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I Wanted to Be Velvet

Author: kayapo2000 from California, USA
15 August 2003

I was about the same age as Lori Martin when she starred in the TV version of "National Velvet" and I loved horses. I longed to be her, wanting my own horse, desperately. I even dressed like her, wearing blue jeans and checkered button-down shirts and sneakers. I wore my long ash-blond hair the way "Velvet" wore hers. I bought, and read and re-read dozens of times, the few comic books published that were related to the show.

I sat glued once a week to watch "....another lovable adventure of "National Velvet"...". I would then nag my Mom to take me to our local riding stable the next day so I could be Velvet for that one precious hour of a trail ride.

I am now a middle-aged woman who is lucky enough to own three wonderful horses. And every time I saddle one of them up and get ready to ride, I remember how I felt when I watched this wonderful program...that exhilarating feeling that I will never lose, thanks to "National Velvet". I just wish the shows were available on DVD or even on video, I would buy every one of them!

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A simple , enjoyable program for kids

Author: Bruce Corneil from Melbourne, Australia
14 July 2003

One of my all time favorite shows. It was just a simple, enjoyable program for kids about the daily experiences of an American farm girl at the beginning of the 1960s.

Lori Martin and the rest of the cast were great. As with George Reeves in the "Adventures of Superman", Lori provided a positive role model for the younger set. Shame there isn't more of it these days!

An even greater pity is the fact that Lori never pursued her acting career and has long since dropped out of sight. A quick search of the internet will reveal that one of our fellow "Lori watchers" has established a tribute website. Thanks to that person.

Anyway, she was a grand little performer - a kind of miniature Liz Taylor for the homework brigade.

Come back Lori. We, your rapidly graying fans, need you ! Hands up all those who would like to turn the clock back to 1960.

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Fine Family Fare

Author: pylgrym from United States
19 February 2006

Maybe we can find Lori Martin (see the "aunt" posts at her profile!)and petition her to do a set of DVDs (I added a FAQ) for this wonderful show. VERY fond memories of dragging the TV into the kitchen when Daddy would get home from work late so we all could watch together while eating our roast beef, mashed potatoes and string beans - or any permutation thereof. My little horse-crazy sister was forever wanting to watch - she was only two and three - and it fixed in her bosom a lifetime love of equestrian science. To this day she is a grooms-person and massage therapist with a business of her own.I would love to sit with my grandkids and watch it. Maybe Lori will do intros and study guides for improving family values? Lord knows we need you, now more than ever, ms Martin! please consider your calling and your fans. THANKS!

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Lori Martin and Carole Wells

Author: jaymartinez from United States
20 November 2005

I used to love this show. I had a bad crush on Carole Wells. I remember that beautiful smile at the beginning of the show. Those were really simple days. Neither Lori nor Carole have done much since the 70's, I wonder what ever happened to them. I have searched for the classic DVD's hoping one day to find a couple of shows, but to no avail.

The shows of the era were much simpler than today, the good vs. bad lines were clearly delineated and good always won. Velvet won every race even under insurmountable odds where she looked as if she was about to lose. Lori Martin was the Elizabeth Taylor of the era, a raven-haired-blue-eyed beauty. Other Liz Taylor's were Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman) an Delta Burke.

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I was in love with Velvet Brown.

Author: myboys5 from Australia
7 November 2006

I was very young and no doubt it would of been a rerun that I had watched, but watch it I did and over that period I would find my self falling deeply in love with then this young lady, Velvet Brown. I have 3 boys and I am nearing the Big 50, and have been looking, searching for this TV Series for some time. As I would love to show my 3 sons the whole series. It maybe a bit old fashion in its appearance and the acting skills would not be of the standard that is expected today. Make no mistake this TV Series still has the every day moral standards that our current young generation need to understand. It delivers good clean fun and always finishes on a high. Try the movie with Elizebeth Taylor in it, as I am sure it can be found, although I can not get yet in Australia.

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No No Racial Boundries. One could imagine themselves in the story.

Author: Ernie Swanks ( from San Diego, California
18 January 2004

I watched the program as a child in 1960. I was in the 5th Grade. I was TOTALLY INVOLVED in every episode. I saw myself on that Dairy Farm with the Brown Family. During an era when there were racial divisions among us, somehow, this program didn't convey any of that at all. It was wholesome, & refreshing.

This Program allowed me to come out of myself & really make an attempt to identify with the characters in the cast.Being African-American did not matter in terms of relating to the characters. I STILL felt the compassion & the emotional "up's & down's" with this Family. I found that I even had a "crush" on the "Velvet" character. I found it amazing that I could have those feelings just as if the Brown Family were my neighbors. I also felt a sense of "freedom" that I could experience those feelings of "passion" & "compassion" for this Family without having to be "Socially Regulated" just because I was black. THAT FELT GREAT!!!

This show (like so many others of that time), really made me curious as an African-American. It made me want to see how people of other ethnics lived, thought, functioned & reasoned about things such as life in general. It truly sowed the seeds for me to broaden my ethnic horizions, & let me see that ALL people go through periods in life of happiness, sadness, anxiety, grief/loss, life & death.

So this show really touched me in a big way & I'm thankful for it.

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National Velvet, family values, beautiful setting, good acting, attractive star and cast

Author: w-muller42 from United States
23 November 2008

I agree with the other post that this television series had the most basic good elements for family viewing and was good for all ages. Without the customary killings and explosive special effects we witness in so many of today's film materials you don't have to worry if young folks will be exposed to adult themes in National Velvet. Lori Martin was a pretty plus to this series and did look somewhat like a young Elizabeth Taylor. She went on to work with Gregory Peck, Polly Bergen, and Robert Mitchum, also, in Cape Fear. I am only just now realizing that there must have been a great many kids who liked Lori then, and lots of guys with a crush on her! What more can a viewer ask for; a girl with a great horse, living with family out on a farm or ranch. We need more of these wholesome kinds of entertainment and this series should be released in DVD and preserved. America needs you, Lori!

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