The Brides of Dracula (1960) Poster



In the opening scenes, the windows on the coach almost all alternate between open and closed from shot to shot.
The village girl who is resurrected as a vampire is buried too close to the surface as she is emerging from her grave.

Crew or equipment visible 

In many scenes involving Baron Meinster in bat form, the strings holding up the prop bat are clearly visible.

Factual errors 

When Van Helsing stakes the Countess, the blow falls well below where her heart ought to be.


Despite the title of the film, there is no person named 'Dracula' in the movie.

Revealing mistakes 

Despite the fact the characters are all wearing winter clothes, in several night scenes crickets and frogs can loudly be heard as if it is summer.
When the coachman pulls the log out of the road, the thin end of it wobbles (revealing it to be a rubber mock-up).
When Marianne opens the window of her room to go on the terrace, it is an ordinary window whose ledge is one yard above floor; when she arrives on the terrace, the window goes down to the ground.
In a closeup of the Baron in the mill, the contact lenses that change his eye color are clearly visible.

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