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4 Jan. 1962
The Dark Sunrise of Griff Kincaid
Through his considerable oratorical skills and vast charisma, a blind man is able to convince the people of Stillwater that he is the one to stop the greedy land syndicator who is exploiting them. Soon he maneuvers them into having him run for mayor, but he really plans to use this as leverage to achieve his own more selfish goals.
18 Jan. 1962
The Bitter Swede
A Minnesota farm girl arrives in Stillwater, planning to marry her childhood crush, Sven Johanssen. But the wild and free-living Sven has no intention of settling down, and he is involved in a dangerous enterprise, hijacking shipments of whiskey that a crooked saloon owner is selling to the Indians.
25 Jan. 1962
Buck Breeson Rides Again
Chalk's father arrives in Stillwater, which unnerves Chalk a bit because the old man has a long history of swindling and con games. He tells Chalk he is going to turn over a new leaf, but very quickly becomes involved with two other men in a stock swindle.
1 Feb. 1962
A Bit of Glory
Foreman and Chalk team with sheriff Ned Danvers in the hunt for an outlaw. For Danvers, it's especially important, as his upcoming reelection depends on him capturing the outlaw, and his opponent in the race is trying to capture the man with less concern for how many are killed in the process.
8 Feb. 1962
Horse of a Similar Color
Before the town's big horse race, Slim trades six horses to two Pawnees in return for a wild Appaloosa who he later learns will throw any rider who is not Pawnee. A dishonest gambler hopes to sabotage the race so that he takes most of the money, and feels the wild horse fits nicely into his plans. But Slim plans to ride the horse anyway.
15 Feb. 1962
The Sisters
Connie takes charge of two tomboyish sisters who tried to deposit $12,000 in the bank shortly after it was robbed and a teller killed. Certain that their father is the one who robbed the bank and sent the girls to deposit the money, Foreman plans to wait until he comes to town to reclaim them and take the cash out. But things go differently than planned.
22 Feb. 1962
A Day to Kill
Two brothers from Cuba plan to assassinate the hated Spanish ambassador when he comes through Stillwater, even though he will be heavily guarded by the U.S. government, and knowing they will be killed in the process.
1 Mar. 1962
No More Horses
A con man arrives in Stillwater with a horseless carriage, and a plan to fleece the town by getting them to invest in a factory. Meanwhile, the new mode of travel gives a bank robber an idea for how make his getaway.
8 Mar. 1962
Ride the Man Down
To pursue a wanted outlaw, Chalk unwisely enters No Man's Land, a lawless area in no state's jurisdiction. He is soon wounded and forced to flee, encountering only an immigrant peddler and his son who fear getting involved in anyone else's affairs. Foreman and Slim search for Chalk, but the unofficial boss of No Man's Land puts out a bounty on him, to send a message that no lawman will leave the area alive.
15 Mar. 1962
Farewell Performance
The Edendale bank is robbed just as Thomas Healy's entertainment troupe is performing, and Healy loses &20,000 that he had invested in it. But it gives him an idea to make up his losses by having the troupe rob the Stillwater bank just as they are performing there and letting the crime be blamed on the Edendale robbers. That plan is thwarted when Foreman captures the Edendale robbers and recovers the money. Healy decides to abandon his plan, but another member of his troupe does not. Also, the troupe talks Chalk, who is growing close to Healy's daughter, into joining ...
22 Mar. 1962
Charge aka Outpost
In the pilot episode for an unsold series ("Outpost"), Sergeant Ben Thompson, while in jail for disorderly conduct, tells Foreman and Chalk the story of how he and two other demoted Army sergeants pursued a group of Indians who had acquired and learned to use a Gatling gun, and how their pursuit led them to a cave believed to hold ancient treasure from a Spanish expedition.
10 May 1962
All in a Day's Work
Foreman receives word that a paroled outlaw plans to come to Stillwater to kill him. But the marshal is frustrated in his efforts to be on guard for the man, because he has to deal with so many other complaints from townspeople over less serious matters. Plus, a man arrives in town and claims to be a deputy sent to help, but his attitude makes everyone suspicious of him.

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