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Season 1

15 Oct. 1960
Burnett's Woman
A mobster is murdered, and the main suspect is Julie Fiore, the girlfriend of Big Lou Burnett--the dead man's rival.
22 Oct. 1960
Champagne Lady
Scott is worried that his old friend Mike Callahan may be the frontman for the illegal rackets of gangster Lucky Marlowe.
29 Oct. 1960
The Velvet Frame
Pat finally exposes how Otto Bauer, a respected figure in the community, is tied in with racketeers, but Bauer adamantly insists that he is being framed.
5 Nov. 1960
Vendetta on Bleecker Street
A man in jail for murder refuses to divorce his proxy wife. Not only that, he breaks out of prison and goes after both his wife and her lover, intending to kill them both.
12 Nov. 1960
The Prairie Flower
A young girl arrives in New York from the Midwest determined to be a star on the stage, and she'll do whatever it takes to get there--including murder.
19 Nov. 1960
Brother's Keeper
Pat investigates the disappearance of over a million dollars in securities from Lawrence and Co., a leading banking institution known for its conservative business practices.
26 Nov. 1960
Judge Seward's Secret
A judge is determined to preside over the trial of members of the violent Rossi gang, in spite of the death threats made against him and his family.
3 Dec. 1960
White Carnation
"Dandy" Dan Brady has been released from jail after being framed, and sets out to track down the man who was responsible--his former business partner, Ben Dorschel. Pinky, who's an old friend of Brady's, tries to stop him from getting in any more trouble and winds up getting caught in the middle of a dangerous situation.
10 Dec. 1960
Bold Edition
Although Scott suspects that Eugene Jarech is the one who shot a newspaperman, he also believes that more people will be killed before Jarech can be put away.
17 Dec. 1960
Layoff Charley
Scott looks into a story that a man named Charley has an unerring ability to pick winners at the race track. He finds out that Charley isn't just some racetrack tout, but a respected insurance agent.
7 Jan. 1961
The Maestro
Initernational opera star Paolo Scarpi comes to New York City, but instead of adoring crowds, Pat has a tip that there's a hitman waiting to knock him off.
14 Jan. 1961
Dance Marathon
Scott plans to use the help of marathon dancer Libby Norton to expose a crooked police captain who's the head of a blackmail ring.
21 Jan. 1961
Big Town Blues
Pat and Pinky check out a roadhouse outside of town that has a trumpet player named Joe Peabody whom everyone is talking about. Pat notices that Peabody plays the trumpet in the same style as a musician named Buddy Benedict, who was supposed to have been killed by the Chicago mob.
28 Jan. 1961
Coney Red Hots
Weber's, a famous Coney Island hot-dog restaurant, is being pressured by gangster Lou Brazil to buy mustard from him at $100 a gallon. Scott decides to help the owners stand up to Brazil.
4 Feb. 1961
Two a Day
Pinky scores a major coup by getting booked into the Palace Theater. Pat goes backstage to watch her perform, and notices that escape artist Alonzo the Great is putting the moves on one of the chorus girls. Given the fact that Alonzo's wife is known to be insanely jealous and that she's also backstage someplace, Pat knows that some major trouble could be brewing.
11 Feb. 1961
Black Saturday
Pat begins to suspect that Archie Stone, a notorious gambler, is somehow putting pressure on Harwood University football star Johnny Martin to deliberately throw the big game.
18 Feb. 1961
Lucky Charm
When Pinky is swept off her feet by the handsome and suave King Cole, a professional gambler who claims she brings him good luck, Pat thinks something is fishy, and starts digging around to find out more about Cole and confirm his suspicions.
25 Feb. 1961
Pie in the Sky
A young man is desperate to get his girl to marry him--and decides to try to talk her into it from atop a flagpole.
4 Mar. 1961
The Vamp
Studio press agent Harry Shayne is skewered by studio boss Max Felix because of some bad publicity that the studio's star, Zelda Valmy, has been getting lately. Furious and angry at Zelda for causing him to lose his job, Harry comes up with a scheme that will permanently ruin her career.
11 Mar. 1961
War with the Nighthawkers
Mobsters begin trying to take control of the taxicab business, and any drivers who resist find themselves out of business, injured or worse. Copy boy Chris Higbee decides to try to cover the story from the inside by getting a job as a cab driver.
18 Mar. 1961
The Twelfth Hour
Young Gerald North III set out to party hard one night and accomplished his goal, with wild women and too much to drink. A hangover isn't the only consequence of his night on the town, though. He finds himself being accused of blackmail and murder.
1 Apr. 1961
The Salvation of Killer McFadden
Hard-nosed gangster Killer McFadden falls in love with a beautiful mission worker and vows to turn over a new leaf and get out of the rackets. Pat decides to give him a hand.
8 Apr. 1961
The Fifth Pin
A dead cop is found in the car of gangster Frankie Delain, but someone else takes the fall for the murder. Afterward, voodoo devil dolls--with pins sticking out of them--start turning up wherever Frankie goes.
15 Apr. 1961
The Red Carpet
Anthony Dormer, a passionate young poet, has threatened to assassinate the Queen of Romania, who is in the US on a state visit. Scott wants to find out what's behind Dormer's zeal to kill the woman, and sets up an interview.
22 Apr. 1961
Scandal Sheet
Pinky discovers the body of rich playboy Jay Jameson in his apartment. It turns out that the prime suspect in his murder is the daughter of Pinky's wardrobe mistress.
29 Apr. 1961
Mademoiselle from Armentieres
Scott's old war buddy, Alvin Jones, claims to be the real-life version of a popular character in a hit song. Scott, trying to help his buddy, winds up getting involved in Alvin's many "misadventures".
6 May 1961
Among the Missing
Jim Everly, a young cadet at West Point, has just been jilted by his girlfriend Nancy. He breaks curfew in order to go to the Charleston Club to see Nancy and find out why she dumped him. Things go from bad to worse for Jim when he becomes the witness to a mob murder.
13 May 1961
Right Off the Boat: Part 1
Pinky falls for a roguish adventurer and bootlegger called "14 Carat John". Scott and Pat don't approve of this situation at all, and set out to break it up.
20 May 1961
Right Off the Boat: Part 2
Hoping to expose Pinky's new love, "14 Karat" Jones, for the cad he suspects him to be, Scott ships out as a seaman on a rum-runner.
27 May 1961
Million Dollar Suit
When a worker on a tunnel project tells Pat that shoddy materials are being used because of graft and corruption, Pat investigates. When the paper runs the story, it winds up getting sued for libel.
3 Jun. 1961
Royal Tour
Pat runs into a visiting European prince who wants to find out how Americans really live, but he can't get away from all his hangers-on. Pat helps him escape them, and takes him on a tour of Brooklyn. Trouble starts when he falls for a Brooklyn girl named Susie Morris, who already has a boyfriend--who is one of Brooklyn's most notorious gangsters.

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