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3 Jan. 1964
Child of a Night
Tod and Linc driving through rural Georgia witness the crash of a plane and speak to the dying survivor. A man asks them to go to Savannah and find a woman he met 25 years before and had a child with. He wants a money belt with $38,000 given to the child. Tod and Linc agree to help and find that the search is painful.
10 Jan. 1964
Is It True There Are Poxies at the Bottom of Landfair Lake?
Tod and Linc, employed by a sign company in Savannah, deliver a neon sign to tiny Clausen, Ga., and a recently discharged Army vet intentionally damages it. Tod and Linc stay to repair the sign and find out why the man did it. Afterward, Tod offers him this advice - "when you get burned, scream and learn to live with it".
17 Jan. 1964
Like This It Means Father... Like This - Bitter... Like This - Tiger...
Tod and Linc are employed at a plant in Savannah, Georgia. In a bar after work, Tod sees Linc violently attack a man seemingly for no reason. Later it comes out that this man's cowardice caused the death of two men in Linc's Viet Nam unit. The man received no punishment for his behavior and Linc wants justice.
24 Jan. 1964
Kiss the Monster - Make Him Sleep
Tod and Linc are in Minneapolis working in Construction on a River Lock Project. Linc becomes "involved" with the sister of their boss. She resents her brother being overprotective and buying off her men friends. Linc tries to help her make it on her own but later finds she has neuroses involving dependency and nymphomania.
31 Jan. 1964
Cries of Persons Close to One
Tod and Linc, driving along the Eastern Coast of Florida, make the acquaintance of an uneducated alcoholic boxer and his faithful girlfriend after a melee. While Tod is hardly sympathetic, Linc is and after offering his help to the couple, Linc even goes as far as to substitute for the fighter in a boxing match!
7 Feb. 1964
Who in His Right Mind Needs a Nice Girl
Tod and Linc, in Daytona, Florida, befriend a shy librarian. She seems to be bothered by a drifter who they escort out of town. Unknown to them, she is attracted to the man and offers herself totally to him when he returns to town. When the news reveals that the man is wanted for murder Tod and Linc find the girl is missing.
14 Feb. 1964
This Is Going to Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You
Tod and Linc, in St. Augustine, Florida, run into a friend of Tod's from his college days at Yale. The friend is wealthy with a strange way of seeking eligible candidates for marriage. Deciding a true test would involve having the women meet someone even wealthier, he hatches an idea - TOD will play the wealthier man.
21 Feb. 1964
Follow the White Dove with the Broken Wing
A disturbed teenager's isolation and frustration lead him into accidentally killing his only friend.
6 Mar. 1964
Where There's a Will, There's a Way: Part One
Tod and Linc, now working in Tampa, Florida, encounter a remarkable family of oddballs who have gathered there for a funeral and the reading of a will.
13 Mar. 1964
Part Two: Where There's a Will, There's a Way
Tod and Linc find the end of the road is Tampa,Florida. The four year journey of "trying to catch a star" and "finding a place in this world" has been accomplished for one of them. Ironically,they both travel to Houston,Texas at the conclusion of this episode-but not together.
20 Mar. 1964
I'm Here to Kill a King
Tod and Linc, working at Niagara Falls, find some odd incidents puzzling. Tod eventually learns he has a double who looks and sounds exactly like him. The "evil twin" is a cold blooded hit man with the assignment of killing a visiting Arab king. Tod is kidnapped and his job at the Falls used as a venue for the hit.

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