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4 Jan. 1969
The Fountain of Youth
Steve's friends set him up to meet - in Ernie's words - "some clunky woman." The family tries to give the impression that Steve isn't really as old as he seems when the woman acts more and more surprised meeting each of Steve's sons that is older than the previous.
11 Jan. 1969
Three's a Crowd
The Douglas family doubts Katie's accuracy in identifying the triplets by name, unaware that she has place ink dots on each baby's feet assist her. Unknowingly, Steve gives the babies a bath which washes the off the dots, so Katie has to take the triplets to the hospital to match them to their footprints. Not knowing about Katie's new ID methodology - having name tags in their clothes - Steve changes the babies, so its back to the hospital, this time to get identification bracelets.
18 Jan. 1969
Chip and Debbie
Chip has a new girlfriend, Debbie (Angela Cartwright), and their relationship is progressing at a rapid pace. Shortly after convincing Debbie to drop her swimming class for home economics, Chip and Debbie announce that they are engaged. While both families are concerned about the situation, they don't interfere with the kids, until one day Katie suddenly faints and Robbie has to take her to see the doctor, leaving Chip and Debbie alone to take care of the triplets. After several frenzied hours with the babies, the couple decide that they are moving too fast and to ...
25 Jan. 1969
What Did You Do Today, Grandpa?
Steve is recruited by the Air Force to act as a double agent willing to sell secret plans to America's enemy , so he's quickly whisked off to New York after breakfast on a supersonic jet to meet his contact - an attractive younger woman - for lunch. The woman suspects Steve is not genuine, and leads him through a series of encounters, eventually chasing him into a hotel bathroom where her cronies shoot through the opaque shower curtain, just before the good guys arrive to arrest everyone. Spoiler Alert: the shots missed Steve as he crouched down in the tub, so he ...
1 Feb. 1969
Chip on Wheels
Chip has almost enough money to buy a hot rod from his school chum, but Steve reminds him that he's forgetting about insurance and other costs associated with car ownership. Chip is disheartened, so Steve buys him a car for his birthday - a 30-year old Tin Lizzie adorned with silver bud vases, which evokes fond memories for Steve, but is typically driven by old ladies. The entire family sees that Chips is disappointed, and Chip is embarrassed to be seen in the car, although he tells the family that he loves it. Shortly thereafter his friend with the hot rod comes over...
8 Feb. 1969
Honorable Expectant Grandfather
Steve's former Bryant Park co-worker, Ray Wong (Benson Fong), has transferred to Los Angeles, and tells Steve that his pregnant daughter's husband is a long-haired hippie. Though intelligent, the son-in-law hasn't any direction in life - until he tours Steve's plant and his wife gives birth to twins.
15 Feb. 1969
The Other Woman
Alternate title: I Told You So. Chip and Ernie spot Robbie with an attractive young woman, and tell their father about it, but Steve says that there is probably a good reason and not to worry about it. Meanwhile, Uncle Charley gets frazzled when he hears a rumor that the city is going to widen the streets, so he starts up a petition to prevent it from happening despite, as Steve points out, that he doesn't know for sure what the city is planning. Eventually, Charley learns that a councilman was just having crosswalks painted, and the young woman was just a friend who ...
22 Feb. 1969
Goodbye Forever
In a bizarre episode, Ernie is distressed that his best friend and next-door-neighbor, Gordon, is moving away, yet somehow he doesn't realize that Gordon will be moving away until a "Sold" sign is posted on the "For Sale" sign next door. As moving day approaches, Ernie and Gordon (Butch Patrick) try to spend as much time together as possible, yet Gordon - even as they are packing up the house - doesn't even know where the family will be moving. After the Douglases throw Gordon a farewell party, the two friends say their final sad good-byes and trade mementos, and ...
1 Mar. 1969
The O'Casey Scandal
Charley starts dating the grandmother of Ernie's friend. The teens are shocked at the scandal of the old people acting young.
8 Mar. 1969
Ernie's Pen Pal
Ernie writes to a pen-pal of Spanish nationality. He invites her to dinner at his home.
15 Mar. 1969
Ernie, the Transmitter
Ernie thinks that he has ESP when he's the only person in his class to guess the correct color of a card held up by his teacher.
22 Mar. 1969
The Matchmakers
Steve's co-worker and golf buddy Harry (Don DeFore) suggests that Steve, Chip and Ernie go to the company picnic with himself and his son and daughter. But despite the efforts of the parents, the kids mutually dislike each other.
29 Mar. 1969
Ernie Is Smitten
Ernie is smitten with a classmate, Margaret, and asks his father what he should do. Steve suggests that changing his appearance might give him a chance to break the ice. So Ernie come to school the next day with his hair slicked back like Pat Riley, unfortunately Margaret isn't interested, meanwhile, another classmate, Iris, is smitten with Ernie, but Ernie doesn't seem to notice.
5 Apr. 1969
Two O'Clock Feeding
Steve gives marriage advice to a young couple.
19 Apr. 1969
Teacher's Pet
Ernie is in an advanced English class, but he does not like the teacher who seems too strict.
4 Oct. 1969
The First Meeting
In the season 10 opener Rob, Katie and the triplets have moved into their own place. Katie feels that Steve needs a woman in his life, so she arranges a blind date for him. Meanwhile, Ernie is a problem in school so his dad has to meet with his teacher. Rob and Katie are worried how to break it to Steve that his blind date isn't interested in him, but Steve has already become smitten with Ernie's teacher.
11 Oct. 1969
Instant Co-Worker
Steve's romance with Barbara continues and despite his father's efforts not to recommend him (to avoid the appearance of nepotism), Robbie is offered a job as a structural engineer at his father's firm. He tries to talk it over with his father, who is head over heels in a very engrossing friendship and cannot be reached.
18 Oct. 1969
Is It Love?
The family is delighted when the romance between Steve and Barbara blossoms. Steve and Barbara are both anxious to declare their love to each other.
25 Oct. 1969
A Ring for Barbara
Steve has bought a ring and is ready to propose to Barbara Harper. After making sure his family approves, he tries to find the right moment to pop the question to an unsuspecting Barbara, but the evening is filled with interruptions and complications which lead to a proposal that was not quite how Steve had planned it.
1 Nov. 1969
The Littlest Rebel
Now that Steve and Barbara are engaged, they just have to learn to adjust to each other's families. Barbara's daughter Dodie is not so sure she wants to share her mother.
8 Nov. 1969
Two Weeks to Go
Steve and Barbara plan their wedding to take place in two weeks. She wants a large wedding with a lot of family and friends. Steve is thinking of a simple wedding at the office of a justice of the peace..
15 Nov. 1969
One Week to Go
With the wedding date approaching, tensions arise. Steve and Barbara wonder if they are doing the right thing by rushing into marriage.
22 Nov. 1969
Came the Day
It's Steve and Barbara's wedding day. Not wanting a repeat of what happened before Rob's wedding, the Douglas clan awakes very early and gets dressed, then everyone goes back to sleep. Tramp runs off again and arrives at the wedding as before.
29 Nov. 1969
Mexican Honeymoon
Steve and Barbara arrive in a quaint village in Mexico which Steve had previously visited on a fishing trip. They expect to find the same quiet place Steve remembers and have the place virtually to themselves. They are surprised to find the village has been "put on the map" by a travel magazine and the obscure little hotel, whose name has changed from Moon Hotel to Honeymoon Hotel, is filled to capacity with young newlyweds. The Douglases are continually put upon by the young couples around them for help with everything from homesickness, to settling quarrels to ...
13 Dec. 1969
After You, Alphonse
Katie tells Charley that he has to be more respectful and polite with a new woman in the house. When Steve and Barbara arrive back home from their honeymoon, both are puzzled by the change in Charley's personality.
20 Dec. 1969
Rough on Dodie
The Douglas household adjusts to having a young girl in the house, and Dodie learns living with big brothers and a gruff uncle can be rough.
27 Dec. 1969
Silver Threads
Katie finds a few gray hairs on her head and tells Robbie they have to plan for their retirement and set up their wills.

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