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Season 1

3 Jan. 1960
X Equals Murder
Johnny Midnight is hired by a woman fearing for her husband's life. But Johnny's investigation uncovers more than the concerned wife ever anticipated, putting Johnny's life in danger..
10 Jan. 1960
Voice of the Dummy
Julius Sneezer, the dummy of long-dead ventriloquist Dave Rankin, is fished out of Long Island Sound, sparking a taut psychological whodunit.
17 Jan. 1960
The Villain of the Piece
A sleazy showbiz promoter is murdered, but all those with motive also have alibis. Aki's proverb provides Johnny the epiphany he needs to dispel the smoke and reveal the villain of the piece,
24 Jan. 1960
Leading Lady
Brassy actress Delta Manning's husband Dan has been abducted. Johnny scours the city from piano bars and juke joints to a gymnasium in Astoria to find him. Along the way, Johnny and Delta uncover inconvenient truths about Dan.
31 Jan. 1960
Once Again
Who really killed Helene Winters? A promising actress convicted of murder returns to the stage after three years only to find history repeating itself. Johnny Midnight is on the case.
7 Feb. 1960
A Taste of Curry
A promising young architect and friend of Johnny's is accused of murder and takes it on the lam. Johnny and sidekick Joe Marshall travel far and wide to find him, dogged each step by the determined Lt. Harmon.
14 Feb. 1960
Mother's Boy
Johnny is on the case when the leading lady of his play is murdered and the rap is pinned on his pal Joe Marshall. Suspects include a mollycoddled mama's boy, a mild-mannered sculptor, and a mercenary understudy. Whodunit?
21 Feb. 1960
Award for Murder
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28 Feb. 1960
Magic at Midnight
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4 Mar. 1960
The Inner Eye
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11 Mar. 1960
The Impresario
Murder on the stage of the Midnight Theater, prefaced by a cryptic warning about imperious show producer Michael Damon. Donning a disguise and summoning his showmanship, Midnight plots to catch the conscience of a killer.
18 Mar. 1960
Beyond Infamy
Pity Quinn Rawlins: his daughter is engaged to a playboy actor twice her age and his wife is being blackmailed over nude photographs snapped a decade ago. Then add murder to the mix. Johnny sifts the suspects and outs the killer.
25 Mar. 1960
An Old-Fashioned Frame
A beautiful young woman romantically linked to several show business personalities is found dead in a gas-filled apartment with a handwritten suicide note. Lt. Harmon says the case is closed, but Johnny Midnight just isn't buying it.
1 Apr. 1960
Slight Delay at Dimity
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8 Apr. 1960
The 9th Doll
Johnny helps a friend in need: a faded stage star whose prized doll collection is stabbed and defaced as the first salvo in a psychological war to drive her insane. Who is waging this war and why?
15 Apr. 1960
Death Over My Shoulder
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22 Apr. 1960
Phantom Bribe
In a shootout Lupo and Sanchez kill the wayward son of Johnny's friend, a distinguished actor but a derelict father. He vows revenge on the police officers, putting Johnny between a rock and a hard place.
29 Apr. 1960
The Tokyo Doll
Aki is charged with murdering a Japanese nightclub singer, and Johnny's only clues for clearing his friend are a couple enigmatic photographs and the word 'Daimyos" uttered by the dying girl.
5 May 1960
Trouble on the Road
Johnny takes his talents to Beantown when a show producer in trouble taps Johnny for help squaring an actress pinned with a bogus narcotics rap.
12 May 1960
Registered Mail
Johnny and friends are blindsided by a plagiarism suit that threatens to scuttle their new hit play. A registered letter containing the script is offered as proof. When the murder happens, the suspects are many and the clues few.
19 May 1960
Somebody Loves You
A beautiful and talented Swedish actress is the talk of the town, so why did she attempt suicide? And what hold does her tyrannical manager have over her? Johnny isn't afraid to pull back the rug and expose ugly secrets.
26 May 1960
The Emerald Star
Johnny Midnight steps in when the celebrated star of his new play is threatened with blackmail by her small-time hood brother-in-law.
2 Jun. 1960
Return to Murder
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9 Jun. 1960
One Over Par
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16 Jun. 1960
Tender Loving Care
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23 Jun. 1960
A Token of Love
Johnny's love for a beautiful young widow with a secret life plunges the private eye headlong into international intrigue and danger.
30 Jun. 1960
Johnny goes south of the border to help an imprisoned friend and is fast embroiled in danger and enchanted by saloon singer Schatzi.
6 Jul. 1960
The Sweet-Tooth Murder
Johnny's get-away-from-it-all fishing trip to Maine turns into a working holiday when a summer stock actress is murdered and Johnny's old friend Bess is charged with the crime.
13 Jul. 1960
Ring of Truth
A distinguished dramatist discovers his wife and his young protégé in an amorous embrace. Drunk, he hires a killer. Sober, he returns to his senses and seeks Johnny's help. He's going to need it.
20 Jul. 1960
Her Sister's Keeper
A young woman engaged to be married overdoses on sleeping pills. Suicide - or murder? Lt. Geller rules it a suicide, but the grieving fiancé hires Johnny, who visits the gloomy mansion of Gina's reclusive sister and Jamaican housekeeper.
27 Jul. 1960
The Single
Breaking up is hard to do, especially for Benny Slade, one half of a comedy team unwilling to let his straight man enjoy a solo career. A murder mystery with many highly motivated suspects.
3 Aug. 1960
Dark Trophy
Aki's best friend Pete Yamato is gunning for revenge against the two crooked beauty contest promoters he blames for his sister's death. Johnny brings a cool head to the seething situation.
10 Aug. 1960
Inside Man
A quite comely but unwelcome guest at the Gordon mansion threatens to upend Danny and Kate's nuptials. Murder ensues, and only Johnny's acting acumen can save an innocent man from a murder rap.
17 Aug. 1960
An investigative reporter on the cusp of cracking a communist cabal in New York City is murdered. Johnny is joined by a couple intrepid newspapermen in cracking this Cold War-era case.
24 Aug. 1960
The Switchback Murder
Johnny goes undercover in Spanish Harlem to find his friend Lupo, who vanished while busting an immigrant extortion scam. Johnny must work fast, because the police are also searching for Lupo--to charge him with murder.
31 Aug. 1960
Pay-Off to Death
A deathbed confession sets Johnny Midnight racing against the clock to clear a cop convicted of murder.
7 Sep. 1960
Romeo and Julie
A union organizer is murdered by a mobster. Midnight must nab the killer before the victim's hot-headed brother takes justice into his own hands and delivers a double-tragedy to their aged father.
14 Sep. 1960
How Tight a Web
An adulterous affair, an outraged husband, and a murder. It seems so simple - until Johnny Midnight begins tugging at the loose threads and unravels the whole sordid affair.
21 Sep. 1960
The Whammy
Broadway's actor turned private eye travels to Hollywood and lands amidst a murder plot of epic proportions.

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