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24 Oct. 1959
The Missing Train
Slade is hired to locate a train car with $1 million in coins that disappeared into thin air.
26 Oct. 1959
The Salted Mine
A.S. Batson purchased a mine for $40,000. She sent for Slade to help her prove the mine was salted and that she had been defrauded.
Mesa of Missing Men
Slade is hired to recover $100,000 that was stolen from a bank. The robber is holed up in a mountain fortress filled with criminals. Slade must figure out how to get in and then how to get out.
Too Smart to Live
Slade heard about a bank robbery and wants to investigate to see if he can get some reward money. On the way he gets a note with an offer to meet a man to help solve the robbery.
Barbed Wire Keep Out
Slade is on his way to a town where he has been summoned. On his way he comes upon a fence around a dam. He soon realizes this is the problem he has been sent to solve.
Gunnar Yensen
Slade happens upon Gunnar Jensen being chased by two Indians on the road to Concho. Slade helps him. Gunnar is a carpenter looking for work and Slade has been summoned to Concho because someone has locked up the carpentry trade there.
14 Nov. 1959
Freight Line
A freight-liner needs to renew its contract in order to stay in business. Several accidents have put the renewal in jeopardy. Slade is called in to put a stop to the "accidents."
16 Nov. 1959
Marked Money
Slade reports for a job and receives a payment in advance for solving a bank robbery mystery. It turns out to be a set up. The money is marked and Slade is taken to jail.
The Stalkers
Slade is hired by the Conger Meat Packing Co. to find an accountant who embezzled 100,000. His only clue is that a woman who left town at the same time left behind some made to order shoes.
Bob Ford
Slade has been hired to stop a gang from train holdups. The train he is riding on is held up and he learns that the man sitting next to him is the notorious Bob Ford.
Treasure Trap
Slade is sent by an insurance company to investigate a bank robbery where the details had been sketchy. When he gets to town, he suspects everyone and soon he realizes he is unwelcome there.
Omar the Sign Maker
Slade is on his way to a job when he is mistaken as a rustler and receives a beating. A sign maker named Omar finds him, takes him home, patches him up, and helps him on his way so that Slade can get to town and solve the crime.
The Safe Crackers
Slade missed a rendezvous with a man carrying blueprints of bank vaults throughout the territory. He pursues him but finds the man dead. He wants to find the man's killers before they can rob any more banks.

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