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Episode List


Season 1

9 Dec. 1960
Episode #1.1
Florrie Lindley settles into the Corner Shop. Elsie Tanner finds out that her daughter Linda has left her husband. Kenneth Barlow clashes with his father Frank over a date with a college friend.
14 Dec. 1960
Episode #1.2
Florrie gets herself into trouble with the police on her first day. Ivan Cheveski arrives at the Rovers in search of Linda. Christine Hardman berates Ena for spreading gossip about her mother. Ken is ashamed for Susan to see where he lives.
16 Dec. 1960
Episode #1.3
Linda refuses to talk to Ivan and insists that their marriage is over. Ena is affronted when Leonard Swindley warns her that she should not be frequenting a public house. Christine anxiously awaits her mother's return from hospital.
21 Dec. 1960
Episode #1.4
Ena fears for her job when Swindley catches her drinking in the Rovers. Lucille Hewitt turns up in the hope of spending Christmas with her father Harry. Elsie berates Dennis for being idle and turning down an offer of work.
23 Dec. 1960
Episode #1.5
Elsie demands to know how Dennis came by his windfall. Esther grows fretful when Lucille goes missing. Jack and Annie Walker are delighted when Concepta Riley returns from Ireland.
28 Dec. 1960
Episode #1.6
Dennis admits that the police suspect him of attempting a robbery. Christine argues with May as she prepares for her date with Malcolm. Ena refuses to make peace with Martha.
30 Dec. 1960
Episode #1.7
May complains of headaches but Christine dismisses her as attention-seeking. Dennis surprises Elsie by getting a job at a club in town. Florrie is embarrassed to have her court case reported in the newspaper.
4 Jan. 1961
Episode #1.8
Elsie is taken aback when Dennis comes home with her estranged husband Arnold. Christine finishes with Malcolm when he finally calls to see her. Ken and his friends prepare to join a 'Ban the Bomb' march.
6 Jan. 1961
Episode #1.9
Harry packs Lucille's items for her to return to the orphanage after the Christmas holidays.
11 Jan. 1961
Episode #1.10
Elsie is in a foul mood and tells Linda that the cause is Ena, who she overheard in the Rovers Return telling people that she has a boyfriend.
13 Jan. 1961
Episode #1.11
Elsie takes steps to silence Ena's gossiping tongue. The milkman raises the alarm when he does not receive an answer from Albert at Number 1. Christine is visited by a plumber with an unpaid bill.
18 Jan. 1961
Episode #1.12
Beattie refuses to return home until Albert agrees to come with her.
20 Jan. 1961
Episode #1.13
Frank warns Ida again not to go running round after Albert and snaps at Ken when he thinks he's siding with his mother.
25 Jan. 1961
Episode #1.14
Harry has left a parcel on her Eileen's bus and she wants to give it back.
27 Jan. 1961
Episode #1.15
Elsie tells Dennis to stay in for their repaired television delivery, as well as for Linda and Ivan who are coming to do some shopping for the baby.
1 Feb. 1961
Episode #1.16
A policeman tells Ena to see his superintendent if she objects. Len looks after Harry's whippets for the night.
3 Feb. 1961
Episode #1.17
Frank is annoyed when Ken Barlow plans to buy a record player on hire purchase.
8 Feb. 1961
Episode #1.18
Frank castigates Ida when she admits she's bought loose covers on hire purchase.
10 Feb. 1961
Episode #1.19
The Walkers entertain George and Hilda Davies, with Annie and Hilda trying to outdo one another.
15 Feb. 1961
Episode #1.20
Annie castigates Jack due to his drunken behaviour in front of George Davies.
22 Feb. 1961
Episode #1.21
Mary Stubbs tells Ida that the residents are being offered the option to buy their houses for £200 each; Ida is interested and wonders how to persuade Frank.
24 Feb. 1961
Episode #1.22
Martha and Minnie try to get away with under paying their fares but get caught out by Harry.
1 Mar. 1961
Episode #1.23
Albert boils his kettle and it takes forty-one minutes to boil due to the poor gas pressure.
3 Mar. 1961
Episode #1.24
Vera Lomax asks Ena to look after her troublesome son Colin for her tomorrow.
6 Mar. 1961
Episode #1.25
Ena refuses to help Emily set out the mission hall; using the excuse that she has to look after her grandson.
13 Mar. 1961
Episode #1.26
The residents turn out to watch as Joan sets off for the church. The Walkers host the reception where Jack is cornered by Gordon's tiresome uncle. Ida and Frank receive good news for David.
15 Mar. 1961
Episode #1.27
Frank writes a circular letter to the residents about opposing the proposed demolition.
20 Mar. 1961
Episode #1.28
Ena is annoyed to hear that Minnie was told that she was barred from the residents' demolition protest meeting.
22 Mar. 1961
Episode #1.29
Harry has spotted a car belonging to the council outside of No.1 and Jack realises that it must be about the demolition of the street.
27 Mar. 1961
Episode #1.30
Jack notices that Harry is looking down and Annie tries to find out what's wrong.
29 Mar. 1961
Episode #1.31
Harry prepares the house for Alice Burgess's arrival with the help of Esther.
3 Apr. 1961
Episode #1.32
Linda and Ivan arrive to take Elsie and Dennis out for the Easter Bank Holiday, only Elsie can't be bothered and Dennis is late out of bed.
5 Apr. 1961
Episode #1.33
Harry causes a scene in the pub when he thinks that Michael Regan is bothering Concepta Riley.
10 Apr. 1961
Episode #1.34
Dennis isn't pleased to hear that Elsie's agreed that Arthur can call on her again.
12 Apr. 1961
Episode #1.35
Elsie and Esther enter a dusty and grimey No.9 to clean it for the Cheveskis before they move in tomorrow.
17 Apr. 1961
Episode #1.36
Ena takes over Martha's home after being turned out of the Mission. Unbeknown to his parents, Ken spends the evening with Marian. Miss Nugent reluctantly agrees to hold the fort until Swindley finds a new caretaker.
19 Apr. 1961
Episode #1.37
Ena upsets Martha with complaints about her cooking and she walks out of her own house.
24 Apr. 1961
Episode #1.38
Billy gets ready to start his first day at work at the Blue Bell Garage.
26 Apr. 1961
Episode #1.39
Martha spreads Ena's gossip in the Rovers that Elsie is engaged.
1 May 1961
Episode #1.40
Esther looks after the Barlows as they can not cope without Ida.
3 May 1961
Episode #1.41
Frank tells Ken Barlow that he knew about the affair, as Alf saw them together and then told him.
8 May 1961
Episode #1.42
Harry finds Lucille having her tea with Florrie, causing Alice to row with her.
10 May 1961
Episode #1.43
Esther advises Christine to stay clear of Jean's problems.
15 May 1961
Episode #1.44
Frank finally tells Ida about Marian.
17 May 1961
Episode #1.45
Six hundred cigarettes and two bottles of whisky were stolen from the Rovers Return and the quest to find the culprit is afoot.
22 May 1961
Episode #1.46
The residents gather for the Walkers' picnic outing to Blackpool. Christine's plans for the day are scuppered by the arrival of Jean's parents. Elsie finds Arthur's presence tedious.
24 May 1961
Episode #1.47
Lucille gives her blessing to Harry and wants to be bridesmaid.
29 May 1961
Episode #1.48
An excited Lucille tries to tell Esther the news about the engagement but Harry has already told her.
31 May 1961
Episode #1.49
An excited Lucille tries to tell Esther the news about the engagement but Harry has already told her.
5 Jun. 1961
Episode #1.50
Dennis impatiently waits for a piece of post to arrive but won't tell Elsie what it is.
7 Jun. 1961
Episode #1.51
Esther refuses to invest any money in Tom's fruit machine scheme and offers to give to him £100 to tide him over if he stays local and gets a decent job.
12 Jun. 1961
Episode #1.52
Jack Walker worries that Concepta will leave the Rovers Return when she marries.
14 Jun. 1961
Episode #1.53
Ken Barlow rows with Frank and Nancy for prying too much into his life.
19 Jun. 1961
Episode #1.54
A worried Esther pours her heart out to Brian Foley about Tom.
21 Jun. 1961
Episode #1.55
Jack forgets to send his holiday booking to the hotel but gets Billy to send it behind Annie's back.
26 Jun. 1961
Episode #1.56
Swindley organises an over 60s club at the Mission.
28 Jun. 1961
Episode #1.57