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Pekka & Pätkä in the world of arts
Petri Pelkonen15 April 2008
In this second last Pekka and Pätkä movie these two fellows play a long game of chess and start painting.Their art is certainly something unique, especially when they get some help from the kids of the yard.Pekka Ja Pätkä Mestarimaalareina (1959) is 11th and the last of these movies directed by Armand Lohikoski.He didn't get to do the last.Esa Pakarinen and Masa Niemi are as funny as ever.The duo becomes a trio when they are joined by the beautiful miss Kaihokielo, played by Anja Hatakka.Heikki Savolainen and Leo Jokela play the crooks.They give the boys almost a bigger scare than Justiina (Siiri Angerkoski).The good old Armas Jokio is janitor Pikkarainen.Tommi Rinne plays the reporter.The young Esko Salminen is seen as a photographer.Teija Sopanen is seen on the TV screen.And many other familiar faces are seen in the movie.I had lots of fun watching this movie with my family.It's awfully funny to listen to these boys sing with their original voices.The critics have never given too much credit to these movies.Luckily I as a regular viewer get to do so.So thanks for the laughs, boys.
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Fine film. Almost a classic.
hagel198228 July 2004
I remember seeing some Pekka and Pätkä films already in 1989-90 on Finnish TV. This one is the one I remember the best from those days. It begins with a scene with Pekka and Pätkä dressed as gorillas and they frighten Justiina who hides herself in the closet. Janitor Pikkarainen gets upset with them after Pätkä has called out some sentences in the yard. The proverbs play an important role in this film. The two friends decide to earn some living as artists. They start to paint. Then some children find it out and have fun in their apartment after discovering the front door open. Justiina finishes cleaning the carpets and catches the children red-handed on messing or "messing" the painting. Pekka and Pätkä find it an improvement when the children have handled the painting, not destruction. What it comes to the rest of the movie, Mona Lisa is stolen and the two friends will be suspected for the crime. But as usually the film has a happy ending - or has it? After all the final scene shows us our heroes cleaning the carpets rapidly. And they are not exactly doing it voluntarily.
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