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7 Jan. 1965
A Woman's Work
When Bub decides to fly to Ireland to visit his 104-year-old aunt, Steve says he can take care of the house while Bub is gone. Steve thinks woman make it seem harder than it really is. Soon, Steve has to eat his words.
14 Jan. 1965
Here Comes Charley
With Bub in Ireland and Steve unable to take care of the house and work also, he starts interviewing people for the job. Bub's brother Charlie comes for a visit and ends up staying to help the family.
21 Jan. 1965
Charley and the Kid
Charlie helps take care of a young Korean girl while she is waiting for her father. The girl has adopted many of the American traits than following her Korean traditions.
28 Jan. 1965
He Wanted Wings
Robbie buys an old small airplane which has seen better days. He slowly repairs the plane and thinks he should be able to fly it soon. Steve steps in with some common sense.
4 Feb. 1965
Be My Guest
Robbie's latest girlfriend takes him to the country club. When he gets home, he tells his father he should job the club because it is where the important people gather. Steve tells Robbie you do not have to be in a club to be important.
11 Feb. 1965
Lady in the Air
Steve is asked to modify a plane for a woman pilot who wants to make a flight around the world.
18 Feb. 1965
Hawaiian Cruise
The Douglas family plans a vacation to Hawaii, but Chip gets sick and the trip is canceled. Charley decides if they cannot go to Hawaii, then Hawaii shall come to the Douglas'. He plans a luau party in the backyard.
25 Feb. 1965
The Teenagers
Robbie is head of the committee for decorating the school float for a parade. He comes up with an idea that seems scandalous. Chip has romance problems with someone who is older than he.
4 Mar. 1965
Mexico Ole
Steve declines a business trip to Mexico because he does not want to be away from his family. This results in his Mexican host inviting the entire family to stay with him at his hacienda.
11 Mar. 1965
The Fountain of Youth
Charley runs into a friend from his vaudeville days on the stage. Since she looks great for her age, Charlie thinks she might have found the fountain of youth. She tells Charlie he just needs to enjoy his life.
18 Mar. 1965
It's a Dog's Life
A British scientist comes to the United States to meet with Steve and in the process, important blueprints begin to disappear.
25 Mar. 1965
The Sure Thing
Robbie serenades a race horse with his guitar so as to encourage the horse to do well in a race.
1 Apr. 1965
Chip, the Trapper
Chip decides to set up a trapper business so he can earn money just like his brothers and father.
8 Apr. 1965
Steve and the Computer
Sally talks Mike into submitting their names for a computer love match program. She is upset when the computer does not match them together. Mike asks Steve to submit profiles for his parents who are sure to match each other.
15 Apr. 1965
Tramp and the Prince
There's a new dog in town, and it looks like Tramp. Prince is a pampered pet of a rich neighbor. The dogs get mixed up by the owners, and the families are bewildered by the personality changes of their pets.
22 Apr. 1965
Chip O' the Islands
A friend of Charley's from Australia visits and fills the boy's heads with visions of excitement and travel. But is the friend an honest man or a con artist?
29 Apr. 1965
The Glass Sneaker
Uncle Charley takes Chip with him when he attends a reunion dinner with his vaudevillian friends. Chip meets a girl there that he likes. When he loses one of his shoes, he feels like Cinderella at the ball.
6 May 1965
All the Weddings
Sally's mother arrives in town two months before the wedding in order to help with the final preparations. When she starts handing out assignments to everyone from a long list of chores, Mike starts to daydream about easier weddings.
13 May 1965
The Leopard's Spots
Sally's (Meredith MacRae) cousin visits. Since Suzanne (Susan Seaforth Hayes) is attractive, she captures men's attention. Not wanting to be bothered, she and Uncle Charley (William Demarest) disguise her looks.
20 May 1965
Uncle Charley and the Redskins
An Indian visits the Douglas family and says he is the last in line for his tribal family. He wants to visit the tribal burial ground which happens to be in the Douglas' backyard.
16 Sep. 1965
The First Marriage
Mike and Sally are married as Tim Considine makes his last appearance on the show. Mike thanks Steve for everything before he and Sally head off to his new job out of state. Back at home, the attention turns to newly-orphaned Ernie.
23 Sep. 1965
Red Tape Romance
With Mike & Sally married, the family prepares for Ernie moving on to his new foster family. Chip asks his father if they could take Ernie in rather than a foster family. When the social worker arrives, Steve considers asking her out.
30 Sep. 1965
Brother, Ernie
Steve signs on the dotted line and Ernie is officially adopted into the Douglas family.
14 Oct. 1965
Robbie and the Chorus Girl
Uncle Charley is upset when Robbie leaves for a date at 11:30 p.m., but Steve tells Charley not to worry because Robbie has commonsense. When Charley finds out he is dating a chorus girl, he is sure Robbie's future is doomed.
21 Oct. 1965
There's a What in the Attic?
Steve takes the children to see the circus and they have a full day of entertainment. When Ernie wakes up overnight saying he sees a lion in the yard, Steve thinks it is just an overactive imagination. Then Steve sees the lion.
28 Oct. 1965
Office Mother
A distant relative of Charley's visits. She misses her family and feels like she has nothing to do. Charley and the children talk Steve into getting her a job where he works.
4 Nov. 1965
Chip has eyes for Mary Lou who is one year ahead of him in school. Mary Lou only has eyes for Robbie who is one year behind him in school. When Chip calls Mary Lou to ask her out on a date, she mistakenly believes it is Robbie and says yes.
11 Nov. 1965
Monsters and Junk Like That
Ernie volunteers Steve for a father & son show, but Steve is supposed to be out of town that day. On the day of the play, Steve changes his plans. Everyone goes to the school ahead of Steve, who is then stuck in costume and cannot drive.
18 Nov. 1965
Charley and the Dancing Lesson
Uncle Charley provides the correct answer to a radio contest and wins one dance lesson. His instructor is a pretty woman who is also skilled in sales. Charley buys her lines and purchases more lessons.
25 Nov. 1965
My Son, the Ballerina
Robbie is recommended to take a ballet class by his football coach, to improve his coordination. All goes well, until Robbie is expected to perform at an upcoming ballet recital, against his "masculine" instincts. Will he perform?
2 Dec. 1965
The Ernie Report
Ernie sees all the men in the family follow the requests of women or hopeful girlfriends. Ernie does not understand what it means, but knows he does not want to be affected.
9 Dec. 1965
The Hong Kong Story
When Steve has to fly to Hong Kong on a company plane for business, he decides to take the entire family for a vacation. Everyone is excited except Charlie, who is not sure he wants to see the modern city. He knew the city years before.
16 Dec. 1965
Marriage and Stuff
Charley overhears Steve on the phone arranging a marriage; Chip and Ernie learn he is arranging the church; and Robbie sees him at the jewelry store. More coincidences occur, all pointing to Steve getting married.
23 Dec. 1965
Douglas a Go-Go
Robbie tells Chip that teenage parties are the best, so Chip decides he should throw his own party, with girls. Ernie is not invited since he is too young. As the party starts, the record player breaks. Ernie comes up with a solution.
30 Dec. 1965
Charley, the Pigeon
Steve gives Robbie $50 to pick up his golf clubs. Since the store is not opened, Robbie goes to the pool hall. Two girls bet him to a game. They are pool sharks and win all Robbie's money. Charley plays pool shark and wins the money back.

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