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4 Jan. 1963
A Bunch of Lonely Pagliaccis
Tod is employed as a general factotum for an award winning novelist, in Hernando, Mississippi. He is a minor bystander in the story of the author's daughter who murders her husband. Her motive for the killing is unknown and a bombshell when revealed. Buz is not seen - he is "healing" in an unnamed location.
11 Jan. 1963
You Can't Pick Cotton in Tahiti
Tod, in Chisholm, Tennessee working at a cotton gin, meets another "Yankee". He is a nomadic Hollywood song writer who has stopped in town looking for new material. The outsider is not popular with some of the locals and Tod becomes his reluctant protector. Buz is not seen, he is "thinking about girls again" while in an unnamed hospital.
18 Jan. 1963
A Gift for a Warrior
Tod and Buz, about to enter Mexico from California, encounter a young man who is there to meet his American father for the first time. The father was in Germany 18 years before as a WWII G.I. and has no idea what he is about to encounter - or that he even has a son. Buz disappears permanently with no explanation after this episode.
8 Feb. 1963
Suppose I Said I Was the Queen of Spain
Tod, now alone and working in the Los Angeles area as an oil field laborer, meets the girl of his dreams. She is attractive, playful and intelligent but evasive. After his credit card turns up missing, Tod begins to unravel the mystery and finds the dream has turned into a nightmare - and three different people.
15 Feb. 1963
Somehow It Gets to Be Tomorrow
Tod, still alone,travels to Corpus Christi, Texas for a job at a grain processing plant and encounters a thieving 13 year old boy. The boy and his sister are orphans who dislike their foster parents and are looking for a new life in a different town-and a father figure. Tod is a possible candidate.
22 Feb. 1963
...Shall Forfeit His Dog and Ten Shillings to the King
Tod, still alone, is working in Apache Junction, Arizona at a dog racing track. When two men rob and kill the owner, Tod joins the posse trailing into the desert/mountains. The hidden reason for the crime eventually comes out and makes Tod wonder "can people only make themselves important at the expense of others?".
8 Mar. 1963
In the Closing of a Trunk
Tod, still alone and wintering in the Texas gulf working on a ferry. A woman returns to the area after spending 27 yrs in prison for murdering her father. She has come to find her son and the woman's uncle convinces her that Tod is her son. Tod is kind to her but is not aware of just how fragile her state of mind is.
15 Mar. 1963
The Cage Around Maria
Tod, still alone, is in Texas working as a tour guide at the Houston Zoo. He rescues a dazed young woman from the bear "pit". Later she explains to Tod that she made a spectacle of herself in order to find someone to help her. She suspects her penniless stepfather has attempted to kill her wealthy mother-and will try again.
22 Mar. 1963
Fifty Miles from Home
Tod, still alone, is in Houston working at SE Texas University as a gym manager. When much decorated Viet Nam vet Lincoln Case is "hoo-rahed" by members of the basketball team, the "ticking time bomb" violently retaliates. Tod seeks revenge and after a brutal fistfight both men come to an understanding. "Linc" vows to "search this country for a meaning to life".
29 Mar. 1963
Narcissus on an Old Red Fire Engine
Tod and new friend/traveling companion (Lincoln Case) are in Galveston, Texas working as laborers at a cotton processing plant. Linc is "knocked out" by a kooky girl he meets in a seamy Greek fisherman's bar. Something in her past has scared and scarred her. What she wants out of life is unknown - even to herself.
5 Apr. 1963
The Cruelest Sea of All
Tod and Linc are in Crystal River, Florida working at Weeki Wachee "the Spring of Live Mermaids". Tod is the only "merman" amongst 30 "mermaids" entertaining tourists. He meets an odd newcomer. She is a tireless swimmer with abnormal lung capacity and a murky background. Tod wonders is it all a put-on or is she a real mermaid?
12 Apr. 1963
Peace, Pity, Pardon
Tod and Linc in Tampa, Florida find that their rooming house neighbor is not simply a part of professional jai lai. He is also an anti-Castro freedom fighter and a wanted man in Cuba. Linc sympathizes with the fellow "soldier" and agrees to help him on his next mission-the liberation of his son from Castro's Cuba.
26 Apr. 1963
What a Shining Young Man Was Our Gallant Lieutenant
Tod and Linc, in the Tampa, Florida area, visit Linc's former platoon leader. Unknown to Linc,the one-time peerless leader has suffered a brain injury which has reduced him mentally to a child. The sad story does not affect Linc's loyalty to the man but frustrates Tod when Linc decides to stay and help.
3 May 1963
But What Do You Do in March?
Tod and Linc are in Tierra Verde, Florida working for a housing tract developer. Due to a boating incident they meet "two little rich girls". Competitors since childhood, they make full use of Tod and Linc in their latest contest-a powerboat race. Linc takes "his girl" seriously and Tod can clearly see what it will lead to.
10 May 1963
Who Will Cheer My Bonnie Bride
Tod and Linc driving to Cape Coral, Florida run out of gas. Linc goes for help and is "aided" by two men who involve him in a stick-up and shooting. Despite being part of a statewide manhunt, Linc offers first aid to one of the men who has been shot. The two men (and Linc) then continue on to their original destination - a wedding!
17 May 1963
Shadows of an Afternoon
Tod and Linc in Punta Gorda, Florida are working at a Shell plant. They are living at a rented house and responsible for lawn/garden work and the family dog. The dog becomes injured and a respected neighbor accuses Linc of having "cut the dog with pruning shears". Linc is arrested and assumed guilty by the angry townsfolk.
31 May 1963
Soda Pop and Paper Flags
Tod and Linc are en route from St. Louis to Memphis, Tennessee. They stop in Mapleton, Mo., for gas. Tod defends a transient hobo from troublemakers. Deciding to stay, Tod & Linc go to work for a rubber processing plant. Later when the hobo is accused by a mob of vigilantes of bringing a sleeping virus into town Tod once again helps him.
27 Sep. 1963
Two Strangers and an Old Enemy
Tod and Linc, in Cape Coral, Florida working for an air service, search for the owner-missing with his plane in swampland. As the story unfolds it is revealed that the owner, a WWII air ace, was never able to adjust to non-hero civilian life. The unhappy saga includes the man's ex-wife and one-time enemy.
4 Oct. 1963
Same Picture, Different Frame
Tod and Linc are in Poland Spring, Maine working at a children's Summer Camp. Linc acts as protector for one of the Camp counselors, an older lady, who has become frightened by the threat of her escaped mental patient husband. Tod, meanwhile, has his hands full warding off the advances of a teenage attendee at the Camp.
11 Oct. 1963
Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!
Tod and Linc, in the Poland Spring, Maine area, are working at a saw mill. Linc has found a girl he is madly in love with. She seems interested in him as well but oddly "wants to save him the trouble of being hurt" and pursues another man. The man brings her to realize that she has no idea of what she wants out of life.
18 Oct. 1963
Where Are the Sounds of Celli Brahms?
Tod and Linc, working in Minneapolis, Minnesota at a luxury hotel, are both amused and irritated victims of a female efficiency expert. She is a driven high-strung workaholic perfectionist with few social skills. Recognition of her regulated life and it's flaws are something she has never noticed.
25 Oct. 1963
Build Your Houses with Their Backs to the Sea
Tod and Linc, in Maine, encounter a "long-lost son". Tod works with the man's abandoned wife, Linc with the man's hated father. The son has old grudges and cannot be reasoned with. He is especially obsessed with doing his father harm and causes a violent feud before challenging his father to a fight to the death.
1 Nov. 1963
And Make Thunder His Tribute
Tod and Linc, in the St Paul, Minnesota area, find work with an eccentric farmer. He is at odds with his son about using any new farming ideas and actually uses a shotgun for noise to scare birds away from his crop. The son and he escalate the battle between them over the possible use of the farm as the site of a motel.
7 Nov. 1963
The Stone Guest
Tod and Linc working in the Central City, Colorado area; Tod backstage with a theater group and Linc in a mine with an old Vietnam buddy. Linc's friend and a visiting woman become trapped in the mine after a cave-in. The sad lives of the two are reviewed as rescue workers try to get to them before their oxygen runs out.
15 Nov. 1963
I Wouldn't Start from Here
Tod and Linc, driving through rural Vermont, become lost and have car trouble. They encounter an elderly farmer who helps them. He is widowed with no children and lives with no conveniences such as electricity or telephone. Sadly,his method of making a living and his existence are doomed by the modern world.
29 Nov. 1963
A Cage in Search of a Bird
Tod and Linc, in Denver, Colorado, become involved in the story of an Depression Era bank robber and a pretty young woman. The robber, never caught and now an old man, has selected her to report his crime and collect the reward in order to give her "a fresh start". Her former "business partner" and the passing of time complicate things.
6 Dec. 1963
A Long Way from St. Louie
Tod and Linc, sightseeing in Toronto, Canada,make the acquaintance of a female jazz band. The attractive women are from St. Louis and are stranded without funds. Linc attempts to help them find work so they can afford passage to return home. Tod is not enthusiastic about getting involved. A local Romeo/pilot is.
13 Dec. 1963
Come Home Greta Inger Gruenschaffen
Tod and Linc are in Mount Snow,Vermont employed at the Snow Lake Lodge Motel. An attractive "escapee" of the Buffalo, NY Chapter of "The League For Physical Revelation" is of interest to both Tod and Linc. Chosen by her group to promote physical fitness worldwide,she actually is more concerned about her love life.
20 Dec. 1963
93 Percent in Smiling
Tod and Linc are in Erie Canal,New York working in construction and living in a "mobile home court". Their know-it-all neighbor, who has moved his family to various cities because he cannot hold a job, suffers when his baby son disappears. Linc, playing detective, finds out the man's other two children are the cause.

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