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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Due to problems with the running length of this film, there have been complaints like this from DVR users. John (the good professor) meets Jacques (the evil Count) at the foundry. Jacques wants his life back, John won't go along. They both pull guns, the lights go out, and there are two shots. Later, one of them has Gaston drive him into town, and he's a bit abrupt about it, perhaps out of character for John. In town, he tells Bela that due to a twist of fate they can now be together, and the film ends with a close-up on his bandaged time. Unless the film is ending with a horrible cheat, the implication is that his earlier slightly-less-polite behavior was just to keep us guessing, and it really is John who surivived. In any case, earlier scenes between John and Bela made it clear that Jacques wouldn't be able to fool her very long,

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