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Season 2

2 Oct. 1961
Opie and the Bully
Andy is curious as to why Opie asked Aunt Bee for a nickel for milk and then came and asked him for another. Inquiring later as to why he needed two, Opie ducks and dodges the issue and Andy gives up when the boy pretends to be asleep. The next day, the mystery deepens when he discusses the problem with Barney who reveals that Opie stopped by and asked him for a nickel. Barney decides to find out for himself by following Opie home from school and discovers that one of the older kids has threatened to give Opie a knuckle sandwich every day if he doesn't produce a ...
9 Oct. 1961
Barney's Replacement
Andy notices that Barney has become a little laid-back in the performances of his duties, putting off small tasks and making the excuse that he wants to wait for the official verification before doing anything. In response, Barney feels that Andy has been extremely critical of his work ethic. Within a few days, the State Attorney's office has sent a down a young lawyer, Bob Carter, to get some experience at real law enforcement, but Barney is suspicious and thinks that Andy is effectively asking him to groom a replacement. Not wanting to be forced to polish the ...
16 Oct. 1961
Andy and the Woman Speeder
While coming back from fishing Andy, Barney, Floyd and Opie witness a car doing 70 on a 40mph road. Andy gives chase and pulls over the car which is being driven by Elizabeth Crowley who gets angry when Andy won't simply let her go with a warning and accuses him of operating a speed trap. Rather than pay the fine, she demands a trial before The Justice of the Peace, who turns out to be Andy. Crowley won't let the matter be settled and accepts Andy's offer of a trial at Mayor's Court which will be in session the next day. That means that for the first time, Andy and ...
23 Oct. 1961
Mayberry Goes Bankrupt
Frank Myers is a kindly old man who lives in a rundown house which the town council feels is an eyesore. He is also delinquent on back taxes and they decide to evict him. Andy is opposed but is forced to serve papers. The Taylors decide to take him in until he can find a permanent place to live. While looking through his valuables Andy finds a 100 year old bond which is redeemable for the face value plus 8 1/2% interest compounded annually. The council panics when they find out the town of Mayberry owes Frank Myers over $349,000 dollars.
30 Oct. 1961
Barney on the Rebound
A flashy, sophisticated new girl in town takes a surprising and deep interest in Barney.
13 Nov. 1961
Opie's Hobo Friend
Andy and Opie are going fishing when they come across a wanderer who impresses Opie with his good humor and 'magic fish talk'. The man's name is Dave Browne and it isn't long before Barney hauls him before Andy for vagrancy. Dave isn't booked and he continues to form a bond with Opie. Opie soon begins to pick up his bad habits such as avoiding work and playing hooky to go fishing. This concerns Andy who must break up this friendship and get Opie back on the right track.
20 Nov. 1961
Crime-Free Mayberry
The town of Mayberry is awarded with having the lowest crime rate in the country. Two men posing as an FBI agent and press photographer come to Mayberry to congratulate the town. Andy, Barney, and the rest of the town do not realize that the two are actually imposters and partners in crime preparing to rob the Mayberry Bank. Andy discovers during the award ceremony that all is not what it seems, and catches the photographer in the act of opening the vault. Barney, naturally agrees with Andy's findings after first gleaming in the glory of his and Andy's sharp police ...
27 Nov. 1961
The Perfect Female
Barney and Thelma Lou want to set Andy up on a blind date with her cousin Karen. Andy is somewhat skeptical of Barney's matchmaking skills but after some clumsy maneuvering on Barney's part agrees to meet Karen. Much to every one's delight they really hit it off with each other. However, Barney's interference could cause more trouble than good.
4 Dec. 1961
Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter
Aunt Bee has hired Mr. Wheeler to help with the flowers around the Taylor home. Andy's not to sure about him but Aunt Bee is quite taken with him. When Andy notices how taken with him Aunt Bee is he relaxes and agrees to let him stay on and help around the house. Once he's in good his easy going manner seems to become more of a 'lazy going' manner and Andy is stuck doing most of the work.
11 Dec. 1961
The Clubmen
Roger Courtney invites Andy to come up to the state capital and meet the membership committee of The Esquire club and be considered for membership. Andy accepts the offer but tells him he'll be bringing Barney along also. Barney is very excited at the prospect of joining this exclusive club but he's worried that Andy may need a bit of polishing. Andy wants to be himself when meeting the club but Barney insists on putting on airs to impress them...which of course backfires.
18 Dec. 1961
The Pickle Story
Aunt Bee and Clara Johnson are both jarring homemade pickles. The only difference is that Clara's are good enough to have won the blue ribbon at the fair eleven years counting while Aunt Bee's taste like they've been floating in kerosene. The boys are too polite to tell Aunt bee the truth about her pickles and come up with a plan to switch Aunt Bee's pickles with store bought pickles. The plan backfires when Bee decides to enter her pickles in the contest.
25 Dec. 1961
Sheriff Barney
When Barney is offered the job of Sheriff in a nearby town, he and Andy trade jobs for a day to see what what kind Sheriff he would be.
1 Jan. 1962
The Farmer Takes a Wife
Local farmer 'Big' Jeff Pruitt comes to town to pick a wife. Unfortunately for Barney, he chooses Thelma Lou.
8 Jan. 1962
The Keeper of the Flame
Opie joins a secret club and is in charge of the candle they use in their meetings. After the barn where they meet burns down, he is accused by the owner of starting the fire.
15 Jan. 1962
Bailey's Bad Boy
Andy teaches self-reliance and responsibility to the spoiled son of a rich man.
22 Jan. 1962
The Manicurist
When a pretty young manicurist starts working in Floyd's Barbershop, the men are uneasy about it at first but eventually take to the idea in a big way. Their jealous wives, however, do not.
29 Jan. 1962
The Jinx
Barney, Floyd, and other townspeople are convinced that local resident Henry Bennett is responsible for many mishaps that have occurred in Mayberry. Andy attempts to convince Henry that he is not a jinx by having him join himself and Barney in their boat for the opening day fishing sweepstakes. When this idea backfires, Andy must come up with the perfect plan to convince Henry once and for all that he is not a jinx before he thinks of moving out of Mayberry.
5 Feb. 1962
The state police come to town to catch some payroll robbers. They want Andy and Barney to stay out of the way and let them handle it. The big boys end up needing Andy and Barney more than they thought.
12 Feb. 1962
A Medal for Opie
Opie decides that he's going to enter the 50 yard dash at the Sheriff's Day boys' races and he convinces himself that he's going to win. For Opie, nothing would be greater that winning that medal. He dreams about winning and even prays for a win. Barney doesn't help things by telling him about the time he won a medal in a footrace as a boy and offers to train him for the race, guaranteeing him a win. When Opie comes in last, he is despondent and goes home in a grump. Andy tries to explain to him the meaning of being a good loser but Opie won't hear of it; that medal ...
19 Feb. 1962
Barney and the Choir
The choir director invites Barney to join the choir before he realizes Barney can't sing.
26 Feb. 1962
Guest of Honor
The town decides to celebrate Founders' Day by picking a stranger at random to be the town's 'Guest of Honor'. Unfortunately the person they choose turns out to be a thief whose just been kicked out of the neighboring county.
5 Mar. 1962
The Merchant of Mayberry
Andy helps a struggling salesman stay in town.
12 Mar. 1962
Aunt Bee the Warden
With the jail full after the arrest of the four Gordon brothers for moonshining, Andy is faced with what to do with Otis when he shows up after his weekly drunk. The Gordons are angry with Otis for having changed liquor suppliers so leaving him with them is out of the question. Left with little choice, he takes Otis home with him to serve his sentence. Aunt Bee is a little disconcerted at first but when Andy tells her that she's in charge of the prisoner, she takes to making him do chores around the house like washing floors and windows, cutting the grass and chopping...
19 Mar. 1962
The County Nurse
When local farmer Rafe Hollister refuses to take his Tetanus shot, Andy and Barney try to convince him he should.
26 Mar. 1962
Andy and Barney in the Big City
Andy and Barney travel to Raleigh on business and help catch a jewel thief in their hotel.
2 Apr. 1962
Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee
Clara convinces Aunt Bee that her presence is keeping Andy from finding a wife. When Mr. Goss shows interest in her, she pretends to be interested in him and nearly ends up married.
9 Apr. 1962
Three's a Crowd
Barney interferes with Andy's new romance.
16 Apr. 1962
The Bookie Barber
When business gets too hectic, Floyd hires a second barber who turns out to be a bookie. Barney goes undercover as an old lady to catch them.
23 Apr. 1962
Andy on Trial
Andy is accused of official misconduct by a big-shot newspaper publisher who he arrested on a traffic violation.
30 Apr. 1962
Cousin Virgil
Barney's awkward cousin visits and makes a mess of everything he tries. When Andy finds something that Virgil is good at, he finds a way to teach him self-confidence.
7 May 1962
Deputy Otis
Otis is made a temporary deputy so he can impress his visiting older brother.

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