Psycho (1960) Poster


Plot Keywords

motel money
california shower
alimony phoenix arizona
secretary private detective
rain bird
temptation embezzlement
woman in bra covering a dead body
impotence unrequited love
serial killer friend
homicidal maniac undressing
murder murder weapon
hidden money confronting a murderer
red herring falling down stairs
mother son relationship widow
motel owner car in water
peep hole long take
bra removing psychopath
guilt murder in a shower
driving a car driving in the rain
bra interview
old woman overhead camera shot
looking through a window sleeping in a car
shower curtain ring role reversal
flashback horror movie remade
divorce sweeping floor
swamp slip the undergarment
stabbing extortion
first part psychiatrist
hotel taxidermy
phone booth split personality
bath fade to black
murdered in a shower stalker
police car loss of girlfriend
cult film telephone call
villain arrested broken engagement
all knowing psychiatrist theft
bloody corpse fruit cellar
blockbuster threatened with a knife
nude woman murdered bathroom
posing as husband and wife threat to kill
policeman dead woman on floor
listening to classical music cleaning up
church thief
identity crisis murder suspect
stabbed to death domineering mother
recluse female in shower
shower murder night driving
dating slasher
black bra trap
good versus evil impersonation
screaming in fear realtor
missing woman stolen money
breaking the fourth wall screaming in horror
famous opening theme fly
bad mother house of horrors
spurned woman deception
toilet hardware store
matricide mysterious man
looking at self in mirror license plate
jail one word title
gash in the face mistaken identity
peeping tom meeting
blood driving all night
stopped by police corpse
countryside small town
suspecting self of murder female removes her clothes
dissociative identity disorder sheriff
death mysterious stranger
hallucination curtain
objectified woman spurned female
jealous man ambitious woman
used car dealer carrying dead body
false accusation of murder famous score
silhouette character's point of view camera shot
missing person director cameo
scream wife leaves husband
mental illness pressure from mother
working out remade
lifting someone into the air mislaid trust
dragging dead body hidden corpse
female removes her dress alone in house
oedipal complex stabbed with knife
older woman younger man relationship impostor
psycho next door lifting a female into the air
dead mother sister sister relationship
cellar following
witness death threat
talking to one's self unreliable employee
secret stabbed in the chest
based on ed gein voyeurism
madman subjective camera
apartment building fainting
dead woman with eyes open widower
photograph nervous breakdown
victim invited to dinner rural setting
shower curtain hearing voices
disguise funeral
eyeglasses basement
hatred against mother first of series
scared by mirror image disposing of a dead body
looking in window rotting corpse
posing as married couple murder in shower
human monster old dark house
career woman naked dead woman
highway patrol abandoned house
swinging light motel clerk
marriage voice over narration
maniac breaking and entering
skull bedridden mother
voyeur neon sign
stairwell famous twist
villain safe sex
female in bra jealous woman
rainstorm villain played by lead actor
bathtub underwear
loss of sister family relationships
lifting an adult into the air based on novel
independent film surprise ending

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