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A film that has always stayed with me.

Author: Chana Neumann ( from New York, USA
11 December 1999

Like the other reviewers of this film, I saw it when I was a child (9 or 10, perhaps younger) and it has always, always stayed in my mind and my heart. I especially remember the children's conviction, after each goes to the other's house of worship, that they must be stronger than God, because God didn't strike them dead afterwards (which they feared might happen). It captured perfectly a child's way of thinking. I also remember a book called Hand in Hand, with stills from the movie placed along with the text that narrated the story (sort of like The Red Balloon, for those who know that film and the book). I have been searching for the book version of "Hand in Hand" for a long time, and am beginning to think it was a figment of my imagination, because I don't find mention of it anywhere. If the film were out in video, I'd buy it in a minute (and then I'd go buy a VCR). But I just *know* the book already exists. Can anyone lead me to it? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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Memorable, Haunting, Beautiful

Author: Holly (aromatic-2)
6 September 1999

I agree with Lynda and the others -- I saw it when I was about 8, and again at 11, and never ever forgot it. Just thinking about it still makes me cry, then laugh with deep-seeded feelings. Is it available on Video? Does anyone know how to get it? I would LOVE to get a copy of it.

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Lessons in love and tolerance through children's eyes.

Author: Cathy Boucher from Santa Cruz, CA
2 April 1999

I too saw this movie in the early 1960's at summer camp. I loved the movie at the time. Today is Good Friday and my daughter asked me if she could go to church with her friend. We have never gone to church with her as we are more into Hinduism and Buddhism (though my husband was raised Roman Catholic and I was raised as a Jew). So it made me think of Hand in Hand. I am sorry that it is not out on video. It would be so wonderful and so timely to share with this generation of children. I remember in the movie how each child was so apprehensive about going to each other's house of worship, fearing they even might be struck by lightening. But they grow together, despite the prejudices their parents express. I would love to see it and share it with my eight year old.

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Most memorable film...

Author: lynda pietroforte ( from California
13 March 1999

I too saw this lovely film in the early 60's and have never forgotten its emotional impact. I was very young, and only remember certain images from the story, but the film itself has stayed with me. My sister and I watched it together as young children. I don't believe we'd ever mentioned it to each other since, but recently, when I asked her if she remembered the story, she knew immediately what film it was and said she too had the same longing to see it again. We both felt that it left a big impact on us at an important time in our lives. I would love for my own child to see this film.

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Required viewing for ALL SCHOOLS

Author: thejcowboy22 from United States
15 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Growing up in Irish Catholic neighborhood in the early 60's was an uncomfortable experience for me being Jewish. Attending a Yeshiva or as the Rough Gentile kids would call "JEW SCHOOL" made me feel detached and different. Then I came upon this movie totally by accident hearing the subject of Jew and Catholic mentioned by Rachel's parents in a scene on the subject that they might move to another Hamlet. I saw these two adorable British Children Rachel and Michael our little centerpieces in this film with an warm affection for each other, laughing and playing putting religious differences aside except for the final burial arrangement's for a pet mouse. The innocence and heart warming feeling you get from watching their friendship grow is something to savor. Michael and Rachel learn about each other as Micheal attends Synogogue on Saturday and Racheal attends a Sunday Catholic Mass. They also have plans to go on a boat trip down the Thames but I'll leave that part up to you the viewer. The truth is that love and friendship should not be quashed due to racial or ethnic differences and when you do meet that special person learn about their culture, embrace all you can about their differences,and equally share your own experiences with that special someone. Most schools in America show the film to kill a Mockingbird to teach students about racism and the unjust profiling surrounding that doctrine. This movie shows religious differences in a very positive light. I think all grammar school children today should see Hand In Hand as required viewing. Watch listen and learn and I'm sure the children who view this epic masterpiece of childhood innocence will come out thinking differently when it comes to religious differences.

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A nice charming little movie but...

Author: rudge49 from United States
21 April 2016

..despite the fact that the two stars are children it is really not a kids movie. It is a good example of an "adult" movie in the older sense that kids really shouldn't see it because they wouldn't get it. I was taken to see "A Raisin in the Sun" at the same time and that went over the head of this 11 year old macho man. In my case I came from a family that was vaguely Protestant but not church going at the time and I was exposed to no prejudice at home. I knew that the Catholics were sort of "The Other" and that Jews were "different" but no idea how or why. The scenes I recall the most clearly-after 55 years were of the boy's anguish when he pulls the girl out and find her limp and unresponsive and the one scene in the flashbacks where they are burying a mouse and the girl insists "He's a Jewish mouse." The final scene that shows the priest and the rabbi walking off in different directions, people trying to read symbolism into that..a good friend is an Orthodox rabbi, another friend is pastor of a church, I have started going back to church-those people don't have 9 to 5 jobs.

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I will NEVER forget the impact this film made on me

Author: Steve Anderson from Southern California
14 December 2013

I am 55 years old and I have NEVER forgotten the impact this film made on me as a child. Along with many other reviewers, I saw this film late one Saturday morning on the CBS Children's Film Festival and I have not forgotten it for my entire life. When I saw it was available on Amazon for purchase I did not pay any attention to the price, I simply hit 'Purchase' and smiled the whole time. If the cost had been ten times what I paid I would have still gladly paid it. I cannot even remember the details of the plot but I can remember that I was so emotionally invested in this story it has stuck with me for four decades. I cannot WAIT for its arrival. I now have ten grandchildren and I will make sure that they ALL watch it with me as they get a little older. Thanks to whoever made the effort to re-release this timeless classic on DVD. It is clear from the many posts (that are eerily similar in their message) that this movie affected EVERYONE that saw it in virtually the same way. If EVER there was an example of the power of motion pictures...THIS is that film.

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Great movie with an important message

Author: sheila-ortego from United States
16 September 2011

I wholeheartedly second the review someone else did saying this movie should be made available as a DVD! I have remembered this movie since I saw it when I was about 9 years old! It had such a profound and important message about the damaging effects of prejudice and the redemptive power of love and friendship. I have few memories of movies I saw as a child - and this one has remained strong throughout the years. I really want to see it again, and would appreciate it if someone could tell me how I might do this, if indeed it is not available on DVD. I will post a question about this, as I think the message would be as strong and powerful to viewers today as it was for me so long ago. I believe the movie as well as the message is timeless, and all who love movies and also those who would like to see more peace in the world would appreciate it.

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Lovely movie, great family values taught!

Author: fredseaborne
15 May 2011

I thought this was a great, warm-hearted movie, full of deep feeling and positive values and ideas. A wonderfully wholesome movie of innocent childhood friendship that the whole family can enjoy. I was just a bit surprised, however, that the movie would show the two youngsters hitch-hiking and taking a ride in the car with Lady Caroline (who in this case, of course, turned out to be a totally honorable compassionate matron who merely wanted to treat the charming young friends to tea and an enjoyable afternoon at her estate, but this was just good fortune for the children --- she could just as easily have been a seemingly "kindly harmless little old lady" figure in a kidnapping crime-ring, like the infamous Georgia Tann)… ever since vehicles of any kind were invented, parents have been warning their children to never accept a ride with a stranger. I just hope this film hasn't influenced any young viewers to naively do the same as these two children do, and that no children have gotten hurt as a result of their imitating these overly-trusting youngsters' behavior.

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A heartwarming family movie

Author: gordon-287 from United States
24 January 2011

I saw this movie when it showed in the theater. It has been 50 years since seeing it, so I don't remember much about it, but do remember it was a heartwarming family movie, and a DVD is finally available. It's about the adventures of two small kids: a Catholic boy and a Jewish girl who become friends. I do remember one poignant scene (non-spoiler) in which they decided to attend each other's religious services. As close as I can remember, it went something like this: When they walked into the girl's synagogue, the boy was confused about what was happening and didn't know he was supposed to wear a head covering. An old Jewish gentleman in panic grabbed a spare yarmulke and put it on him. The following Sunday, they attended the boy's parish Church. The girl was curious about the statue of the Blessed Virgin and remarked, "She's so beautiful." I highly recommend this film.

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