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Stark Terror Meets Art in a Deadly Game of Cat and Mouse. (DVD)
Years ahead of its time and still one of the most disturbing and psychologically complex horror films ever made! (DVD)
See It From The Beginning!
It'll be two quid. Shut the door. ... No!
"Do you know what the most FRIGHTENING thing in the world is ...?"
Terror Meets Art in a Deadly Game of Cat and Mouse
WARNING! Don't see Peeping Tom unless you are prepared to see the screaming shock and raw terror in the faces of those marked for death!
Can you see yourself in this picture? Can you imagine yourself facing the terror of a diabolical killer? Can you guess how you'd look? You'll live that kind of excitement, suspense, horror, when you watch "Peeping Tom".
Don't dare tell the ending to anyone - you'll be blamed for nightmares!
What made this the most diabolical murder weapon ever used?
An adventure into terror
More Horrible Than Horror! More Terrible Than Terror!
marked for death by Peeping Tom - To Look Meant Danger To Smile Meant Death!
Han fotograferede sine smukke ofre i dødsøjeblikket! [Denmark]
Den stærkeste kriminal-gyser De nogensinde har set [Denmark]

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