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Season 11

19 Sep. 1970
The First Anniversary
Steve and Barbara plan a celebration for their first wedding anniversary. Dodie tells them she is also planning a party, but she does not tell anyone where it is at, or when it is being held. Chip meets Polly and begins to date her.
26 Sep. 1970
The Once Over
Polly's father is strict, and Polly is unhappy at home. She asks Chip to marry her so she can live with him. Chip talks it over with Steve and Uncle Charley.
3 Oct. 1970
The Return of Albert
An old boyfriend of Barbara contacts her for a visit. She is nervous when she finds out that Steve has invited him to dinner.
10 Oct. 1970
The Non-Proposal
When Chip gives Polly a necklace and locket, he thinks he has agreed to go steady with her. Polly tells her mother it is for a marriage proposal. Her mother knows Polly's father will be upset.
17 Oct. 1970
Polly Wants a Douglas
Polly has an argument with her father and decides to leave home. She goes to the Douglas' home and asks Chip to elope with her.
31 Oct. 1970
The Cat Burglars
Steve dresses as a cat for his office's Halloween Party. As he drives home, he runs out of gas and has to walk to a gas station. The police pick him up as a suspect in a series of burglaries.
7 Nov. 1970
The Elopement
Chip and Polly decide to finally elope. Chip tells Steve their plans, and he tells Chip he should give Polly's father a courtesy visit before they go to a minister. Polly's father is not pleased and accesses Chip of wrong doing.
14 Nov. 1970
The Honeymoon
Chip and Holly are married, and on their way to Las Vegas for their honeymoon. They encounter car problems and hotel reservation problems, and have to spend their first married night in separate rooms.
21 Nov. 1970
One by One They Go
Chip and Polly return from their honeymoon and settle in their college dorm. Polly's father visits, but he refuses to talk to his daughter.
28 Nov. 1970
My Four Women
Barbara volunteers to organize a fashion show for a woman's club. She convinces Steve to be one of the models for some of the men's clothing. When he finds out the shirt is lacy and ruffled, he wants to back out of the show.
5 Dec. 1970
The Bride Went Home
Chip's stomach does not agree with Polly's cooking. She learns that she has been using foods that Chip is allergic to. She thinks she should leave Chip.
12 Dec. 1970
The Power of Suggestion
For a psychology class assignment, Ernie tries a few experiments on his family members. He cuts Uncle Charley's cane a little bit at a time, and Charley thinks he is getting taller. However, Steve is not as easy to fool.
19 Dec. 1970
St. Louis Blues
Robbie and Katie get a vacation in their own home when her mother takes the triplets with her to St Louis for a few weeks. Robbie & Katie make plans to do the many things they cannot do when the children are with them.
2 Jan. 1971
The Liberty Bell
Robbie gets a visit from a former friend when he returns to town. His friend is full of exciting tales from traveling by motorcycle and seeing the sights. Robbie asks Katie if he can go on a trip with his friend for a few days.
9 Jan. 1971
The Love God
Dodie's school class has a new teacher, and all the girls think he is a dreamboat. Dodie's crush fades when she learns her mother used to teach him when he was a boy.
16 Jan. 1971
The New Vice-President
Steve is in line for a promotion at work. Uncle Charley has some surprising information in his background.
23 Jan. 1971
Robbie's Honey
Katie thinks Robbie is seeing another woman and gets jealous.
30 Jan. 1971
Ernie Drives
Ernie and Elmore look forward to driving their girlfriends on a date after they pass their driving test and have licenses. However, the boys do not pass the test, and the girls do. Ernie & Elmore end up stranded at the end of the date.
6 Feb. 1971
Dodie Goes Downtown
Steve and Barbara go to San Francisco for a golf tournament, and Uncle Charley goes to a music festival, leaving Ernie in charge. He loses track of Dodie when she goes to town with a friend and has no money to get home.
20 Feb. 1971
The Recital
Dodie decides to form a musical band with her friends, and practice will be held at the Douglas' home. The adults are not too pleased to have loud, bad music playing at their home.
27 Feb. 1971
Ernie is involved in a fender-bender with a teen hits his car. She seems to take an interest in Ernie, but might be more interested in not paying for the accident.
6 Mar. 1971
Fit the Crime
Ernie agrees to babysit Dodie while Barbara goes shopping. Dodie asks if she can visit a friend, but when Barbara returns home, Ernie does not remember where Dodie went. Both Ernie and Dodie get put in time-out.
13 Mar. 1971
The Return of Terrible Tom
Charley looks forward to a visit from a couple of his former shipmates. Both of them could be depended on for rowdy entertainment. However, when his friends arrive, they are now mild-mannered gentlemen.
20 Mar. 1971
After the Honeymoon
When Rob is laid off from his job, he and his family moves to San Francisco for a new job offer. Their new friends tell him he works too hard, and Katie starts to think it is because of her and the boys.

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