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Season 2

22 Sep. 1961
A Month of Sundays
Tod and Buz, in Butte, Montana working as laborers in a copper mine, meet a beautiful girl at their rooming house. She is a local girl who has made it big and has mysteriously come home despite being the star of a current hit on Broadway. Buz quickly falls in love with her and becomes serious. Tod knows her dark secret.
29 Sep. 1961
Blue Murder
Buz and Tod warily transport a horse with a reputation as a killer to its new owner, whose family is as dysfunctional as any clan Tennessee Williams conjured up. The owner's sensuous wife Blossom Bludge toys with Buz poolside, as she explains why she chose her power-crazed husband over her passive brother-in-law. A third brother, the brawny Cam Bludge, stands brooding and mute as the owner struggles to break the stallion, the way he tamed his own family. As usual, the episode features superb on-location photography, this time in Butte, Montana.
6 Oct. 1961
Goodnight Sweet Blues
Tod and Buzz agree to help fulfill a dying jazz singer's last wish to reunite with her old band.
13 Oct. 1961
Birdcage on My Foot
Tod and Buz, in Boston for a day of leisure, interrupt an odd acting man who is attempting to steal their Corvette. Buz, seeing the man is an addict, wants to drop the matter but Tod insists the man be arrested. When it is confirmed the man is a junkie, Tod decides to try and get him clean. Buz has the burden fall on him.
20 Oct. 1961
First-Class Mouliak
Tod and Buz,working in Cleveland,Ohio as laborers in a foundry,are exposed to the close-knit world of Polish ethnic life by their Supervisor.Steeped in Old World tradition,he has dominated the lives of his children.When a fellow Pole's daughter disappears it leads to the discovery of his son's involvement.
27 Oct. 1961
Once to Every Man
Tod and Buz fail to save their ship-builder boss from accidentally drowning, but stay on when his free-spirited daughter takes over the yard. Misnamed Prudence's as conflicted and headstrong as she's alluring - which stabs a fork between streetwise Buz, and preppy Tod whose background matches Prudence and upper-crust Gloucester, Massachusetts maddeningly.
10 Nov. 1961
The Mud Nest
On intuition Buz steers the 66ers off route to a Maryland hamlet where everyone thinks they recognize Buz - as returning prodigal of a hated local clan. When Buz meets the Colby clan they look like clones - of Buz. Tod & Buz speed into Charm City where a family member ran to with-child, disappearing into the sin-filled streets of Baltimore. Orphan Buz has to know if she's his mother.
17 Nov. 1961
A Bridge Across Five Days
Buz's sarcasm unwittingly freaks out a new office clerk at a shipbuilding plant, not knowing she's just been released from a mental hospital. She spent 18 years in Catonsville, Maryland's Spring Grove Hospital, ironically (& actually) located near Paradise & Prospect. Dundalk ship-workers Tod, Buz, and the female office staff rally around her as she battles to adjust to a world she's feared for so long.
24 Nov. 1961
Mon Petit Chou
Tod and Buz are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania working as crewmen on a tugboat. Tod "rescues" a pretty girl who oddly was water skiing in the shipping lanes. She is a singer from France, managed by a Svengali who closely watches her and is haunted by the memory of a previous "discovery" who deserted him.
1 Dec. 1961
Some of the People, Some of the Time
Tod and Buz, driving through Pennsylvania, make the acquaintance of a man who runs small-town beauty/talent contests with the winners promised a movie studio connection. Tod and Buz eagerly go to work for him in order to meet the local lovelies. They find the "talent scout" rather promotes a living for himself.
8 Dec. 1961
The Thin White Line
Tod and Buz,in Philadelphia working as "high floor" construction workers,are at a party and Tod mistakenly drinks a beer meant for a troublemaker.The beer was laced with "an experimental chemotherapy compound" by the party givers who are college students.Tod runs out of the party as the effects of the drug begin to wreak havoc on him.He experiences heightened senses,hallucinations and paranoia.Buz and the police turn Philly upside down to find Tod before he hurts himself or others.
15 Dec. 1961
...And the Cat Jumped Over the Moon
Tod and Buz are in Philadelphia visiting a friend/mentor of Buz from his New York Hell's Kitchen days. The old friend, a social worker trying to tame a quirky local gang leader, is killed after playing a rooftop "chicken game". Tod and Buz run into major trouble after staying to help a girl whose boyfriend has left the gang.
29 Dec. 1961
Burning for Burning
Tod and Buz, working in rural Pennsylvania as handymen at a chicken ranch, become involved in the drama between the ranch's family matriarch and oldest son versus the visiting widowed wife and child of the youngest son. The family blames the widow for the son's death and are suspicious and resentful of her coming.
5 Jan. 1962
To Walk with the Serpent
After a right wing extremist endeavors to recruit Tod & Buz as they check out patriotic sites in Boston, the FBI persuades Tod to go undercover for them in an effort to prevent any violence. Advising Tod and the FBI is the charismatic leader's own father, who can't stop his brilliant, deranged son by himself.
19 Jan. 1962
A Long Piece of Mischief
Tod and Buz, in Mesquite, Texas "finishing up a 30 day job at a brick factory", meet performers at the town's rodeo. Two of the contestants hate the rodeo's clown and torment him with nasty pranks. Buz is drawn into the latest gag unknowingly and helps both the rodeo clown and a female stunt rider to find peace with themselves.
26 Jan. 1962
1800 Days to Justice
Job seeks justice in his hometown after 5 years in a Texas prison. David Job and his gang take over the scrub town, putting its kingpins and collaborators on kangaroo trial for railroading Job out, and into prison. Passersby Buz & Tod get rounded up too, with Tod assigned to act as the defense mouthpiece. As Job and local Goliath Harcourt Jr. contend over maid Marion Ross, brother Doodle Job must choose sides.
2 Feb. 1962
City of Wheels
Todd and Buz work with wheelchair patients at a veterans hospital, where a nurse falls in love with a patient.
9 Feb. 1962
How Much a Pound Is Albatross?
Tod and Buz, passing through Tucson, Arizona, encounter a sexy but odd woman. Her "albatross" (constant burden) is trying to deal with the loss of both parents, brother and sister from a ship lost at sea. Her unique way of grieving is to "experience life to its fullest but taking nothing seriously". She never realizes that taking nothing seriously also makes everything meaningless.
16 Feb. 1962
Aren't You Surprised to See Me?
Tod and Buz are in Dallas, Texas employed at an import company. While at work, Buz is kidnapped by a religious zealot who has killed in six different cities. The mentally unbalanced man "warns" each city he visits that unless they obey the Ten Commandments for 24 hours he will have to "sacrifice" one of their citizens.
23 Feb. 1962
You Never Had It So Good
Tod and Buz are in Phoenix, Arizona working as construction laborers with a land development company. When Tod due to his Yale background is summoned to Personnel about a job opening, Buz goes in his place in order to meet a pretty lady executive. Buz surprisingly gets the job and may have "found his place in the world". Or has he?
2 Mar. 1962
Shoulder the Sky, My Lad
Tod and Buz, working in Phoenix, Arizona as punch press operators, are befriended by their Jewish supervisor. When the kindly man is senselessly killed by muggers his 8 year old son blames God. Tod and Buz have different views of how to help the young man mourn and regain his faith.
9 Mar. 1962
Blues for the Left Foot
Tod and Buz are in Los Angeles working at CBS as stage hands. A dancer who Tod had a crush on during his Yale days has recently become widowed from an older star actor who was a hopeless alcoholic. Now in her late 20's, she has not worked for almost ten years. Tod and Buz help and encourage her to make a life for herself.
16 Mar. 1962
Go Read the River
Tod and Buz, still out West, are separated as Tod accepts a short term job at Lake Havasu, Arizona helping to test an experimental boat motor. The main designer is driven and totally immersed in the project - until his long-lost daughter turns up. Tod helps both the daughter and the engineer to come to grips with their lives.
30 Mar. 1962
Even Stones Have Eyes
Tod and Buz are in Austin, Texas employed as construction workers. On the job, Buz is hit on the head and nearly killed. He recovers but with a problem - he is totally blind. After initially having suicidal thoughts, Buz goes to a rural school for the blind. He slowly learns to cope with his situation and finds love as well.
6 Apr. 1962
Love Is a Skinny Kid
A woman in a hideous Japanese mask refuses to remove it or give her name, as she riles up a Texas town after arriving to stage a memorial for a long-dead girl. Buz is fascinated by the scorned young woman but she refuses his help.
13 Apr. 1962
Kiss the Maiden All Forlorn
Tod and Buz, heading toward Dallas, Texas, stop to help a girl whose car has broken down. The three are kidnapped at gunpoint, taken to a Dallas hotel and held prisoner. The kidnappers are associates of a wanted millionaire embezzler who has come back to the U.S. to stop the girl, his daughter, from becoming a nun.
20 Apr. 1962
Two on the House
Tod and Buz are in Cleveland, Ohio where they are employed as crewman on the Cuyahoga River tour boat. They are drawn into the drama surrounding a motherless, lonely son of a workaholic land developer. The boy is seemingly in danger of being harmed or kidnapped. When he does disappear the truth is soon found out by Tod and Buz.
4 May 1962
There I Am - There I Always Am
Tod and Buz are staying on Catalina Island, California beach, and enjoying the Winter there. When Tod goes on an errand to Avalon, Buz settles in for an enjoyable time but an irresponsible woman creates a frenetic day for him. He must free her foot, caught in the shoreline rocks, before the engulfing tide comes in.
11 May 1962
Between Hello and Goodbye
Without Buz who is in hospital recuperating from a virus, Tod, in Los Angeles, recounts his brief week long encounter with two diametrically opposed sisters: Claire Richard, the brunette Plain Jane reliable one who works with him at the Pacific Ocean Park (which is only one of two part time jobs he has, the other being as a real estate agent), and Cristal Sinclair, the vivacious blonde irresponsible party girl. Their differences are a manifestation of the same upbringing of wealth, and being abandoned by their father who left the family for another woman. Although ...
18 May 1962
A Feat of Strength
Tod in the Los Angeles area, goes to work as an aide to a wrestling promoter who is owed a debt by a lady with a husband just released from prison in Hungary. The promoter loves the woman and seeks to break up the marriage. Buz is not seen - he is in an isolation ward at Pacoima Hospital with a "mysterious virus".
25 May 1962
Hell Is Empty, All the Devils Are Here
Tod is in Thousand Oaks, California "wrangling camels" at the Jungleland zoo. The zoo's owner has nightmares about the tiger which killed his first wife, a famous animal trainer. His second wife and Tod are puzzled as to what else he has in his thoughts. Buz is not seen - Tod mentions he has "a buddy in the Pacoima Hospital".
1 Jun. 1962
From an Enchantress Fleeing
Tod, in Southern California, is working for an ultra-successful female doctor who combines psychology and dentistry. When her husband disappears, Tod is assigned to look for him. Tod does and finds an unhappy man who is tired of his wife's dominance and unwilling to live her lifestyle. Buz is not seen-or mentioned.

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