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6 Feb. 1963
The Tyrants
A drama about anti-communist movements focusing on Stalin, Lenin, and Marx.
24 May 1964
Boss Toad
Teenager Danny Henderson chafes under the discipline of his rigid parents, especially when he becomes involved with a neighbor girl whose parents are very permissive. Danny finds himself having to choose between people he cares about.
1 Jan. 1965
The Killer
A sex symbol actor suffers under intense questioning on a TV talk show.
Trial by Fire
An American combat pilot refuses to obey commands of his superior officers.
16 May 1966
The Oleander Years
A vacation brings out the emptiness in a seemingly happy marriage.
23 May 1966
The Governor's Mansion
A governor asks a judge to grant him a quiet divorce so that he can marry his pregnant mistress.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way
A couple's missed connection at an airport reveals how they have lost their way.
23 Apr. 1967
Seed of Dissent
A father is devastated when told his teenage daughter is pregnant.
30 Apr. 1967
A Small Statistic
A young couple are devastated when their first child dies at birth.
7 May 1967
The Thousand-Mile Journey
In a play on the Good Samaritan theme, an American Journalist learns that relief supplies meant for starving masses are being diverted by corrupt politicians.
13 May 1967
Vera Miles plays the publisher of a racy women's magazine in this episode about pornography.
15 May 1967
The Hang- Up
A young couple contemplate having premarital sex.
19 May 1967
Where Were You During the Battle of the Bulge, Kid?
A father and son that cannot communicate until they find themselves faced with similar problems.
4 Jun. 1967
Murder in the Family
Guilt over an abortion causes a marriage to crumble.
19 Aug. 1967
The Nitty Gritty Once and Future Now
A mysterious stranger confronts three survivors of World War III.
3 Sep. 1967
Some Talk About Pool Rooms and Gin Mills
A White thug running from the law holes up with a Black family.
12 Dec. 1967
He Lived with Us, He Ate with Us, What Else, Dear?
A criminal incident breaks down the wall between an uncommunicative father and son.
A young mother is given the chance to escape the burden of raising two children.
The Day God Died
The world is shocked by the news that God is dead. A news reporter makes the announcement of the deity's death. A funeral service is held (with an metaphorical empty casket) to memorialize God in his passing.
15 Apr. 1970
Bourbon in Suburbia
Dorothy is a housewife in a suburban town. She believes herself a casual drinker, but repeated embarrassing lapses cause her to rethink her attitude, especially when her children make clear they have lost respect for her. Dorothy finally admits that she's an alcoholic.
15 May 1970
7 Mar. 1971
Portrait of a mentally handicapped man and of the woman who takes care of him.
15 Oct. 1971
The Party
A dramatization about a teenage girl who is torn by peer group pressure, the demands of her boyfriend, and her own feelings toward love and sexual commitment.
10 Apr. 1972
A Box for Mr. Lipton
Mr. Lipton is a pushover. He allows people to manipulate him and finds himself constantly on the wrong end of a deal. Only when his children begin to pull away from him out of disrespect does he come to realize how his easy-going nature is damaging his life.
20 Apr. 1972
19 Apr. 1973
11 Jul. 1973
Celebration in Fresh Powder
A pregnant teenage girl, on vacation at a ski resort, debates with her friends whether or not she should keep her baby.
6 Jan. 1974
17 Feb. 1974
31 May 1974
24 Mar. 1975
The Pendulum
A young mystic leaves his monastery to assume the presidency of his deceased father's advertising agency.
16 Apr. 1976
28 Apr. 1976
The Man in the Cast Iron Suit
A successful businessman and his wife are faced with a conflict of values when grandfather comes to live with them.
12 Sep. 1976
20 May 1977
1 Apr. 1978
Second Chorus
A feuding divorced couple run into each other at a roadside diner and find that they are force to reassess their problems when their son unexpectedly calls off his wedding.
1 Feb. 1979
When, Jenny? When?
All the boys consider pretty Jenny an easy lay, but one shy jock has a crush on the insecure girl and risks his athletic future by standing up for her.
18 Feb. 1980
3 Jun. 1980
10 Nov. 1980
God in the Dock
Victims of wars, concentration camps, and three contemporaries put God on trial for permitting so many innocent people to suffer untold agony over the centuries. Set in a modern courtroom with a prosecuting attorney and defense counsel, the drama pits accusers against the deity. It is a gripping, suspenseful drama with a surprise ending.
29 Jan. 1982
All Out
On a sadistic daytime game show called "All Out", contestants are asked by the host to make horrifying choices, such as playing a version of Russian Roulette with their loved ones.

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