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Season 1

10 Oct. 1960
Working Girls
When Buddy complains about his aunts' overdrawn checking accounts, they decide to look for jobs.
17 Oct. 1960
The Girl Next Door
Buddy's aunts try their hand at matchmaking for him, targeting a girl who used to live next door and now comes to Buddy's investment office on business.
31 Oct. 1960
Girls in Court
Buddy is first worried, then desperate, when his aunts become co-defendants in a lawsuit brought against them by a disgruntled bus passenger.
7 Nov. 1960
Cesare Comes Calling
The Aunts have a surprise visitor- an Italian Opera singer they'd known many years ago is in town and they invite him to Dinner. He boasts of a fabulous career, going from one engagement after another around the world, but Buddy sees that he's actually a fraudulent has-been.
5 Dec. 1960
Buddy's Birthday
The office staff arranges a surprise birthday party for Buddy, which upsets his aunts' plans for a traditional birthday dinner at home.
12 Dec. 1960
Poppa's Eagle
To offset the abstract art and Danish modern furniture in Buddy's new office decor, the aunts decide to give him a huge stuffed bald eagle that was once displayed in their father's office long ago. The staff seems to be impressed, the only snag: Buddy's growing allergic to feathers.
17 Apr. 1961
Buddy and the Amazon
At the doctor's office, Iris and Violet meet a nurse they think would be an ideal match for Buddy, and so they con him into going there to meet her. Instead he gets interested in one of the patients, and they start dating. He soon regrets this, as she turns out to be an obsessive physical culture-type that practices judo on him.
8 May 1961
The Aunts Have a Baby
A distraught young mother abandons her infant by leaving it in Iris and Violet's car while they are out shopping. Discovering it, they try to care for it, but when Buddy finds out he insists the mother must be found. Before he can tell the police, they do a bit of detective work and locate her by way of a Chinese laundry mark on the baby's blanket.
5 Jun. 1961
Buddy and Janie
A teenager prone to dramatics comes to live with the Flowers and becomes interested in Buddy.

 Season 1 

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