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1 Jan. 1961
The Squirrel Next Door or High Neighbor/The Spell Binders or Hex Marks the Spot
Rocky & Bullwinkle,, "Upsidasium" Part 29 Fractured Fairy Tales "Slipping Beauty" Peabody's Improbable History "Nero" Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Upsidasium" Part 30
8 Jan. 1961
Battle of the Giants or It Takes Two to Tangle/Bye Bye Boris or Farewell My Ugly
Rocky and Bullwinkle finally meet up face-to-face with Mr. Big in the concluding chapters of "Upsidasium".
15 Jan. 1961
Metal-Eating Mice/Bullwinkle Bites Back! or Nothing But the Tooth
The story of Metal-Eating Mice begins when the citizens of Frostbite Falls get the shock of their lives when every single roof TV antenna in town mysteriously disappears.
22 Jan. 1961
Knock on Wood or Bullwinkle Takes the Rap/A Knock for the Rock or The Lamp Is Low
Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Upsidasium" Part 35 Fractured Fairy Tales "Rumplestiltskin Returns" Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties "Story 13" Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Upsidasium" Part 36
29 Jan. 1961
Window Pains or The Moosetrap/Doorway to Danger or Doom in the Room
Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Rue Brittania" Part 1 Fractured Fairy Tales "The Magic Fish" Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties "Story 18" Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Rue Brittania" Part 2
5 Feb. 1961
Boris Makes His Move or The Mice Man Cometh/Big Cheese Boris or I'd Rather Be Rat
Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Rue Brittania" Part 3 Fractured Fairy Tales "Prince Darling" Peabody's Improbable History "French Foreign Legion" Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Rue Brittania" Part 4
12 Feb. 1961
Explosive Situation or Don't Make It Worse-It's Badenov/You've Got Me in Stitches or Suture Self
Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Rue Brittania" Part 5 Aesop and Son "The Centipede and the Snail" Peabody's Improbable History "Guglielmo Marconi" Rocky & Bullwinkle,, "Rue Brittania" Part 6
16 Apr. 1961
Last Angry Moose/A Punch in the Snoot or The Nose Tatoo
Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Last Angry Moose" Part 1 Aesop and Son "The Fox and the Winking Horse" Peabody's Improbable History "William Shakespear" Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Last Angry Moose" Part 2
23 Apr. 1961
The Quick and the Dead/Bullwinkle Makes a Movie or The Feature from Outer Space
Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Last Angry Moose" Part 3 Fractured Fairy Tales "The Princess and the Goblins" Dudley Do-Right of the Mounties "Story 22" Rocky & Bullwinkle, "Last Angry Moose" Part 4
24 Sep. 1961
The Three Mooseketeers Parts 1-4
"Banana Formula" Part 1 of 12 Fractured Fairytales, "Potter's Luck" Dudley Do-Right, "Matinee Idol" "Banana Formula" Part 2 of 12
1 Oct. 1961
The Three Moosketeers Parts 5-8
"Three Moosketeers" Part 5 Fractured Fairy Tales, "Felicia and the Pot of Pinks" Peabody, "Kit Carson" "Three Moosketeers" Part 6

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