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Season: 1 | 2
Year: 1959 | 1960 | 1961

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Johnny Yuma

4 October 1959
Johnny Yuma returns home one year after the war's end to find a gang of thugs have extorted a local mine and murdered his father while his father's deputy and the rest of the town live in fear and despair.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

John Carradine ... Elmer Dodson
Richard Bakalyan ... Bart - Bully / Henchman

Jeanette Nolan ... Emmy Zecker

Dan Blocker ... Del Pierce

Strother Martin ... Jess - Deputy
Harry Bartell ... Zecker - Saloon Proprietor
Ian MacDonald ... Ben Tompkins
James Chandler ... Miller (as Jim Chandler)
Philip Mansour ... Seth (as Phillip Mansour)
William Harlow ... Slim
Alan Foster ... Wolfe
James Garde ... Emilio
Edward Schaaf ... Dedree (as Ed Schaaf)

Season 1, Episode 2: Judgment

11 October 1959
Johnny captures Will Randall who tried to steal is horse so he could flee a pursuing posse. Johnny agrees to testify against Randall, but is surprised how quickly the man's trial and subsequent execution are scheduled. Johnny is determined to find out the reasons behind the hasty proceedings, but gets little help from the townspeople who hate Randall because he served in the Union army.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

J. Pat O'Malley ... Judge Russell

Bob Steele ... Will Randall
Sue Randall ... Elaine Randall
George E. Mather ... Claude - Sheriff (as George Mather)
James Giles ... Jeff Conners (as Jim Giles)
Gerald H. Reynolds ... Bailiff (as Gerald Reynolds)
George Conrad ... Jury Foreman
Edward Schaaf ... County Clerk

Season 1, Episode 3: Yellow Hair

18 October 1959
A mortally wounded soldier stumbles into Johnny's camp. Before he dies, he says only one thing: "Fort Concho." Johnny rides to the fort and discovers it empty of soldiers. The sole survivor is a coward who hid during the fighting and survived--knowing Indians do not harm the mentally infirm--by pretending to be crazy. Before Johnny can leave, he's captured by Kiowas who plan to torture him to death.

Season 1, Episode 4: Vicious Circle

25 October 1959
Yuma is accosted by two ex Yankee Prisoners seeking to take gold from a Captain Pollack who later Yuma learns is a demented ex-Confederate prison officer who hoards prisoner mined gold with which he plans to reverse the outcome of the war.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Eddie Ryder ... Ex-CSA Sergeant (as Ed Ryder)

Ed Nelson ... Matt - Ex Union POW
Bill Coontz ... Sim - Ex Union POW (as William Foster)
Wendy Wilde ... Lola - Saloon Gal

George Macready ... Ex-CSA Captain Pollack

Season 1, Episode 5: Panic

1 November 1959
Seeing vultures circling a cabin, Johnny Yuma rides to investigate and discovers a family stricken with illness. Johnny rides to the nearest town to fetch the doctor, but the townspeople, led by the hardware store owner insist he leave town immediately because they fear Yuma has contracted diphtheria from the squatters. When Johnny rides back to help the family, the townspeople try to burn down the cabin with Yuma and the sick folk still inside.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Karl Swenson ... Lew Bussey

J. Pat O'Malley ... Sam
James Chandler ... Sheriff (as Jim Chandler)

Jamie Farr ... Theodore (as Jamsel Farah)
Allen Kramer ... Mr. Dobbs
Lauren Perreau ... Dobbs' Girl (as Laurie Perreau)
Edith Clair ... Mrs. Dobbs (as Edith Claire)
Alan Foster ... Karl - Townsman
Carl Saxe ... John - Townsman
John Savage ... Al - Townsman
Dan Sheridan ... Dr. William Pratt (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 6: The Scavengers

8 November 1959
Yuma happens upon a ruthless gang of drifters running out of supplies and proceeds to join in the defense of a nearby family that he has learned the gang is targeting.

Season 1, Episode 7: School Days

15 November 1959
Realizing Yuma is literate and in admiration of his ability to stand up to illiterate Armbruster family, Liam O'Shea offers Yuma a temporary schoolmaster job and he gains the affection of Peggy of which Troy Armbruster is jealous.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Fintan Meyler ... Peggy O'Shea

Warren Oates ... Troy Armbruster
Olan Soule ... Liam O'Shea (as Olan Soulé)
Dick Rich ... Cal Armbruster
Leo V. Matranga ... Bud Gaskins (as Leo Matranga)
Gabe Delutri ... Troy's Friend (as Gabriel Dellutri)
Billy Holms ... George

Season 1, Episode 8: Dark Secret

22 November 1959
After Yuma kills a man in self defense, he finds himself in the position of having to mediate between the man's dangerously defensive widow and his associates who include his employer and co-workers.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Tyler McVey ... Sheriff
Grace Lenard ... Cora Trask
William Bryant ... Wallace
N.J. Davis ... Simon Trask
Edith Clair ... Lucy Simmons (as Edith Claire)
Bobby Beakman ... Larry Simmons (as Bobby Beekman)
Johnny Eimen ... Ike
Frank Harding ... Bartender
Jose Sanchez ... Juano
Jon Blake ... Ted
Philip Mansour ... Red (as Phillip Mansour)
Robert Hutton ... Simmons

Season 1, Episode 9: Misfits

29 November 1959
Johnny Yuma seizes leadership of a teen gang whose dream is to rob the local bank and never have to work again. When Yuma spied their comfy fire in a suspiciously familiar mountain nook, the trio attacked him, but the tiny terror fought them off, then eloquently ventured to dissuade them from their sketchy plan. But when Skinny, Billy and Bull track The Rebel with a cause to his hotel room which directly overlooks the bank, the fledgling author interrogates the misfits, then devises a shrewder game plan. Is the bitter, ex-Confederate soldier using the naive teen mob to enact revenge on the haughty North ?
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Hal Stalmaster ... Skinny
Malcolm Cassell ... Billy the Kid AKA William Bonney

Hampton Fancher ... Bull
Smokey Fabares ... Nora Hendry
Bill Coontz ... Bank Guard (as Bill Foster)
Olan Soule ... William Antrim (as Olan Soulé)
Jon Blake ... Hendry

Season 1, Episode 10: In Memoriam

6 December 1959
Johnny rides into a small town during their holiday commemorating the death of the town matriarch's son, Phillip Lassiter in battle four years earlier. Johnny rides to the Lassister ranch and explains to Mrs. Lassister that he was with her son when he died and was entrusted with a medallion to be returned to her after the war. The grateful woman offers Johnny a cushy job, but young Beth Lassister warns Johnny to ride out before its too late.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Bob Steele ... Jess Kirby
Madlyn Rhue ... Beth Lassiter (as Madelyn Rhue)
Raymond Guth ... Frank Larson
George Conrad ... Ike Rober
Betty McMahon ... Mrs. Sahadi
Miles Stephens ... Ted Sahadi

Agnes Moorehead ... Mrs. Martha Lassiter
Bill Coontz ... Bar Brawler (uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton ... Townsman (uncredited)
Jimmie Horan ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 11: The Vagrants

20 December 1959
Yuma is arrested for vagrancy upon arrival in town put on a road gang of a group of men that the corrupt sheriff has falsely arrested for vagrancy to work on projects without wages and he immediately starts leading a plan to escape.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Wright King ... Woody
Robert Foulk ... Sheriff
K.L. Smith ... Deputy Farrell
Kelton Garwood ... Charlie
George Eldredge ... Minister
Gabe Delutri ... Mike (as Gabe De Lutri)

Season 1, Episode 12: Gun City

27 December 1959
Yuma arrives in a town in which the local editor checks guns and, when he checks Johnny's, one is discovered missing. It is learned Ted Keller has taken the gun to settle a perceived injustice to his father.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Dan Sheridan ... Walt Ashby
Thomas Browne Henry ... Maddox (as Tom Browne Henry)
Ralph Reed ... Ted Keller
Owen Cunningham ... MacDonald
George Becwar ... Riggs

Otto Kruger ... Ben Tully

Season 1, Episode 13: The Death of Gray

3 January 1960
A Confederate colonel and two of his marauders live in seclusion to avoid consequences of the war but the two marauders kidnap a banker's daughter and send Yuma to collect the ransom.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Steven Marlo ... Cass
Sandra Knight ... Girl
George Eldredge ... Banker

Johnny Cash ... Pratt
Harry Townes ... Colonel

Season 1, Episode 14: Angry Town

10 January 1960
In self defense Yuma kills a man appointed sheriff by his gang leader brother who seeks revenge against Yuma while he intimidates the fearful townspeople to isolate Yuma by transacting no business with him.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Jack Elam ... Lawyer
Ron Soble ... Flint
Ian MacDonald ... Tom
Jose Gonzales-Gonzales ... Jose - Barber
Perry Cook ... Leach - Henchman
Natalie Norwick ... Martha Morton
James Giles ... Mr. Morton - Banker (as Jim Giles)
George Conrad ... Ed - Henchman
Robert Swan ... Slim - Henchman (as Bob Swan)
Frank Harding ... Sam - Bartender
Jose Sanchez ... Rudi - Barber's Son
Alan Foster ... Priest

Season 1, Episode 15: Gold Seeker

17 January 1960
Yuma attempts to take a man for killing an Apache woman over gold to the nearest fort for trial but must pit his story against the story of the man to Apache chief Running Wolf who was the father of the woman to whom the man was husband.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Roberta Haynes ... Destarte

Henry Brandon ... Running Wolf
Eddie Little Sky ... Touch the Clouds
John Sutton ... Goldseeker

Allen Jaffe ... Apache brave (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 16: Glory

24 January 1960
Yuma, seeing Glory's banishment for murder, offers to help her to the next town for trial but, while supplying in Glory's town, he runs afoul of Emma who has falsely accused Glory to keep her control of brother Don against Glory's love.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Marie Windsor ... Emma Longdon
Jennifer Lea ... Glory
William Bryant ... Don Longdon
Nick Dennis ... Al Johnson
John Mitchum ... Sam

Season 1, Episode 17: The Unwanted

31 January 1960
Yuma rescues old Sam Amister from thieves and takes him to his hometown where Yuma learns Amister is hated for grave robbery but Yuma expects there is more to his grave digging than valuable stealing.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Trevor Bardette ... Sam Amister
Henry Rowland ... Jake Rollins
Carleton Young ... Sheriff John Peeples
Herman Rudin ... Joe Savage
Moria Turner ... Jane Amister
Joseph V. Perry ... Brad Evans (as Joe Perry)
Buck Young ... Salvo Savage
Gregory Irvin ... Boy - Sam's Grandson
Vinton Hayworth ... Dr. Elliott (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 18: The Crime

7 February 1960
Yuma brings items he found on a destroyed horse to location suggested by the items where he is arrested by the Sheriff for suspected murder and remains to defend a Mexican boy then held for the crime and being railroaded by the deputy.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Walter Sande ... Sheriff Amos Cannon
Paul Clarke ... Salado
Richard Devon ... Deputy Clyde Vollmer
Robert Swan ... Phillips
George Becwar ... Kiley
James Bays ... Henchman
Chuck Hamilton ... Pete

Season 1, Episode 19: Noblesse Oblige

14 February 1960
Yuma visits former commanding officer Quincy Bannister who is irrationally and overtly pursuing the prosecution of alleged murder Newt Schofield.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Gail Russell ... Cassandra Bannister

Robert Vaughn ... Asa Bannister

Kenneth Tobey ... Major Quincy Bannister (as Ken Tobey)
Frank Harding ... Sheriff Dyson

Michael Masters ... Joe Kellogg (as Mike Masters)
Robert Swan ... Willis Locker
N.J. Davis ... Newt Schofield
Earl Parker ... Jake
Chuck Hamilton ... Major's Aide

Season 1, Episode 20: Land

21 February 1960
Yuma delivers Gottwald a document in a land dispute with Hauser proving Gottwald's right but, although Gottwald has a bad heart but lacking money for appeal, he agrees to a Hauser deal for a day walk off of other Hauser land in trade.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Rudolph Anders ... Frank Gottwald
Charles Maxwell ... Joe Falton
Dick Rich ... Dan Hauser
Ross Elliott ... Dr. Mac
Ralph Moody ... Judge Parks
Freeman Lusk ... Hauser's Lawyer
Miles Stephens ... Spectator

Season 1, Episode 21: He's Only a Boy

28 February 1960
Yuma in town to deliver a letter to Lick Stribling is targeted by young Virgil Moss who has become a vicious aspiring gunfighter in an effort to defend his family name against the charge of cowardice.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Robert Blake ... Virgil Moss / Young Stribling
Donald Woods ... Sam Moss / Lick Stribling

Michael Vandever ... Joe Till (as Michael Vanderveer)

Paul Picerni ... Clee - Hotel Desk Clerk
George Becwar ... Sim, the Bartender
Pete Whisenant ... Tom - Townsman
James Bacon ... Dude (as Jim Bacon)
Chuck Hamilton ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 22: Take Dead Aim

6 March 1960
Yuma is befriended by a married couple who perform a shooting act. When the alienated wife forces her affections upon Johnny to persuade him to run away with her, the obsessive husband vows to kill him.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Edgar Barrier ... Bianco
J.A. Fanoudas ... Gunman
Bernard Cambell ... Buck

Mala Powers ... Cassie Bianco

Season 1, Episode 23: The Rattler

13 March 1960
Snake bit Yuma collapses at the home of a marshal targeted by hired killers where he is taken in by the wife who is in the company of Roader, a hired killer feigning friendship, who kills the marshal on his return home and frames Johnny.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Richard Jaeckel ... Marshal Roader

Martha Vickers ... Bess Weed
Tony Haig ... Davey Weed
Keith Richards ... Tom Weed

Season 1, Episode 24: You Steal My Eyes

20 March 1960
Yuma finds a trapper caught in a bear trap and takes him to cabin where he discovers the man's blind daughter who mistakes him for an enemy until the actual brigands come to steal pelts meant to pay for the woman's eye operation.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Cathy O'Donnell ... Prudence Gant
William Bryant ... Hump - Fur Thief
Ross Sturlin ... Sculley - Fur Thief
George Graham ... Gant - Trapper

Season 1, Episode 25: Fair Game

27 March 1960
Yuma meets Pace at a stage depot. They are soon joined by passengers on an arriving stage to wait overnight for a stage connection. Among the passengers on the arriving stage are bounty hunter Farnum with his prisoner Cynthia Kenyon who is wanted for murder. When Farnum is poisoned, the others want to release Kenyon to prevent harm to themselves but Yuma prevents it.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Patricia Medina ... Cynthia Kenyon

James Drury ... Bert Pace
Stacy Harris ... Cramer - Drummer
James Chandler ... Farnum - Bountry Hunter (as Jim Chandler)

Michael Masters ... Attendant (as Mike Masters)
Mickey Finn ... Driver

Season 1, Episode 26: Unsurrendered Sword

3 April 1960
Johnny goes to a small Mexican town to retrieve a General's sword for the General's widow, and he finds the circumstances of the General's death differ from what he was told.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Peggy Webber ... Juanita Flynn
Jay Novello ... Guido Morales

Paul Picerni ... Manuel Flynn
Lorna Thayer ... Amanda Tarrington
Mary Gregory ... Elvira - Hotel Desk Clerk
Joseph V. Perry ... Sam - Hotel Cleaning Man (as Joe Perry)
Martin Garralaga ... Pablo - Undertaker
Daniel Núñez ... Mexican Soldier (as Daniel Nunez)

Season 1, Episode 27: The Captive of Tremblor

10 April 1960
Johnny, badly wounded, is taken to the town of Tremblor, where the doctor saves his arm. But why is the doctor being kept in a jail cell?
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Robert Brubaker ... Dr. Sam Bates
James Seay ... Jethro Gain
John Pickard ... Marshal Drown
Mimi Gibson ... Tildy Gain
Guy Wilkerson ... Knifeman
Theodore Lehmann ... Bulletman (as Ted Lehmann)
Lillian Adams ... Squaw

Season 1, Episode 28: Blind Marriage

17 April 1960
Yuma interferes at a stagecoach station when prejudice toward a Chinese father and daughter becomes physical and assists again as four thieves of mixed breeding attempt to steal on the road a dowry for the daughter's arranged marriage.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Philip Ahn ... Quong Lee

Victor Buono ... Young
Spencer Chan ... Chu
Bill Coontz ... Al - Miner (as William Foster)
Wyatt Cooper ... Collins - Miner

Lisa Lu ... Quong Lia
Joseph V. Perry ... Bert (as Joe Perry)
Edward Schaaf ... Ticket Agent (as Ed Shaaf)
Doris Wiss ... Flory

Season 1, Episode 29: Absolution

24 April 1960
When a sweetheart of Johnny's youth is dying, her husband, a former Union officer for whom she betrayed Yuma, seeks out Yuma so Johnny can say that he forgives the woman and assuage her guilt.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Barry Atwater ... Col. Jeff Morgan
Gloria Talbott ... Genevieve Morgan
John Maxwell ... Doctor
Natalie Masters ... Nurse
Hubie Kerns ... Lieutenant
Bill Coontz ... Sergeant (as William Foster)
Laura Wood ... Servant

Season 1, Episode 30: A Grave for Johnny Yuma

1 May 1960
When Yuma comes to meet a unknown woman who has written him, he discovers her brother embittered by her dearth digging a grave for Johnny Yuma for whom he blames her death so Johnny joins the man incognito to find the impostor.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Fred Beir ... Simon Wilson
John Brinkley ... David Sprague
Alan Foster ... Bartender
Tina Menard ... Mexican Girl
Michael T. Mikler ... Zack Clay (as Mike Mikler)
Olan Soule ... Mr. Dover
Ross Sturlin ... Brad Arnold
Bruno VeSota ... Mason

Season 1, Episode 31: In Memory of a Son

18 May 1960
Charlie Burton summons Yuma and three other members of a rebel raiding party in which his son was killed and informs them that he is giving them a gold mine in the Mojave Desert in memory of his son but mistrust and murder ensue.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Harry Bartell ... Charlie Burton
Jack Hogan ... Vic Neilsen
Richard Evans ... Tony Parlio

Steven Marlo ... Sailor
Marjorie Stapp ... Mabel - Saloon Gal
James Giles ... Sheriff
Alan Paige ... Clerk
Joyce Perry ... Cora - Saloon Gal

Season 1, Episode 32: Paint a House with Scarlet

15 May 1960
Johnny intervenes when fanatical Ezra Taber and his son harass, torment and terrorize a widow because of her former career as a dance hall girl.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Clu Gulager ... Virgil Taber

John Anderson ... Ezra Taber
Margaret Field ... Sara Bodine (as Maggie Mahoney)

Season 1, Episode 33: Grant of Land

22 May 1960
Johnny signs on as a hand for Congressional Medal of Honor winner, former Union soldier, Paul Travis who has settled for health reasons among Confederate sympathizers who mean him harm.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Paul Richards ... Paul Travis

Ruta Lee ... Ellen Barton

Ed Nelson ... Chad - Hired Hand
Ben Wright ... Dan Wicks
Jimmy Lee Cook ... Moody - Hired Hand
George Becwar ... Judge
Laura Wood ... Mrs. Davidson
Lillian O'Malley ... Mrs. Van Horn
Ethan Laidlaw ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 34: Night on a Rainbow

29 May 1960
Yuma arrives a year after being summoned by Ted Evans, a drummer from his Confederate regiment, to find the man addicted to pain medication and acts to help Evans break the habit while experiencing interference from an unscrupulous druggist.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Gail Kobe ... Carrie Evans
Perry Cook ... Roy Cale
Jon Lormer ... Doctor
Brad Trumbull ... Sheriff

James Best ... Ted Evans

Season 1, Episode 35: Lady of Quality

5 June 1960
Yuma comes upon a woman whose mind has become unstable after the murder of her husband. After the woman mistakes Yuma for her dead husband, he takes her for medical treatment and baits a trap for the murderers.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Joanna Moore ... Barbara Dyer
Ed Kemmer ... Dr. Curtis (as Edward Kemmer)
Bart Burns ... Packer
Joseph Breen ... Logan (as Joe Breen)
Paul Rhone ... Peak Goodhue
Alan Foster ... Bartender
Eric Alden ... Man
Darlene Hendricks ... Girl
Robert Fuca ... Tom

Season 1, Episode 36: The Earl of Durango

12 June 1960
Yuma arrives in town to begin his job as bodyguard for a man who is killed upon his arrival. Oddly the townspeople are elated by the death but Yuma is determined to have justice and receives unwanted assistance.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

George Tobias ... Sheriff Boyd
Jody Lawrance ... Lorena (as Jody Lawrence)
Nick Dennis ... Sheriff Rocky Spiropolous
Bruno VeSota ... Klemo

Victor Buono ... Ralph Babcock
Jody Warner ... Belle
Angelo Rossitto ... Godfrey
Earl Groves ... Joe
Robert Swan ... Deputy (as Bob Swan)
Ivo Henderson ... Hotel Clerk
John Sutton ... C. Spencer Scott--The Earl of Durango

L.Q. Jones ... Otis Rumpf

Patricia Medina ... Lupe
Andrew J. Fenady ... District Marshal Hondo Payne (uncredited)

Red West ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Johnny Yuma at Appomattox

18 September 1960
Yuma is in a town where the people's failure to accept the war's outcome encourages a boy's desire to seek revenge for his father's death in the war. Yuma relates a tale of Yuma's struggle with the outcome at Appomattox to dissuade the boy.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

George Macready ... Gen. Robert E. Lee
William Bryant ... Gen. U. S. Grant

J. Pat O'Malley ... Newspaper Editor McCune
Teddy Rooney ... Jimmy McCune

Ed Nelson ... Doug
Andrew J. Fenady ... Gen. Philip H. Sheridan (as A.J. Fenady)
Robert Hickman ... CSA Soldier
Lynn Shubert ... Penny
William Harlow ... Bud
Harry Whisner ... Archie
Harris Katleman ... Col. Marshall

Season 2, Episode 2: The Bequest

25 September 1960
Jeremy Hake receives news that his mine is worthless at the same time news that his family is in need. Hake commits murder in a robbery attempt to help his family. Hake asks Yuma to surrender him for reward offered for the murder.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

John Carradine ... Elmer Dodson

Elisha Cook Jr. ... Jeremy Hake (as Elisha Cook)
John Pickard ... Sheriff Cahill
Lynn Shubert ... Driver
Natalie Masters ... Ma Silver
Robert Swan ... Cleve Redfern
Ross Sturlin ... Joe Redfern
Eric Alden ... Bill
Chuck Hamilton ... Jack (as Charles Hamilton)
Cosmo Sardo ... Joe

Season 2, Episode 3: The Champ

2 October 1960
Yuma buys the contract of a war buddy who is a past his prime boxer and attempts to discourage the friend from further competition.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Michael Ansara ... Docker Mason
Ed Kemmer ... Jake Wiley (as Edward Kemmer)
William Harlow ... Ace Linhart

Chuck Hicks ... Frontier Kid - Boxer
Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Red - Bettor (as Red Morgan)
John Indrisano ... Referee
Paul Rhone ... Bartender
Eric Alden ... Sheriff Bill
Chuck Hamilton ... Boxing Spectator (uncredited)
Cap Somers ... Boxing Spectator (uncredited)
Jack Tornek ... Boxing Spectator (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 4: The Waiting

9 October 1960
Yuma stops at a bar where a bounty hunter is holding the wife of a criminal to attract the criminal. The bounty hunter detains Yuma whose resemblance to the criminal motivates the bounty hunter to develop an alternative plan.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Claude Akins ... Tom Hall
William Bryant ... Sheriff Ed Strode
Harry Whisner ... Mike - Bartender
Ross Sturlin ... Yellow Sky Kid
Joan Evans ... Cassie - Yellow Sky Kid's Wife

Season 2, Episode 5: To See the Elephant

16 October 1960
Bull Hollingsworth asks Yuma to take Hollingsworth's son to town so that the son may have a set of life experiences while a debt is collected from a man between whom the man and Bull is bitterness.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Ron Soble ... Josiah Boyd
Ken Mayer ... Bull Hollingsworth

Ellen Corby ... Carrie Blyden
Aladdin ... Hotel Desk Clerk
Judith Rawlins ... Mavis
Bill Coontz ... Bully in Street (as Bill Foster)
Charles Heard
Ross Sturlin
Paul Salata
Carl Saxe ... Man at Hotel With Boyd

Mark Goddard ... Seldon Hollingsworth

Season 2, Episode 6: Deathwatch

23 October 1960
Yuma finds himself in the midst of a confrontation between a sheep man haunted by war memories and Mexican bandits.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

James Best ... Waares
Frank Silvera ... Cota
Roque Ybarra ... Ignacio (as Rocky Ybarra)
Don Carlos ... Torres

Season 2, Episode 7: Run, Killer, Run

30 October 1960
Yuma is shackled to Traskel during a jailbreak and forced on foot to flee with Traskel who believes that his twin brother who wants to kill him in revenge is in pursuit.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Richard Jaeckel ... Clyde Traskel

Ed Nelson ... The Stalker
John Pickard ... Sheriff Pruett
William Harlow ... Jed Morgan

Season 2, Episode 8: The Hunted

6 November 1960
Yuma's friend Jim Colburn has been found innocent of a murder for which is was to hang. Before the news of innocence has arrived, Colburn has escaped from jail with a posse unaware of Colburn's innocence in pursuit.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Leonard Nimoy ... Jim Colburn

Arlene Martel ... Molly Keller (as Arline Sax)
Yale Wexler ... Roy Keller

Dorothy Adams ... Mrs. Colburn
Nick Dennis ... Trapper
Morgan Shaan ... Deputy (as Morgan Sha'an)
Joe Dominguez ... Manuel Garcia
Lennie Weinrib ... Sheriff (as Len Weinrib)
Tina Menard ... Elena Garcia
Chuck Hamilton ... Judge
Alan Paige ... Sam - Telegrapher

Season 2, Episode 9: The Legacy

13 November 1960
The Ricker family frames Yuma for a murder that one of the Ricker's has committed and then arranges for Yuma to flee town before he is hanged but Yuma refuses to leave.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Robert Hutton ... Prosecutor Vance Ricker
Jon Lormer ... Judge Adam Ricker (as John Lormer)
James Chandler ... Sheriff Bill Ricker

Paul Picerni ... Lee Ricker
William Harlow ... Telegrapher

Soupy Sales ... Stable Owner
Aladdin ... Dr. Peter J. Loftus
Eric Alden ... Clerk-Bailiff
George DeNormand ... Juror (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 10: Don Gringo

20 November 1960
Yuma arrives at a scene where Demetria's family escort has been wiped out and she despairs there is no respectable escort to deliver her to an arranged marriage but her expressed feelings for Yuma contradict her despair.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Edgar Barrier ... Don Diego
Rosa Turich ... Dona Teresa
Edward Coch ... Padre
Charles Heard ... Joe
Ross Sturlin ... Blackie
James Cook ... Cherokee
Ernesto Zambrano ... Man
Tony Roux ... Man (as Antonio Roux)
Eugene Iglesias ... Don Ronaldo

Gigi Perreau ... Demetria
Jack Tornek ... Party Guest (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 11: Explosion

27 November 1960
Yuma happens upon a scene where Roy Shandel murders his partner to keep the money from a stage robbery. Yuma nabs Shandel and delivers him to the Socorro jail but Shandel's father uses nitroglycerin to force the son's release.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Douglas Spencer ... Joe Shandell
Ross Elliott ... Sheriff Barney Cagle
Gregory Irvin ... Davey Cagle
Gerald H. Reynolds ... Frank Barstow (as Gerald Reynolds)
Denny Niles ... Walt Mackam
Alan Foster ... Norman Wolfe

L.Q. Jones ... Roy Shandell
Jack Tornek ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 12: Vindication

4 December 1960
After his horse is killed by Apaches, Yuma is found by a stagecoach driver. On the stage is Travers who is blind and tormented by a previous stagecoach encounter with Apaches in which his wife was killed when they were left by a driver.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Martha Vickers ... Agnes Boley

James Drury ... Paul Travers
William Bryant ... Sam Boley
Dan Sheridan ... Jess Hosmer
Jody Warner ... Laurie Gaynes
Michael Barrier ... Howard Gaynes
Leroy Johnson ... Pete Fulton (as LeRoy Johnson)

Season 2, Episode 13: The Scalp Hunter

11 December 1960
John Sims, a family friend, saves Yuma from an attack by Indians at Yuma's campsite and implores Yuma as payment for saving the lives of Yuma and for once saving the life of Yuma's father to track Masi and take Masi's scalp .
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

John Dehner ... John Sims
Dan Sheridan ... Sheriff Armstedder
Earl Parker ... Masi - Apache
Ross Sturlin ... Indian

Hal Needham ... Indian

Season 2, Episode 14: Berserk

18 December 1960
Yuma stops to visit Dunsen who arrives in town and commences to randomly shoot townspeople. The townspeople believe Dunsen's war service has driven him mad and want to kill Dunsen but deputy Maggio permits Yuma to talk Dunsen to sanity.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Tom Drake ... Sheriff Matt Dunsen
K.T. Stevens ... Mrs. Dunsen
Dan Barton ... Deputy Frank Maggio
Robert Brubaker ... Picquete - Townsman
William Henry ... Hanrahan - Townsman

Arthur Peterson ... Doc Jons (as Arthur Peterson Jr.)
Craig Cooke ... Andy Dunsen
George Becwar ... Stevens - Townsman

Season 2, Episode 15: The Hope Chest

25 December 1960
Yuma aids Ulysses engaged in a gun battle and accompanies Ulysses back to his camp where Yuma learns that Ulysses is in the habit of offering the a chest with two hundred dollars to any man who will marry his daughter Felicity.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

William Demarest ... Ulysses Bowman

Cathy O'Donnell ... Felicity Bowman
William Harlow ... Burke

Soupy Sales ... Meyers

Season 2, Episode 16: The Liberators

1 January 1961
The Stellings have been left behind by townspeople fleeing hostile Indians. A group of Mexican insurgents lead by the demagogic Commandante and bent on enforcing Spanish Land Grants arrive in town to take advantage of the situation.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Joan Vohs ... Dr. Bless Stelling
Jody Warner ... Hope Stelling
Nico Minardos ... Commandante - Luis
Paul Clarke ... Aide
Nick Dennis ... Greco
William Harlow ... Sooie
George Conrad ... Guard
Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Red (as Red Morgan)
George Graham ... Old Man Stelling

Season 2, Episode 17: The Guard

8 January 1961
A sadistic former Union prison guard who tortured Yuma wants revenge for the punishment he suffered when Yuma escaped from the POW camp.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Ed Nelson ... Clint Mowbree
Dee Pollock ... Charles Mowbree
William Phipps ... Ben Mowbree
Allen Kramer ... Jake - Storekeeper

Season 2, Episode 18: The Promise

15 January 1961
When Yuma arrives to give Laura Buford the affects of her father, Yuma learns that she is being forced into the marriage to the younger Kincaid of a family that exerts their will by brutality and fear so Yuma vows to stop the marriage.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Gigi Perreau ... Laurie Buford
Peter Whitney ... Hobie Kincaid
Race Gentry ... Frank Hawkins (as John Gentry)
Richard Hartunian ... Billy Joe Kincaid

Victor Izay ... Abel Hawkins
George Becwar ... Rev. Carter
Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Jake Wetherly (as Red Morgan)
Sid Troy ... Joe - Vigilante
Alan Paige ... Tom - Vigilante
Chuck Hamilton ... Clem - Vigilante (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 19: Jerkwater

22 January 1961
George Campbell whose brother Campbell believes Yuma killed in the war and his son provoke a gun battle with Yuma in which Yuma kills the son but is wounded. Godfather John Sims then comes to help Yuma escape from the town's vengeance.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

John Marley ... George Campbell
James Chandler ... Doctor Raydon
George Becwar ... Clair Dainer
Joseph Breen ... Saloon Keeper
Sonia Torgeson ... Nan - Saloon Gal (as Sonia May Torgeson)
Claude Hall ... Yates - Henchman
Chuck Cason ... Smith - Henchman (as Charles Cason)
Earl Parker ... Campbell's Nephew

John Dehner ... John Sims

Season 2, Episode 20: Paperback Hero

26 January 1961
A newswoman observes Yuma defending a boy against an adult bully and to carry out her boss' directive promotes Yuma has the typical Western hero in a news story much to the Yuma's displeasure and a detriment to his safety.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Bobby Diamond ... Jody Webster (as Robert Diamond)

Virginia Gregg ... Emily Stevens
Boyd Holister ... Jack Slater (as Robert Palmer)

Dan White ... Corby - Telegrapher (as Daniel White)
Rudy Dolan ... Man
Marie Selland ... Saloon Gal
Charles Guasti ... Man (as Chuck Guasti)
Duke Fishman ... Barfly (uncredited)
Chuck Hamilton ... Barfly (uncredited)
Cosmo Sardo ... Barfly (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 21: The Actress

5 February 1961
Yuma is chosen to by an esteemed but unethical itinerant actress to take part in her performance and, while Yuma and she dispute wages, they are kidnapped by a man who demands that the actress performs for his traumatized daughter.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Virginia Field ... Lotta Langley
Sandra Knight ... Ruth Revere
Vic Perrin ... Will Arvid
Robert Hickman ... Deputy (as Robert L. Hickman)
Barbara Jean Hunter ... Lotta Sue Arvid
Chuck Hamilton ... Bartender (as Charles Hamilton)
Eric Alden ... Bouncer
Rex Andrews ... Barfly (uncredited)
Jack Tornek ... Show Spectator (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 22: The Threat

12 February 1961
Yuma arrives in a town in which an old friend of his father is sheriff and learns an advance team of marauders which includes a man who killed Yuma's father has arrived but none of townspeople including the sheriff want to defend the town.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Trevor Bardette ... Sheriff Ike Howard
Richard Bakalyan ... Bart Vogan
Ben Wright ... Eberhart - Bartender
Aladdin ... Ambrose Pack
Allen Kramer ... Henry Cool
Charles Heard ... Gillette
Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Garth - Henchman (as Red Morgan)
Chuck Hamilton ... Teamster
Hubie Kerns ... Man
Cap Somers ... Fight Spectator (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 23: The Road to Jericho

19 February 1961
Yuma rescues Sutro who is staked to an ant hill when Sutro tells Yuma he is responsible for the rescued but Sutro wants to rob Yuma's peacefully reclusive and scholarly friend Portal of an imagined fortune of gold.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Robert Middleton ... Arthur Sutro

Warren Stevens ... Christopher Portal

Season 2, Episode 24: The Last Drink

26 February 1961
Yuma is on a mission to rescue his cousin Eddie who has become a student of gunslinger Dawes.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Tom Drake ... Trace Dawes
Jack Chaplain ... Eddie - Yuma's Cousin

Steven Marlo ... Culver - Gunslinger

Season 2, Episode 25: The Burying of Sammy Hart

5 March 1961
Elderly Kiowa Sammy Hart is believed to have kidnapped a boy who has actually gone willing to stay with Hart in his last hours but the father is on the hunt with malicious intent while Yuma intervenes.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Eugene Mazzola ... Billy Wallace (as Eugene Martin)
Charles Maxwell ... Deeb Erickson
George Wallace ... Aaron Wallace

Peggy Stewart ... Sarah Wallace

Iron Eyes Cody ... Sammy Hart
Ross Sturlin ... Luis - Mexican
Eric Alden ... Cowhand
Larry Gelbman ... Cowboy

Season 2, Episode 26: The Pit

12 March 1961
Yuma arrives in a town with a woman to help her search for her husband in a town from which the husband has written of a successful mine but the townspeople are most resistant to help in the search.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Myron Healey ... Mac McGowan - Postmaster
Olive Sturgess ... Charity Brunner

Ned Glass ... Sam - Assayer
Sheldon Allman ... Hunk
Ralph Reed ... Slip McGowan

Steve Franken ... Ruck - Bully (as Stephen Franken)
Allen Kramer ... Tom - Desk Clerk

Victor Izay ... Preacher
Rod McGaughy ... Townsman (uncredited)
William Meader ... Townsman (uncredited)
Jack Tornek ... Townsman (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 27: Shriek of Silence

19 March 1961
Yuma is forced to kill outlaw Fallow in a gunfight and then learns Fallow has a deaf mute son. Yuma proceeds to help the boy find a home but two of Fallow's associates are on the trail to take the boy to recover loot that Fallow held.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Frank DeKova ... Richard Aloysius 'Dick' Sturgis (as Frank de Kova)
Tom Nolan ... Paul Fellows (as Tommy Nolan)

Yvette Vickers ... Nancy
Jack Lester ... Fred Warren
Anna Karen ... Bess Warren
Henry Rowland ... Fallow
Charles Heard ... Bill Wilson
Edward Schaaf ... Bartender (as Ed Schaaf)
William Ballin ... Jake Fellows

Season 2, Episode 28: Two Weeks

26 March 1961
An embittered confederate prison camp survivor talks cash short Yuma into a card bet of two weeks servitude on the man's property. When Yuma loses the bet, he learns that service must be under the prison camp conditions the man suffered.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Frank Overton ... John Galt
Shirley Ballard ... Ann Galt

Jamie Farr ... Pooch - Ranch Hand
Howard Ledig ... Sheriff Fred Jons
Ron Negri ... Gambler

Season 2, Episode 29: Miz Purdy

2 April 1961
After convincing a woman alone at her homestead he is not an outlaw, Yuma joins forces with her to fend off marauders who have robbed a bank and killed a neighboring family.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Jason Evers ... George Tess
Patricia Breslin ... Elizabeth Purdy
Ken Mayer ... Preacher
Ross Sturlin ... Mexican
Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Jack Tarr (as Red Morgan)
Bill Coontz ... Mountain Man (as Bill Foster)
Gloria Moreland ... Mrs. Clyburn - Grieving Woman

Season 2, Episode 30: The Ballad of Danny Brown

9 April 1961
Emily who awaits the return of her beau from prison befriends Johnny but Emily 's brother Vergil is bent on revenge against the beau who has killed Vergil's son for which Vergil convinced the town to wrongfully convict the beau for murder.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Gail Kobe ... Emily Hardy

Stephen Joyce ... Isham - Vergil's Son
Justin O'Brien ... Tom
Harry Bartell ... Vergil

Tex Ritter ... Marshall
William Bryant ... Danny Brown

Season 2, Episode 31: The Proxy

16 April 1961
Yuma joins in an uneasy voluntary alliance of two other men to bring back from Mexico to testify in a bank failure scheme the fugitive bank president for whom the other two hold other unrelated animosity.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Vaughn Taylor ... Houghton
William Bryant ... Major Lipscott
David Manley ... Les Akins
Bernie Schelske ... Arnie - Lipscott's Aide
Ross Sturlin ... Mexican Soldier
John Michael Quijada ... Mexican Soldier (as Johnny Quijada)

Michael Masters ... Morales - Body Guard (as Mike Masters)

Royal Dano ... Ben Crowe

Vic Damone ... Jess Wilkerson
George Sawaya ... Escoban - Body Guard (as George Sawaja)

Season 2, Episode 32: Decision at Sweetwater

23 April 1961
Three murderous stage robbers when fooled that a mining executive carries the mine payroll propose to hold the man's son for delivery of the payroll but a saloon girl takes the son's place at which time Yuma pursues the outlaws.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Yvette Vickers ... Catherine Jewell
Donald Buka ... Jess Galt
William Phipps ... Morton Bishop
Carla Balenda ... Mrs. Mary Bishop (as Sally Bliss)
Donald Losby ... Rodney Bishop
Herman Rudin ... Bull - Galt Henchman
Bruno VeSota ... Jim - Galt Henchman
Gil Perkins ... Stage Driver
Carl Saxe ... Stage Guard

Season 2, Episode 33: Helping Hand

30 April 1961
Seeking water, Yuma is forced to side with two brothers who are in a stand off with a better fortified and supplied uncle and cousin, a pair which have betrayed the two brothers' father and brother after a bank robbery.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Ray Stricklyn ... Carl Blaine

Jack Elam ... Uncle Luce - Carl's Godfather
Eddie Ryder ... Web - Luce's Son
Lee Erickson ... Dave Blaine

Season 2, Episode 34: The Uncourageous

7 May 1961
Yuma strays into Mexico and becomes a witness to a conflict between a successful matador who is grooming his son to become a matador and his mother, the son's fiancée and the son himself whose wishes are against the plan.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
George Dolenz ... Juan Amontillo
Eugene Iglesias ... Felipe Amontillo
Renata Vanni ... Rosa Amontillo
Maria Val ... Maria Corsano
Edward Coch ... Dr. Beranzi (as Ed Coch)
Ross Sturlin ... Lopez - Juan's Ranch Hand
Ramon Martinez ... Carolos

Hal Needham ... Indian
Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Indian (as Red Morgan)

Season 2, Episode 35: Mission--Varina

14 May 1961
Because he has been a member of secret group during the war, Yuma is enlisted as one of the members of the group to ensure Jefferson Davis' safety upon his prison release but one of the members means Davis harm.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Frieda Inescort ... Varina Davis
Richard Gaines ... Jefferson Davis

William Schallert ... Charles Ashbaugh
Dan Sheridan ... Sergeant Mundale
Ralph Reed ... Private Gaines
Earl Parker ... Gunman

Buck Taylor ... Gunman

Season 2, Episode 36: The Calley Kid

21 May 1961
Johnny tracks down the man who knocked him out at his campsite and stole his horse and gun. When he finds him, he is forced to dig a bullet out of the man's brother, a well-known gunslinger.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Richard Bakalyan ... Calley Kid

Michael Vandever ... Woody
Gabe Delutri ... Deputy Perry (as Gabe DeLutri)

Season 2, Episode 37: Ben White

28 May 1961
When the posse chasing Ben White and his gang capture White's wife, Yuma is given the task of taking the wife to a town jail while the posse follows a false lead but the treachery of White's wife places Yuma in a precarious situation.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Mary Murphy ... 'T' White
John Brinkley ... Howie White
William Henry ... Jason - Posse Member
Bruno VeSota ... Basto - Bartender
Boyd 'Red' Morgan ... Marshal Larken (as Red Morgan)
Chuck Cason ... Grail - Posse Member (as Charles Cason)
Danny Casabian ... Perrick - Posse Member

Charles Aidman ... Ben White

Season 2, Episode 38: The Found

4 June 1961
While traveling with a posse, Yuma encounters the outlaw's wife who is having a baby and stays with the wife and baby while the outlaw is trapped between the posse and two bounty hunters.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Lorrie Richards ... Sally Heathers
Jack Lester ... Chet Bonnifield
Karl Held ... Danny Heathers
George Sawaya ... Groder - Bounty Hunter
Chuck Cason ... Dorfman - Bounty Hunter (as Charles Cason)
Hal Sitowitz ... Deputy
Peggy Campbell ... Baby (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 39: The Hostage

11 June 1961
When Yuma stops to see Coley Wilks, a pal from a union POW camp, Yancey Daggett takes Coley hostage to exchange for his brother who is in jail to hang where Coley's brother is sheriff and Yuma is sent to negotiate the deal.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma
Lon McCallister ... Coley Wilks
Ed Kemmer ... Sheriff Jesse Wilks (as Edward Kemmer)

Corey Allen ... Yancey Daggett

Stephen Joyce ... Frank Daggett
Barry Russo ... Charles Kane (as John Duke)
Jean Inness ... Martha Randall
Aladdin ... Judge Baylon
William Bryant ... Bill

Season 2, Episode 40: The Executioner

18 June 1961
A Shoshone chief keeps three prisoners in exchange for three braves held in jail who have been killed but, since the braves have killed a white woman, the chief agrees that just two hostages will be executed and Yuma must decide who.
Nick Adams ... Johnny Yuma

Terry Moore ... Janice Dutton

Charles Aidman ... Ferguson - Salesman
Barry Atwater ... Chief Le Blanc
Ken Mayer ... Andrews - Old Man

Arthur Peterson ... Sheriff (as Arthur Peterson Jr.)
Ross Sturlin ... Indian
Bernie Schelske ... Indian

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