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7 Oct. 1960
Black November
Leaving New York City behind, Tod and Buz begin their search "to catch a star" and find themselves in a nightmare right out of "Bad Day at Black Rock." The unfriendly, suspicious, and violent residents of a tiny Mississippi town have a long-held secret--and they will kill to protect it.
14 Oct. 1960
A Lance of Straw
Tod and Buz reach the destination they started for in Episode One; Louisiana and jobs working as crewmen on a shrimp trawler. However,crewing for a beautiful female captain, the resentment of local fishermen and a deadly storm at sea were results that were totally unexpected by them.
21 Oct. 1960
The Swan Bed
Tod and Buz layover to work in New Orleans and make the acquaintance of a young woman who accidentally interferes with a smuggling ring.The young woman's melancholy mother and the danger of an epidemic add to the difficulties.
28 Oct. 1960
The Man on the Monkey Board
Tod and Buz take labor jobs on a Louisiana offshore oil rig. Tod immediately finds the behavior of a seemingly out-of-place older worker to be odd. As Tod continues to watch the man he finds the strange behavior has a sane purpose-the man is a Nazi hunter who is closing in on his prey.
4 Nov. 1960
The Strengthening Angels
Tod and Buz, driving through California "West by North" in a rainstorm nearly run over a young woman. After giving her a lift to the next town they find she is on the run from a murder charge. Despite the protests of the Sheriff, the townspeople and the woman herself, Buz feels there is more to the story than obvious guilt.
11 Nov. 1960
Ten Drops of Water
Tod and Buz,working as ranch hands in a drought stricken area of Utah,befriend a desperate family.The family's farm does not have sufficient water to maintain the livestock.The family comes to realize that solving the problem in the short run may not be the only option.
18 Nov. 1960
Three Sides
Tod and Buz inadvertently become involved in the conflicts between a hops rancher/processor and his two teenage children. The spoiled, undisciplined boy and girl's immaturity end up causing fights, death and worker revolt.
25 Nov. 1960
Legacy for Lucia
Tod and Buz, now working in a small town Oregon sawmill, aid a young woman recently arrived from Italy. She is a WWII war orphan who has come to the U.S. to sell a legacy left to her by a dead G.I. in order to raise funds for her church. The problem is the G.I. actually never owned anything.
2 Nov. 1960
Layout at Glen Canyon
Tod and Buz, working as laborers near Page, Arizona on a dam project, are reassigned by the Project Manager to run interference for a group of fashion models shooting pictures at the site. The lady chaperoning the models has her hands full too,dealing both with the girls and her past-with the Project Manager.
9 Dec. 1960
The Beryllium Eater
Tod and Buz, working as laborers at a large scale Arizona mining operation, help an old-time prospector while "looking for their fortune" on a day off. The man has found a valuable claim and the owner of the large mining operation resorts to violence to find its location. Buz finds an unlikely ally in the owner's wife.
30 Dec. 1960
A Fury Slinging Flame
Dr. Mark Christopher is a famous scientist who believes from his Russian friend's cryptic message that the USSR will initiate a New Year's Day nuclear attack on the United States. Unable to convince his associates to act on this information, Christopher, his son, and a small band of followers, he takes shelter deep inside Carlsbad Caverns Tod and Buz assist Paula Shay, a devious newspaper reporter who wants to interview Dr. Christopher.

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