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Season 1

29 Sep. 1960
Chip Off the Old Block
Steve Douglas and his youngest son Chip are caught in the snares of designing women.
6 Oct. 1960
The Little Ragpicker
Chip collects items for the school's annual rag drive. One neighbor notices all the strange happenings at the Douglas home. Bub appears drunk, Robbie carries a dummy in the house, and Chip talks to the dummy and drops it out the window.
13 Oct. 1960
Bub in the Ointment
Bub tries to fit into family life, but the boys find things difficult when Bub speaks against a PTA mother, shows up at school with a forgotten lunch, and seems to interfere with girlfriends. Turns out, all the help was needed.
20 Oct. 1960
A telecast of a countdown to a 1957 satellite launch provides the backdrop for a Monday morning in the Douglas household. Everyone seems to be unusually tired and for good reason: Bub accidentally set the clocks an hour ahead instead of turning them back one hour with the end of Daylight Savings Time.
27 Oct. 1960
Brotherly Love
Robbie finds out that a popular girl in school likes him, except she confuses Robbie with Mike. Unaware of this, Robbie ambushes Mike and pounces on him outside their front door after seeing them together, thinking Mike has moved in on her.
3 Nov. 1960
Adjust or Bust
After Steve visits the office of a potential client, a Major General with a motto of "Adjust or bust," he experiences a series of transportation inconveniences and missed connections while trying to get home in time to greet the General, who is also coming to his house for dinner.
10 Nov. 1960
Lady Engineer
Steve enjoys working with a woman engineer who is beautiful. He asks her out for dinner, but she is only interested in work.
17 Nov. 1960
Chip's Harvest
The Douglas's stove breaks down on Thanksgiving Day. There's no way to get it fixed that same day and every restaurant in town is booked. Meanwhile Chip befriends a Native American and invites him to dinner. He in turn shows how to roast a turkey outdoors without a grill.
24 Nov. 1960
Raft on the River
While Mike and Robbie go camping in the woods, Chip and Steve go "rafting" in the backyard.
1 Dec. 1960
Lonesome George
Lonesome George Gobel is in town for a benefit and escapes to the Douglas household for some "quiet" time.
8 Dec. 1960
Spring Will Be a Little Late
Robbie is overwhelmed when his mechanic friend, "Pig", puts on a dress and perfume and becomes the lovely Peggy.
15 Dec. 1960
My Three Strikers
The boys want a raise in their allowance, but Steve tells them that they are spending money recklessly and not doing their chores. Bub has been picking up the slack and doing their work for them. Everyone has bad dreams that night.
22 Dec. 1960
The Elopement
While working on a Social Studies project on teenage marriages for school Mike and his girlfriend Jean have everyone convinced that they've eloped.
29 Dec. 1960
Mike's Brother
Robbie is tired of all the teachers at school calling him "Mike's brother" and making comparisons about how each of the boys are different.
5 Jan. 1961
Domestic Trouble
When Bub has to go out of town for a few days, Steve asks Mike to call an agency and hire a maid. Mike asks Robbie to make the call, and Robbie asks Chip to make the call. Chip calls an agency but it is a marriage agency who matches people.
12 Jan. 1961
Bub Leaves Home
Steve's cousin Selena comes to visit and is only too happy to help around the house. When everyone is grateful for her help, Bub thinks he is being replaced and decides to take a job at a movie theater.
19 Jan. 1961
Mike in a Rush
Mike receives an invitation to a frat rush at the local college, then is eventually dropped because his college plans are perceived as being unclear.
26 Jan. 1961
The Bully
Chip wants to fight the school bully who has no interest in fighting with Chip.
2 Feb. 1961
Organization Woman
Steve's sister, an efficiency expert, pays a visit and within a few days transforms total chaos into a smooth, efficient household.
9 Feb. 1961
Other People's Houses
Robbie learns "the grass is always greener on the other side" when he is envious of his friend Hank's home, which seems perfect for a teenager. But Hank is envious of Robbie's life in a happy home and great family.
16 Feb. 1961
The Delinquent
Jean is upset when it seems Mike is never available in the evenings. Mike and Tim are building her a hi-fi set for her birthday.
23 Feb. 1961
Man in a Trenchcoat
Robbie's girlfriend Vivian suspects something is going on between Robbie and Judy (the same girl who confused Robbie with Mike) and asks her brother to follow them.
2 Mar. 1961
Mike has to finish the layout and write a sports article for the school paper by himself in between running in a track meet and going to a dance with Jean.
9 Mar. 1961
The Lostling
Chip is tired of being the youngest brother, and wishes he could be older than someone. He gets his chance when a baby is left in Steve's car.
16 Mar. 1961
Off Key
Sudsy breaks his mother's piano and asks Chip to ask Robbie to fix it. Sudsy's mother is due to be home in just a few minutes and Robbie has to fix it fast.
23 Mar. 1961
Small Adventure
The Douglas' have their own small adventure when Steve is out of town on business. Tramp comes home with a live stick of dynamite and it is somewhere in the house.
30 Mar. 1961
Soap Box Derby
Robbie builds a race car for the soap box derby. Meanwhile, Steve is building a missile in a race against a competitor company.
6 Apr. 1961
Unite or Sink
To earn extra money, Mike and Robbie get a job painting a fence for a neighbor who's fence and yard are in a state of disrepair. The better the fence looks, the more that other neighbors help to restore the yard.
13 Apr. 1961
The Wiley Method
Robbie tries to get a date with a classmate who does not seem to be interested. Robbie tries the approach his teacher, Mr Wiley, uses in history class to get the students interested in what he is saying.
27 Apr. 1961
The National Pastime
Chip quits the baseball team after a few games where he did not play well. When his father is asked to be an umpire for the next game, Chip gets back into baseball thinking his father will call his hits favorably.
4 May 1961
The Croaker
Chip brings his class frog home to take care of it for the weekend. Bub thinks Chips school frog looks like his Uncle Clancey. When the frog disappears, everyone joins the search.
11 May 1961
The Musician
Robbie pretends to be someone he is not in order to impress a girl. He claims he likes classical music since she enjoys it.
18 May 1961
The Horseless Saddle
Someone leaves a horse saddle at the Douglas' home for Bub.
25 May 1961
Trial by Separation
With graduation only a week away, Mike and Jean agree not to call or see each other until then to see if they really are in love.
1 Jun. 1961
The Sunday Drive
A neighbor, Mr Pearson, wants to take a leisurely drive with his family. Beyond his control, the Douglas' join him and the drive is anything but relaxing.
8 Jun. 1961
Fire Watch
Mike plans an easy summer with a job with the forestry service. He plans on watching the trees and enjoying himself. He finds it is not an easy job when a fire starts and his boss is stranded and not able to help.

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