISNEYLAND there was the daily afternoon MICKEY MOUSE CLUB. Whiole chatting with the assembled band of youthful performers, Mousketeer Cubby O'Brien (or was it "Moochie"-Kevin Corchran?) constantly questioned 'Uncle' Walt, "But what about Zorro?"

EVENTUALLY WE DID find out about Zorro and his connection with he Disney Organization. A masked & costumed Guy Williams appeared and gave us a teaser of a rundown about the new series, slotted for Thursdays at 7:30 PM Central Time.

IT WAS HIGHLY successful, garnering a great following. Everywhere we looked there was a chalk or marker impression of "Z" on buildings, school signs, billboards, book covers, wherever kids could write.

SO WAS THE next logical step for Disney's ZORRO to be a full length feature film for showing at the movie houses? The answer was a resounding "Yes!" The following year Disney's own Buena Vista Distributors released THE SIGN OF ZORRO! The young crowd was ecstatic; as we marched like the rodents of Hamlin's Pied Piper to plunk down our two bits at the local theatres.

WELL, ALTHOUGH WE did enjoy seeing Don Diego and company on the big screen, we did feel as if we'd been had. Even a ten year old knew that this was a sort of bogus movie; being made up from three ZORRO TV episodes, edited into a single screen story.

ALTHOUGH WE HAVE always held this Disney series in high regard, the use of this episode splicing into a 'feature film' casts certain aspersions on Guy Williams as a Movie Zorro. In our view, it disqualifies his being compared to Douglas Fairbanks, Tyrone Power or even our personal favourite, Reed Hadley in the ZORRO'S FIGHTING LREGION Serial (Republic, 1939).
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