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13 Jan. 1972
TV Triplets
When Katie is out with the triplets, a talent scout notices the boys and wants them to be in a television commercial. While filming, the boys act out since they are afraid. Steve ends up in the commercial so the boys feel more comfortable.
20 Jan. 1972
Three for School
Katie gets a temporary job as a secretary, and decides to put the boys in a child care center so that Charley is not bothered with three young boys. Soon Charley goes missing every day from home at the same time.
27 Jan. 1972
Dodie tries to avoid a first grader who likes her and follows her everywhere.
3 Feb. 1972
Buttons and Beaux
Katie is feeling particularly lonely with the continued absence of Robbie. Steve, Charley and the others each take her out to dinner on different nights to cheer her up.
17 Feb. 1972
Dodie's school has a fund raiser to send to Korean orphans. She tells her teacher that her father will help divide the peanuts in a large sack into smaller bags for the sale. The whole family works all night to complete the task.
24 Feb. 1972
Bad Day for Steve
Ernie's school project is to see how the phases of the moon affect people. He notices that Steve becomes more accident prone.
2 Mar. 1972
Second Banana
Barbara wins a cooking contest and becomes one of the finalist. The cook-off is in Hawaii.
16 Mar. 1972
Bad Day for Barbara
Barbara is not feeling well, but finds out she has to take care of the children and the house by herself. When she cannot take it anymore, she walks out the house without telling anyone.
23 Mar. 1972
The Birth of Arfie
Dodie is upset when she realizes Tramp disappears every evening. Tramp is getting old, and Dodie is worried he might not find his way home.
30 Mar. 1972
Lonesome Katie
Katie and her friends talk about their husbands. Katie misses Robbie and wonders if she should start living her own life without him. Meanwhile, Dodie has a slumber party with her friends.
6 Apr. 1972
Barbara Lost
John Simpson, an old friend of Chip's who's now a big rock star, pays a visit. Soon Chip tells the family that he's decided to give up his studies and become a rock star, too. The family is extremely concerned--until John mentions that he makes $2 million a year.
13 Apr. 1972
Whatever Happened to Ernie?
Steve's boss and his wife count on the Douglas family to help them deal with their rebellious teen-aged son, Gordon (one of Ernie's classmates) after they suspect that the boy has fallen into drug use.

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