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Attorney Abraham Jones defends a client suspected of planting a bomb.
6 Jan. 1961
The Great Gambling Raid
A seemingly overzealous cop busts a "gambling den" which turns out to just be a few old friends playing for pennies. But the only thing worse than dealing with a stubborn mule is dealing with four of them.
13 Jan. 1961
The Trophy
Jones is compromised when the wife in a couple of old friends of his wants a divorce, and it turns out the husband has been involved in some dodgy dealings.
20 Jan. 1961
Indian War
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27 Jan. 1961
A Noble actor refuses to exit his theatre, despite it being condemned for demolition.
3 Feb. 1961
Unbury the Dead
A man who deserted, leaving his 12 comrades to die during the war is released and Jones's morals are tested again when he is asked by him to help him regain his property.
10 Feb. 1961
The End Justifies the End
A man makes the headlines for tax fraud, but blames his lawyer for advising him badly. So he decides he would rather have Jones. But yet again Jones is torn because of other less than righteous things in the guy's past.
17 Feb. 1961
Lethal Weapons
A famous boxer who is a friend of Jones, is accused of assaulting someone outside the ring. Things don't look good for the boxer as he has mysterious injuries.
24 Feb. 1961
One for the Money
Ernie the butcher is not happy that his sister has married a criminal, but Johnny says he is reformed and asks Jones to transfer his laundry into his wife's name. However Ernie thinks that not just clothes but money is being laundered.
3 Mar. 1961
Cold Turkey
In an uncharacteristically serious story, free of the usual shenanigans, Jones deals with a traumatic case of a man who had tried to pass the buck, going through the stages of coming down from a heroin high.
10 Mar. 1961
The Concert
A singer's agent hires Jones to defend his client when she finds herself unable to work with a conductor whose musical interpretations are very different to her own.
17 Mar. 1961
Everybody Versus Timmy Drayton
Jones's former commanding officer turns up wanting him to help get custody of his son from the stepfather after his wife dies.
24 Mar. 1961
A Very Special Citizen
This time it is C.E.'s turn to have an old friend show up in trouble, when a doctor served with a $100,000 malpractice suit needs Jones's help to protect his trusted status.
31 Mar. 1961
Accidental Tourist
Karl visits Gus with a list of demands, but there are some people you just don't blackmail.
7 Apr. 1961
Mea Culpa
A lynch mob accuses a man of kidnapping a little girl when in actual fact he was rescuing her. When he is found guilty, Jones feels guilt for not taking the case himself.
21 Apr. 1961
A Fool for a Client
Jones is called on by the daughter of a retired judge who is one of his personal heroes to stop his violent descent into alcoholism. The man then not only becomes his own defense but is also called as a witness for his prosecution.
21 Apr. 1961
The Enemy
Jones successfully defends an alleged killer under a plea of insanity. As he gnaws on a dry bagel, he wonders if for once his case also had holes in it.
5 May 1961
One by One
While waiting outside for Jones, C.E. is beaten by a gang of checkered cap-wearing thugs. Lincoln is determined they shall be punished one way or another.
12 May 1961
A Quiet Town
In another case of mistaken identity and lynch mob rule, a boy who swerved to miss a hit and run victim knocked down by a motorcycle gang is accused of being the killer himself. But then suddenly Jones finds his own livelihood at risk.
28 Apr. 1961
The Last Commencement
Another hit and run case, this time committed by a car. Things become awkward when it turns out the driver was the son of the founder of the law school which Jones graduated.
26 May 1961
No Law for Ghosts
Two women are returning from a birthday party late at night when one of them is attacked and dies. A local hobo is accused, but an anonymous donor sends Jones $150 to defend him.
2 Jun. 1961
The Broken Hand
The odd couple fashion designers return when Berger loses a contract from his best friend who is disgusted with the terms, but then it turns out Wilmer had it drawn up by the office of Abraham Lincoln Jones.

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