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Season 4

19 Sep. 1963
Almost the Sound of Music
Robbie enters a contest to perform a song he wrote to impress a girl. The whole family is involved when they perform backup singing for Robbie.
26 Sep. 1963
Scotch Broth
Steve is surprised to find he has inherited a castle in Scotland owned by his grandfather. The family travels to Scotland and are welcomed by the clan.
3 Oct. 1963
Didya Ever Have One of Those Days?
Steve's day starts with his cutting himself when he shaves in the morning. The day goes from bad to worse.
10 Oct. 1963
Dear Robbie
Robbie becomes the secret writer of the school's love advice column. He gets a letter from a girl who is being pulled in different directions as she plans her wedding. Robbie advises an elopement.
17 Oct. 1963
A Car of His Own
Robbie wants a shiny, fancy car to impress a girl.
24 Oct. 1963
How Do You Know?
Steve wants Mike to help him find a date for Sally who works with Steve. Mike has no interest in helping because he thinks he has already found true love. When Mike finds himself helping Sally, he realizes he wants to date her himself.
31 Oct. 1963
My Friend Ernie
Stanley Livingston's real-life brother Barry joins the cast as Ernie, a foster child living with a family down the street. The two boys go off on an adventure to find a treasure chest.
7 Nov. 1963
The End of the You-Know-What
Chip and Ernie believe there is only one more week left of the world and try to find the perfect way to spend their remaining time.
14 Nov. 1963
The Toupee
One of Bub's friends has a sister visiting and wants to introduce Bub. Bub tries a hair restoring solution in hopes to hide his bald head.
21 Nov. 1963
The Ever-Popular Robbie Douglas
Robbie is running for a position on the student council. His opponent is another popular boy in school.
28 Nov. 1963
The Proposals
Mike wants to propose to Sally, but can't seem to find the right words or the right time to do so. After several awkward attempts, Mike isn't sure Sally will accept. Meanwhile, Sally tells Steve she knows Mike is trying to propose, but she won't do the asking. Finally, when the two of them are alone together on a park bench, Mike comes right out and pops the question in a traditional, straightforward manner. Sally accepts immediately and admits she should have done so the first two times he asked.
5 Dec. 1963
Steve and the Viking
Steve is asked to entertain the daughter of a visiting Danish couple whose company has an account with his engineering firm. He finds out that the only reason he's being asked is because he's the only single gentleman at the plant who's taller than her. She's quite attractive and so energetic that Steve can't keep up with her. Exhausted, Steve ultimately refuses to go to a costume ball with her. When she reveals that the ball is being held to celebrate her seventeenth birthday, Steve appoints Robbie to go in his place. Robbie gladly agrees.
12 Dec. 1963
Par for the Course
Steve seems annoyed with Robbie for always forgetting to pass on messages and other information. Robbie feels bad and decides to play golf with Steve for some father and son bonding.
19 Dec. 1963
Chip and Ernie want to join a club in their neighborhood. When Chip rescues a lost dog, he and Ernie become popular and seem an easy selection for the club.
26 Dec. 1963
Top Secret
Steve is asked to work on a top-secret, high-security project. He decides to work at home but does not tell anyone what he is working on. Bub plays detective to find out about Steve's project.
2 Jan. 1964
Will Success Spoil Chip Douglas?
Chip gets a part in the school play. Bub seems more excited than Chip.
9 Jan. 1964
Second Chorus
Steve meets a woman while he is out walking the dog. She works in a chorus line as a dancer. The boys think the woman is only interested in finding a husband.
16 Jan. 1964
Never Look Back
Steve attends his twenty fifth class reunion from his college days and enjoys seeing some old friends.
23 Jan. 1964
Marriage by Proxy
Marriage and raising children are not as easy as they seem when Mike and Sally step in to help babysit the children of a friend. They wonder how they will handle it after they are married.
30 Jan. 1964
The Chaperone
Robbie and his friends plan a costume party. Bub decides to chaperon the party so it does not get out of hand.
6 Feb. 1964
My Fair Chinese Lady
A young Chinese girl comes to town to met her Chinese-American fiancé. She is from a very traditional Chinese family, but her fiancé has adjusted to the American Way. Robbie helps her to adjust.
13 Feb. 1964
House for Sale
Everyone is excited to go to Hawaii with Steve on his business trip, but when they see a For Sale sign in front of the house, they start to question the trip.
20 Feb. 1964
Stone Frog
In town, Chip meets a woman from India who gives him a stone frog. She tells Chip the frog is magical. When exciting things begin to happen for Chip, he believes in the magic.
27 Feb. 1964
Stage Door Bub
It's the Prince and the Pauper when Bub exchanges jobs with an actress friend. She wants a family live, and he wants the thrill of the stage. As they try out their new roles, the realize things aren't always what they remember.
5 Mar. 1964
Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly
Mike wants Sally to go fishing with him and his family since it is their favorite pastime. Sally talks him into going birdwatching with her, since that is something she enjoys.
12 Mar. 1964
Cherry Blossoms in Bryant Park
Mike is surprised to see Kimiko, a woman he met in Tokyo last year. She came to see Mike to see if there are still any romantic feelings between them.
19 Mar. 1964
What's the Princess Really Like?
Steve is surprised when he gets a visit from a princess. She is Princess Joanne, and it happens to be his high school girl friend who grew up and married into royalty. She invites the family to dinner.
26 Mar. 1964
The People's House
Steve meets a magazine editor and wants to ask her out on a date. As she is hard to reach, he enters the magazine contest for distinctive homes, hoping she will be the one to visit. Unfortunately, she sends her secretary to view the home.
2 Apr. 1964
The Tree
The family tries to save an old tree from being cut and removed.
9 Apr. 1964
The Substitute Teacher
Robbie's History class proceeds to run roughshod over an attractive young substitute teacher when their regular teacher becomes incapacitated. Frustrated and exasperated, the sub pays a visit to the lady she's filling in for and asks for advice. Meanwhile, Robbie gets an earful at home from both Steve and Mike after Mike recognizes her name.
16 Apr. 1964
Mike Wears the Pants
Mike and Sally want to save money for a place of their own after they are married, so he suggests Sally move in with his family. Having a woman in the house with all men proves to be a big adjustment.
23 Apr. 1964
The Guys and the Dolls
Mike goes to South America with a friend in the Air Force Reserves to help in a disaster area. He encounters a young girl who needs an operation, and he is determined to raise the money for her. Chip helps a woman in town with her chores.
30 Apr. 1964
The Ballad of Lissa Stratmeyer
The school's sports team is losing game after game. The girlfriends of the team players decide to stage a boycott against the boys until they win a game.
7 May 1964
Tramp Goes to Hollywood
A Hollywood producer visiting Bryant Park sees Tramp and things he would be great for the animal lead in a movie he is making. Bub, Robbie and Chip fly out to Hollywood with Tramp so he can do an audition.
14 May 1964
Adventure in New York
Mike & Robbie, aspiring songwriters, go against the odds and travel to New York to present a song they wrote to a big-time record producer. A New York cabbie helps them in the big city, and they reach their destination. Although the producer doesn't want the song, he gives the brothers some real-life, solid advice, and they go home all the wiser for the adventure.
21 May 1964
Huckleberry Douglas
After reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Chip decides he, Ernie, and their friend Melinda should reenact some of the adventures.
28 May 1964
Guest in the House
Steve is asked to take in a boy who is a delinquent. When Steve has to be out of town that week, it is Bub and the boys to handle the visit. When someone comes to the house, they assume it is the delinquent.

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