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One of my favourite Looney Tunes cartoons of all time!
TheLittleSongbird3 September 2012
From Hare to Heir is a brilliant and non-stop laugh-fest from start to finish. As much as I do thoroughly enjoy the Bugs Bunny-Yosemite Sam shorts, From Hare to Heir is up there with their absolute best, as well as Fritz Freleng's. Bugs is intelligent, arrogant and likable all at the same time, but I found Yosemite Sam was the one to stole the show, his temper, sayings and everything about him just cracks me up. His and Bugs' rapport is a vital part of From Hare to Heir and in the form of a psychological battle between the two it is done perfectly. The dialogue has the freshness and wit you expect from Looney Tunes, "rackin' frackin'" I'll remember to use when I want to let my temper out. From Hare to Heir is full of hilarious gags, right from the dinner scene, lullaby scene, when Sam falls through his trap twice, Sam' fall down the stairs and any scene where Sam runs away and lets his temper out. The animation has lots of beautiful colour and every frame, character and detail is constructed seamlessly. The music has always been a big part of Looney Tunes' success other than the characters and the humour, and there is some great energy and lush orchestration here. Mel Blanc is brilliant as both Bugs and Sam. All in all, I've run out of words to describe the brilliance of From Hare to Heir, 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Hands Down...One Of My Personal Favourites
druid333-210 January 2010
As much as I do like the Bugs Bunny shorts that pits Bugs against Elmer Fudd,and really enjoy the antics of Bugs versus Daffy Duck, I admit that I've always loved the general anarchy of Bugs vs. Yosemite Sam. Sam is such a bad tempered,runty little sour ball that Bugs getting the upper hand makes for natural laughs. In 'From Hare To Heir',Sam,the Duke of Yosemite has found out that his Uncle,the King has cut his allowance,due to Sam's spending. Bugs appears at the door with the promise of a million pounds,provided he can keep his temper in check. What follows is what has to be easily one of the funniest seven minutes ever captured on film. Bugs goes out of his way to monkey wrench Sam's inheritance by being really annoying. Sam's outbursts of bad temper (along with a pre-cursor of the Fred Flintstone school of swearing,which amounts to something like "racket fracket,beeble sticken",etc that's also good for some big laughs). Friz Freleng writes & directs this laugh out loud fest,with Mel Blanc supplying both Bugs & Sam's voice. If you can find this one playing on Cartoon Network,sit back & enjoy! Not rated,but contains a nearly non stop barrage of Yosemite Sam's brand of cursing (l.o.l.)
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One of my favorite Looney Tunes cartoons
Jerry Ables17 April 2001
I have loved this cartoon ever since the first time I ever saw it. Yosemite Sam is hilarious when he loses his temper with Bugs Bunny and starts cursing him especially in that part where he falls through a hole in the floor that he put there hoping to get rid of him. It made me laugh so hard I started to cry and you just know he's losing a lot of money while he's doing it. I would very highly recommend it to any Looney Tunes fan.
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May this happen to all the world's loose cannons!
Lee Eisenberg12 January 2007
"From Hare to Heir" has got to be one of the Looney Tunes cartoons that most makes me feel like I'm going to laugh myself to death. After Sam, Duke of Yosemite, sees his allowance cut off, Bugs Bunny makes him an offer to inherit an 100 million pounds if he keeps his temper; if he gets mad, he loses money. Well, knowing that Sam is the loosest of loose cannons, you can probably guess what happens!

I just start cracking (rackin' frackin') up whenever I think about Sam blurting out some angry rant, and then Bugs deducts some money, and Sam gets even more infuriated. And the whole gag with the hole in the floor? I can probably never imagine how much fun they had creating that! It just goes to show that these cartoons may have been the greatest ones ever created, and they will never get old. Got that, varmint?

PS: "From Hare to Heir" was used in the compilation film "Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island".
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"From Hare to Heir":..overlooked gem..
Steve Carras29 August 2008
I truly agree with all of the other postings..incidentally, this is very similar to the blockbuster 2003 Happy Madison/Revolutoon/Columbia Pictures hit "Anger Management", starring Adam Sadnler (in the Sam role, and in the same year that WB's own failed Bugs-centric "Looney Tunes: Back in Action" later (November 2003) hit theatres.), Jack Nicholson (in the "Bugs" role), Marisa Tomeei, January Jones,etc. (Of course, unlike Sam, even Adam Sandler wins at the end..) This is one of the ,last laugh out cartoons at Warners, ironic given "What's "Opera Doc" is often considered the big gem (released three years before it). incidentally, in 1983 when this was showcased in the "Daffy Duck Movie: Fantastic Island" it ruined the whole closing gag (Sam reacting to what happened in the end--------I won't spoil it..) while adding the "Sam as heir from rich uncle" setup not mentioned in the original cartoon...and I agree Bugs knows Sam WAY too well for the old grey hare's annoying 9to Sam) traits NOT to be a COINCIDENCE (hee hee!) !! Which of course is the whole funny part..!!
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Best of All Post-war Cartoon
yborcity12 February 2007
Whoever created the "Nose in the Book Penalty" is a genius. This is the best Looney Tunes short made in the Post war era. It is still funny every time I see it. The best part is the psychological battle between Yosemite Sam and Bugs. Another good part is when Sam runs far into the woods, holding his mouth, until he is far enough away to start his temper tantrum. Once you see this cartoon, you will be hooked on Looney Tunes. I think it is even better than "Hillbilly Hare" Make sure to watch this one at least twice to absorb all of the action that goes on. If you like the phrase "rackin frackin" you will like this one. The lullaby scene is tops too.
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Looney Tunes at its finest!
oldtitanfan20 March 2006
This ranks as one of the all-time Bugs Bunny greats! Yosemite Sam, who holds his temper like a baby holds water, is masterful as he attempts to play Bugs for a fool pretending he doesn't hate him to "stash some cash"!Of course Bugs already figures Sam out and starts to play him! Why else would Bugs play the piano in the middle of night, and THEN beat on a bunch of drums in front of Sam's door if he wasn't trying desperately to tick him off? One question: What would Sam have done to Bugs if he knew he was broke at the end of the cartoon? All that pie in the face and getting kicked in the butt for nothing? This classic Looney Tunes hit is proof that Mel Blanc is irreplaceable!
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"Welcome to the House of Sam."
utgard1413 October 2015
Very funny Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam short directed by Friz Freleng. In this one Sam is the Duke of Yosemite, who has just discovered the King has cut off his allowance and he's now broke. Then Bugs shows up at his door and tells Sam that he will inherit one million pounds so long as he keeps his temper in check. Throughout the cartoon, the volatile Sam struggles to stay calm in order to win the money. All it takes is having seen one Sam cartoon before this to know how hard that would be for him.

One of the better '60s Bugs shorts, although Sam is more the star here and gets all the funny material. Great voice work from Mel Blanc. Nice music from Milt Franklyn. The animation is good, even if it's that slightly sketchy style from the later years that I don't prefer. The colors are beautiful. It's a fun cartoon with Yosemite Sam at his ornery but lovable best.
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What if the Publishers' Clearing House . . .
Edgar Allan Pooh16 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
. . . people showed up at your door, while you were in the midst of a major financial crisis, and said you'd just won $10 million? You'd probably be quite thrilled. That is, until you heard the one Itty Bitty stipulation standing between you and all that loot. The Prize Patrol People insist that they must do an immediate and comprehensive search of you premises, deducting $100,000 from your total winnings for each magazine they find. As you stand there biting your nails, they flush out your old Family Circles, Better Homes, TV Guides, Woman's Days, Playboys, Lifes, and National Geographics--an assortment totaling 103 in all. YOU now owe THEM $300,000! This is pretty much the fix that Yosemite Sam (a.k.a., "The Duke of Yosemite" here) finds himself in when Bugs Bunny shows up at his castle with an offer of big bucks. Being house rich and cash poor, Sam jumps at the chance for some Easy Money, but is quickly undone by the one string attached, dealing with his anger management issues. Just hearing Mel Blanc muttering strings of Sam's profane-sounding gibberish here is worth the price of admission!
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