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Season 1

29 Sep. 1960
Thirty a Month
Trail boss Rance Hollister has scrimped and saved for ten years to buy a spread of land. When he learns the bank is closed and his hard-earned $4,000 gone, Rance snaps and joins with his three trusty trail hands in pulling a train robbery.
6 Oct. 1960
Ballad for a Badman
Chad Burns leads an outlaw gang that has been robbing numerous banks and trains, but he has charmed the people of his town so much into seeing him as a Robin Hood figure that they refuse to help the law by testifying against him.
20 Oct. 1960
Beat the Drum Slowly
Two cowboys join a crooked judge who plans the robbery of a casino that cheated them out of nearly 3500 dollars, unaware the judge is very murderous.
27 Oct. 1960
The Rape of Red Sky
Gabe Cutter's brother is hanged without trial by the town of Red Sky, just before they learn he was innocent. In revenge, Gabe vows to destroy the town, and works with a recently released outlaw and his recruits to rob it dry.
3 Nov. 1960
Angered by a court order that he must allow other ranchers to take their cattle on a trail through land he claims, rancher Jack Duane decides to prove that no one pushes him around---by killing a neighboring rancher. He then threatens to kill the only witness to the murder as well.
10 Nov. 1960
Last Chance
The lone survivor of ambushed robbers returns to town for revenge, but falls in love with a young woman who could change his life for the better.
24 Nov. 1960
Starfall: Part 1
Four men long on the run together have been offered amnesty for participating against rancher Clay Fisher in the Johnson County Range War. But Fisher has no intention of letting them receive it, and tries to maneuver them into violating it before it takes affect.
1 Dec. 1960
Starfall: Part 2
Unable to find jobs, two of the outlaws granted amnesty plot to rob the bank, falling into Fisher's plan to destroy all four of the men.
15 Dec. 1960
The Fortune Stone
A 100 thousand dollar diamond lost at the scene of a stage coach robbery, is later is found in town by honest people and pursued by those who would kill for it.
29 Dec. 1960
The Quiet Killer
When cow thieves caught red handed are constantly being acquitted, the head of cattlemen's association offers pay to a lawman to kill them.
19 Jan. 1961
The Waiting Game
Fifteen years after robbing the Topeka bank, five people involved, each with only part of the information as to its location, plan to get together and find the money and divide it between them. The marshals are counting on the daughter of another robber who was killed to help them trap the others. Greed takes over and complicates things for both the robbers and the marshals.
26 Jan. 1961
The Daltons Must Die: Part 1
Deputy Marshal Frank Dalton and three of his brothers trail a trio of young murderous outlaws. But Frank's brothers are starting to wonder whether their meager pay as lawmen is worth it all.
2 Feb. 1961
The Daltons Must Die: Part 2
After taking the law into their own hands to avenge the killing of their brother, the four remaining Dalton brothers have turned outlaw, and plan the robbery of an Army payroll.
9 Feb. 1961
Caine and Foreman investigate when a deputy is murdered in a town run by a ruthless saloon owner, who then hires a young gunman to kill Caine.
16 Feb. 1961
Drifter Culley Scott kills a man in self-defense after the man has just shot his own father. He finds a satchel of money on the dead man's horse, and finds the father still alive. When caught by Caine and Foreman, Culley tells them that he is the old man's son, and then decides to help him when he learns the man is now blind.
2 Mar. 1961
The Bill Doolin Story
When ranch foreman Bill Doolin is told that his boss has given in and sold his land to the railroad, he and the other ranch workers are out of a job. A ruthless railroad agent offers Doolin money to capture an old friend who has taken to robbing the trains, but Doolin refuses, and soon he and the other men consider riding with the train robber themselves.
9 Mar. 1961
The Bell
Foreman is transporting sadistic killer Neil Gwinner to prison when they are joined by Jim Houston, a man just released after serving his time. A blizzard strikes, and Gwinner escapes after the horses are spooked. Foreman finds shelter in a church and tells the people inside about the killer, but passes out before he can say more. When Houston comes to the church, the people assume him to be Gwinner.
16 Mar. 1961
No More Pencils - No More Books
Frustrated by his inability to get their financial support, a mild-mannered schoolteacher tricks the three members of the town council into a cave and leaves them there. He then claims that a wanted local outlaw is holding them for ransom, which the teacher plans to use to improve his school.
30 Mar. 1961
Blind Spot
After Davy Morgan's father is murdered in cold blood by an outlaw nicknamed the Weasel, the 13-year old vows vengeance. Frank Denton, a noted gunslinger, gives the young boy instructions in shooting so he can get revenge.
6 Apr. 1961
Outrage at Pawnee Bend
In an episode with a lighter touch, two meek but frustrated railroad employees determine a way to rob the train of a million dollars by making an entire boxcar disappear.
13 Apr. 1961
The Avenger
A fast gunslinger is determined to bring in certain wanted men alive if possible, including one that helped to murder one of his family members.
27 Apr. 1961
The Sooner
Impoverished farmer Gregor Zacod has been making extra money by hiding people who are on the run. When three men offer him more money to take them to where he hid one of their confederates in a robbery who kept the money for himself, Zacod refuses, so they force him to cooperate by kidnapping his wife.
4 May 1961
Sam Bass
After young Sam Bass inadvertently causes an outlaw to gun down the sheriff, everyone in town turns against him, so he decides to join up with the outlaw. Before long, he decides to form his own outlaw gang.
11 May 1961
The Brothers
Zim Kelly is turning more and more toward the life of an outlaw. Unfortunately, he is dragging his gentle but slow-witted and totally loyal brother down with him.
18 May 1961
The Little Colonel
Caine and Foreman cross the border into Mexico trailing a trio of outlaws. But when they stop at the first town to get permission to enter and trail them further, they are instead jailed by the colonel who runs the town, who hopes to use them as a bargaining chip to get concessions from higher-ups in the government.
22 Jun. 1961
Return to New March
The railroad is planning to bypass the town of New March, where Foreman grew up, and build its own town in its place---an act which would destroy the economy of New March. Foreman is treated coldly by the residents as he is sent back there to investigate the murder of a railroad employee. More violence soon erupts, as the railroad has hired a ruthless paid killer to strike back at the town and its leaders.

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