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a b/w classic from early sixties
arun singh12 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
produced by J Om Prakash one of the finest and most successful producer of Hindi films.

Aas Ka Panchchi is a tale of epic proportion which follows a boy (Rajendra Kumar) from 18 years to 28 he yearns to join the army and how his father forces him to take a clerical job at his own office.his heart is not into it and mistakes keep happening.he looses his job his father soon dies of heart his age is above 18 so he can't join India' national deference support his family he joins army as a soldier after Vyjanthimala his sweetheart inspires him.

when he returns on leave from the army he comes to know that Vyjanthimala's father has announced engagement of his daughter (Her father being a colonel didn't want her to marry an ordinary soldier.) with his former classmate who is a doctor.he knows he is now just a common soldier and quite below her.he quietly accept it and goes back .Vyjanthimala fights her father and follows him .in the mean time a neighboring country has attacked the battlefield she continues search for him by becoming a army nurse.Rajendra Kumar goes through near death experiences while Vyjanthimala is working overtime to look after wounded both of them meet do they marry or do they die on the battle field ,see the film for the emotionally overwhelming climax.

its a unique story a well written script which follows a boy in his teens through his youth to adulthood,through love and despair through peace and follows the life of an Indian girl who stands by her lover in times of distress and despair,who fights her own father and follows her lover to the mouth of death.a superb classic directed by Mohan Kumar.

music from Shanker Jaikishan is brilliant.all the songs are very good which have made this album a classic which still sells.some best songs are, 1) Dil Mera Ek Aas Ka Panchci-sung by Hemant Kumar 2) Apni Bhi Kya Zindagi Hai Nirali-sung by Mukesh 3) Ab Char Dinon Ki Chutti Hai-Mohd.

Rafi 4) Ae Dil Pyar Ki Manzil Ab Hai Muqabil-Mukesh 5) Tum Roothi Raho Main Manaata Rahoon-Lata Mangeshkar ,Mukesh.

Vyjanthimala a perfectionist shines in the film and Rajendra Kumar always touches your heart.everyone rose above the written script and lived the character for real.a great gem to cherish.

it also gives a message to all parents that let your child follow his or her dreams,let them do whatever they want to do.
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