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On the Universal DVD, Norman can be heard (not seen) screaming "I am Norma Bates!" as Sam Loomis rushes in to stop him from murdering Lila. The scream is not present in at least some release prints.
For the original theatrical release the UK and New Zealand censors cut the shower scene and the later shot of Norman washing the blood off his hands. All later video/DVD releases were fully uncut and the certificate lowered to '15' in the UK.
A shot of Marion removing her black bra before her shower was removed by the U.S. censors while the scene remained intact in the U.K.
In the UK, the film was originally distributed by Universal Pictures and cinema and VHS releases replaced the Paramount Pictures logo with the Universal one. DVD releases have the Paramount logo as seen in the US version.
The version currently on Blu ray has in fact three significant missing moments. First is an extra shot of disrobing before the shower, second is a long tracking shot of bloody hands moving to the sink and being washed, third is a number of additional thrusts of the knife in the killing inside the Bates house. Despite these cuts the Blu ray version is listed as being R rated.
Psycho was cut 1 minute and 11 seconds by Norwegian censors before its cinema release in 1960, in 1975 the movie was released uncut for the first time after 15 years.
Hitchcock hesitated in editing a superimposition of Norman and Mother's skull in the closing shot. Eventually only some copies featured the trick by then.
When "Psycho" appeared in syndication on TV stations such as WOR-TV, sometimes a print was shown that completely excised the portion of the movie where Marion tries to exchange her car, cutting from when she gets sleepy and pulls over for a nap, to when she pulls into the Bates Motel.

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