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1 Jan. 1965
Fred's Flying Lesson
A free flying lesson from a sexy lady instructor persuades Fred to go for his pilot's license.
8 Jan. 1965
Fred's Second Car
Fred goes to a police auction to purchase a second car for the family. He outbids a shady character for a vehicle that formerly belonged to a gangster. Later Fred learns that the shady character was the agent for a mob boss who believes that there are diamonds hidden in the car, and who isn't about to let Flintstone keep him from them.
15 Jan. 1965
Time Machine
Not everyone a caveman encounters in the future will be helpful, sympathetic, or even patient. Some will be downright menacing.
22 Jan. 1965
The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes
The Flintstones need to get rid of their house guests, the hillbilly Hatrocks, and hope that their sinister neighbors, the Gruesomes, can be of help.
29 Jan. 1965
Moonlight and Maintenance
Fred takes on a second job as superintendent of an apartment building, but it soon doesn't look like a good move. As he's still working at the gravel pit, many of the maintenance calls fall to Wilma. The Flintstones miss the Rubbles. And Mr. Slate, who has a policy of no moonlighting, is interested in moving into the building.
5 Feb. 1965
Sheriff for a Day
The sheriff of an untamed western town offers visiting Fred his badge for a day, but doesn't tell him that three outlaws are on their way to the town to eliminate the sheriff, no matter who he is.
12 Feb. 1965
Deep in the Heart of Texarock
On vacation on a ranch in Texarock, the Flintstones and the Rubbles are menaced by cattle rustlers.
19 Feb. 1965
The Rolls Rock Caper
Fred and Barney are recruited on the street by a private detective.
26 Feb. 1965
A TV superhero quits without notice, and Fred is drafted from the audience to take his place.
5 Mar. 1965
Fred Meets Hercurock
Fred is cast as "Hercurock" in a new film; he finds the life of a star, and Wilma the life of a star's wife, not to be all that they thought.
12 Mar. 1965
Surfin' Fred
On vacation at the beach, Fred is a hit with the surfing teenagers, but not with the lifeguard, who must repeatedly rescue him.
17 Sep. 1965
No Biz Like Show Biz
Fred wakens from a nap to hear Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm singing in tune and accompanying themselves on musical instruments--amazing, since they can't even talk yet. Famous manager Eppy Brianstone signs up the kids, and they become an overnight sensation. Wilma and Betty jet around to the kids' performances and Fred and Barney are largely left behind. On the eve of their departure for Eurock, Fred decides no one is going to deprive the babies of their childhood, contract or no contract.
24 Sep. 1965
The House That Fred Built
Mrs. Slaghoople is threatening to move to Bedrock, so Fred wants to be sure he has a place of her own ready for his mother-in-law. He finds a likely house for sale and he and Barney begin renovations, while keeping the purchase of the house a secret from Wilma. As always, complications ensue.
1 Oct. 1965
The Return of Stony Curtis
Stoney Curtis is in town shooting a film. To promote it, a contest offers the prize of Stoney as slave for a day. Wilma and Betty win, and Fred sets Stoney to work as if he really were a slave. At Wilma's prompting, Stoney encourages Fred to believe that he himself could become a Hollyrock star, and Fred falls for the bait so seriously that he decides to put his house up for sale.
8 Oct. 1965
Disorder in the Court
Fred is foreman of the jury trying "the Mangler," a vicious and enormous thief. When he is convicted, the Mangler swears to Fred's face that he'll "get you, Flintstone." Fred can't help being afraid, especially when word gets out that the Mangler has escaped from custody.
15 Oct. 1965
Circus Business
Fred invests his income-tax refund in the purchase of an ailing circus. The performers, whom the former owner left unpaid, walk out on him, so Fred and Barney try to put on a show themselves.
22 Oct. 1965
Who knew: the Stephens family of TV's "Bewitched" are the Flintstones' next-door neighbors. Fred and Barney go on a weekend camping trip, claiming that women can't rough it as they do. In response, Samantha takes Wilma, Betty, and the children camping, using her magical twitch of the nose whenever necessary to upstage the boys.
29 Oct. 1965
The Great Gazoo
Introducing the Great Gazoo from Planet Zetox, sent to primitive Earth to redeem himself by aiding earthlings such as Barney and Fred. In his first encounter with the cavemen, he makes it possible for Fred to treat Wilma to dinner at the posh restaurant she's practically bribed him to take her to. But as Fred and Barney will discover, there's always a down side to Gazoo's generosity.
5 Nov. 1965
Rip Van Flintstone
At the gravel pit's annual picnic, Fred is somewhat of a party pooper, unwilling to participate in the fun and games. He goes off by himself instead and finds a tree under which he falls asleep. He wakes to find the picnic over, and a good many changes besides. Barney has become an oil tycoon--and an old man; Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are grown and married; and Wilma is an old lady whom Barney has taken in as a charity case. Has Fred slept his life away?
12 Nov. 1965
The Gravelberry Pie King
When the gravel pit's workers demand a raise, Mr. Slate gives it to them, using the savings from the salary of Fred, whom he fires. Fred, in need of income, finds he has a knack for making gravelberry pies. He succeeds with his confections so well at first that he becomes the "Gravelberry Pie King." But then the Great Gazoo intervenes, and, as usual, matters deteriorate from that point.
19 Nov. 1965
The Stonefinger Caper
A secret organization wants to take over the world. To set their plan in motion, they intend to kidnap a professor, but, as the man is a dead ringer for Barney Rubble, they mistakenly target Barney instead. The Great Gazoo attempts to aid his "dumb-dumb" friends by lending Fred a James Bondrock-like sports car, but it will take more than the sophisticated vehicle to help the boys escape the bad men.
26 Nov. 1965
The Masquerade Party
Fred and Barney have picked out the same costume for the Water Buffaloes' annual masquerade ball. Fred selects a new costume, determined to keep this one a secret. Inconveniently for Fred, his new costume, a space suit, debuts on the very night an "invasion of the Way-Outs" is announced in Bedrock, causing instant panic among the populace.
3 Dec. 1965
While waiting for tickets to a popular teen music show, Fred injures his leg, grabs it, and hops about on one foot. The surrounding teenagers dig this crazy new dance step. The "Flintstone Frantic" is an instant hit. Will Fred become an international star, teaching the Frantic even to world leaders such as LBJ and General de Gaulle?
10 Dec. 1965
Royal Rubble
Rockarabians seek the missing heir to their nation's throne. They know what he looks like: enough like Barney Rubble to be his twin. Ignoring his protests that they have the wrong fellow, the Rockarabians carry Barney bodily to the hotel at which their delegation is staying. Barney begins to think it might not be so bad to become an exotic monarch, until he is told he will have to select many beauties for his harem--something he knows Betty will never allow.
17 Dec. 1965
Seeing Doubles
Betty and Wilma want to go out for the evening, while the boys want to practice for an upcoming bowling tournament. No problem: the Great Gazoo creates doubles of Barney and Fred. Or, more precisely, the doubles are the beginning of a big problem.

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