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Season 2

30 Oct. 1961
Laugh for the Lady
A big name, brassy lady comic comes to Miami, and among her entourage is Julie, a friend of Dave's. The comic is generally petty and tyrannical, but Julie stays with her because she and the star's weak willed husband. After she gets wise, Julie's life is in danger.
13 Nov. 1961
Jonathan Wembley Is Missing
Sandy Winfield II (Troy Donahue) solves the kidnapping of a ventriloquist's dummy.
27 Nov. 1961
A Matter of Seconds
Dave Thorne (Lee Patterson) and his crime-solving buddies race against time to prove an ex-fighter's innocence.
4 Dec. 1961
Prescription for Panic
When the patient of a female psychiatrist is gunned down for no apparent reason, Sandy Winfield decides to investigate.
8 Jan. 1962
The Quarterback
A gambler has convinced a young quarterback who is set to star in the Orange Bowl that his brother, a policeman, is taking bribes, and if he doesn't throw the game his brother will be exposed. The detectives set out to thwart the gambler's plans.
5 Mar. 1962
The Green Beret
Dave Thorne, a guerrilla warfare expert, is asked by the army to help train a Special Forces team--and to discover the enemy agent the army believes is on the team.
26 Mar. 1962
Portrait of Nicole
The SurfSiders become three men on a hunt for a girl named Nicole and discover what's in a name.
2 Apr. 1962
Elegy for a Bookkeeper
On his last day in prison, a bookkeeper suddenly dies--suspiciously, just before he was to give Ken evidence about the mob boss responsible for his being imprisoned. The dead man's daughter agrees to help Ken find the evidence he needs to bring the gangster to justice.
23 Apr. 1962
Green Bay Riddle
In the exclusive community of Green Bay a murder trial is in session. Charles Allen, a man who married into the community, is accused of murdering his father-in-law even though a body was never found. He is found not guilty but many still believe him to be...including his brother-in-law Richard Linden. Allen's wife travels to Miami and hires Ken Madison to prove once and for all her husband's innocence and find out who killed her father or what else may have happened to him.
28 May 1962
Dave goes undercover at a circus to discover why an accident during a performance has resulted in tensions rising among the circus' European members.

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