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3 Jan. 1963
Honorable Grandfather
Steve's friend is having a birthday father for his honorable grandfather. He tells Steve that Chip can come to the party.
10 Jan. 1963
How to Impress a Woman
Mike is smitten with an attractive model who's been hired to oversee a college fashion show. When he finds out she loves classical guitar music, Mike fakes his way through a song on Robbie's scratchbuilt guitar that he claims he built himself in an attempt to impress her while Robbie cues up a phonograph record outside.
17 Jan. 1963
Roman Holiday
A business trip to Rome does not interest Steve. Since Steve has does not turn down work trips before, the boys try to find out why this is different. Bub tells them it is where Steve and their mother once vacationed.
24 Jan. 1963
Steve sets Robbie up on a blind date with a girl he met that reminded him of his own youthful dates. When Robbie and the girl meet, she thinks he is too sophisticated for her.
31 Jan. 1963
The Dream Book
One of Steve's coworkers asks Steve to join the company musical group. Steve declines but the coworker keeps asking. That night, Steve dreams he is being chased by a man with a musical instrument.
7 Feb. 1963
Big Chief Bub
Chip's boyscout group is losing their den mother and a scout when the family is moving out of state. Chip talks Bub into taking on the position.
14 Feb. 1963
The Clunky Kid
When a new kid moves into town, Sudsy befriends him. Soon, Sudsy is spending all his time with his new friend and Chip is odd man out.
21 Feb. 1963
Caged Fury
Steve becomes the tutor for the members of Robbie's wrestling team so they can improve their school grades. When several boys develop a contagious disease, the house becomes quarantined. Bub cannot leave to go fishing and he is upset.
28 Feb. 1963
Make Way for Yesterday
Robbie convinces his current events club committee to have an old fashioned dunking machine booth at the school carnival after Bub comes up with the idea. Meanwhile, some of the other clubs have booths featuring atom smashing, space capsules and computers.
7 Mar. 1963
Robbie Wins His Letter
Robbie wins the highest achievement award in his science class but feels he does not deserve it.
14 Mar. 1963
High on the Hog
Steve is torn between family life and work. He promised to attend a baseball game in the afternoon, and has a date in the evening. His work called him and told him he is needed to help with engine maintenance.
28 Mar. 1963
First Things First
Mike has to decide between his work and his personal life. His Air Force Reserve crew needs him to help with engine maintenance, but he has a date at the same time.
4 Apr. 1963
Bub's Butler
Bub enters a contest and wins the top prize. He finds out he won $2,000 and the services of a proper butler for two weeks. Bub finds it hard to be pampered by a butler, and the butler finds it hard to adjust to the activity of the Douglas'.
11 Apr. 1963
The boys have their hands full when Steve and Bub are not home. The boys deal with two sick children, a runaway woman, and a wild bird who gets in the house.
18 Apr. 1963
The Rug
Chip is placed on probation by Steve for his losing another item that belongs to someone else. Chips sees a tiger skin rug that Bub plans to donate for a rummage sale
25 Apr. 1963
The System
In his psychology course, Mike learns about random sampling, questionnaires, and graphing results. He uses these skills to determine who Robbie should date.
2 May 1963
Let's Take Stock
Robbie's economics teacher teaches the value of money and uses the stock exchange as the assignment. Each student gets fictional money to see if they can increase their investment. As Robbie follows the stocks, Steve thinks he has talent.
9 May 1963
Total Recall
Bub is envious when he hears a former friend is coming to town and being honored with an award.
16 May 1963
When I Was Your Age
Bub thinks the boys are not doing their chores fast enough or well enough. He tells the boys they are lazy compared to the boys of his generation when they were teens.
23 May 1963
Chip's World
Chip is told to stay home and wait for one of Steve's coworkers to drop off some important papers. When Chip sees a young child walking unaccompanied outside, he helps the lost toddler.
30 May 1963
Evening with a Star
To earn money, Chip sells tickets to a raffle in which the prize is a date with a star. Bub does not realize he is the star.
6 Jun. 1963
The Date Bureau
Robbie and his friends decide to match his classmates up scientifically so the dates could be successful. They collect information from their classmates and being to make matches.
13 Jun. 1963
Bub's Sacrifice
Robbie tries to get a girl at school to go out with him. She agrees on two conditions: they go to a fighting match and he finds someone to go out with her aunt. Bub has tickets to the sporting match, and he is available for a date.
20 Jun. 1963
Found Money
Chip seems to have found a way to make money every day and he feels rich. Meanwhile, everyone else is trying to find a missing stamp that is worth a lot of money.
19 Sep. 1963
Almost the Sound of Music
Robbie enters a contest to perform a song he wrote to impress a girl. The whole family is involved when they perform backup singing for Robbie.
26 Sep. 1963
Scotch Broth
Steve is surprised to find he has inherited a castle in Scotland owned by his grandfather. The family travels to Scotland and are welcomed by the clan.
3 Oct. 1963
Didya Ever Have One of Those Days?
Steve's day starts with his cutting himself when he shaves in the morning. The day goes from bad to worse.
10 Oct. 1963
Dear Robbie
Robbie becomes the secret writer of the school's love advice column. He gets a letter from a girl who is being pulled in different directions as she plans her wedding. Robbie advises an elopement.
17 Oct. 1963
A Car of His Own
Robbie wants a shiny, fancy car to impress a girl.
24 Oct. 1963
How Do You Know?
Steve wants Mike to help him find a date for Sally who works with Steve. Mike has no interest in helping because he thinks he has already found true love. When Mike finds himself helping Sally, he realizes he wants to date her himself.
31 Oct. 1963
My Friend Ernie
Stanley Livingston's real-life brother Barry joins the cast as Ernie, a foster child living with a family down the street. The two boys go off on an adventure to find a treasure chest.
7 Nov. 1963
The End of the You-Know-What
Chip and Ernie believe there is only one more week left of the world and try to find the perfect way to spend their remaining time.
14 Nov. 1963
The Toupee
One of Bub's friends has a sister visiting and wants to introduce Bub. Bub tries a hair restoring solution in hopes to hide his bald head.
21 Nov. 1963
The Ever-Popular Robbie Douglas
Robbie is running for a position on the student council. His opponent is another popular boy in school.
28 Nov. 1963
The Proposals
Mike wants to propose to Sally, but can't seem to find the right words or the right time to do so. After several awkward attempts, Mike isn't sure Sally will accept. Meanwhile, Sally tells Steve she knows Mike is trying to propose, but she won't do the asking. Finally, when the two of them are alone together on a park bench, Mike comes right out and pops the question in a traditional, straightforward manner. Sally accepts immediately and admits she should have done so the first two times he asked.
5 Dec. 1963
Steve and the Viking
Steve is asked to entertain the daughter of a visiting Danish couple whose company has an account with his engineering firm. He finds out that the only reason he's being asked is because he's the only single gentleman at the plant who's taller than her. She's quite attractive and so energetic that Steve can't keep up with her. Exhausted, Steve ultimately refuses to go to a costume ball with her. When she reveals that the ball is being held to celebrate her seventeenth birthday, Steve appoints Robbie to go in his place. Robbie gladly agrees.
12 Dec. 1963
Par for the Course
Steve seems annoyed with Robbie for always forgetting to pass on messages and other information. Robbie feels bad and decides to play golf with Steve for some father and son bonding.
19 Dec. 1963
Chip and Ernie want to join a club in their neighborhood. When Chip rescues a lost dog, he and Ernie become popular and seem an easy selection for the club.
26 Dec. 1963
Top Secret
Steve is asked to work on a top-secret, high-security project. He decides to work at home but does not tell anyone what he is working on. Bub plays detective to find out about Steve's project.

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