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Season: 1
Year: 1959 | 1960

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Moon Probe

30 September 1959
The first test of an orbital flight around the Moon is scheduled. During liftoff one of the stages does not separate correctly causing the ship to no longer be under control. A crew member goes outside the ship to inspect the damage. While outside an accident occurs that endangers both his life and that of the crew and ship

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Angie Dickinson ... Mary McCauley

Paul Burke ... Major Billy Williams

Paul Richards ... Air Force Liaison Officer

H.M. Wynant ... Major Joe Hale

John Vivyan ... Ground Controller
Robert Cornthwaite ... Reporter

Stacy Harris ... Reporter

James Anderson ... Reporter

William Phipps
Ed Kemmer ... Communications Officer (as Edward Kemmer)
Charles Maxwell ... Technical Officer
Susan Dorn ... Oregon Mini-Track 1
Ashley Cowan
John Bleifer ... Russia Mini-Track
Jacques Gallo ... France Mini-Track
Robert Kino
Sam Capuano
Moody Blanchard ... Florida Able-1 Mini-Track
Charles Herbert ... Pete McCauley

Season 1, Episode 2: Moon Landing

7 October 1959
Four men in Moonship Alpha attempt the first Moon landing. The ship begins to topple after touchdown, forcing an emergency lift-off. A crew member, not in his acceleration-couch, is injured but conceals the fact.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Joe Maross ... Maj. Patrick Donon
Paul Lambert ... Major Gen. Roberts
Dean Harens ... Dr. Russ Russell

Karl Swenson ... Sen. Jim Sloane
Don Oreck ... Maj. Mason Trett
Ernestine Barrier ... Mrs. Russell
Jack Mann
Edward Paul
Andrew Glick ... Pete's Friend
Charles Herbert ... Pete McCauley

Season 1, Episode 3: Building a Space Station

21 October 1959
McCauley supervises a team assembling a space station in orbit when tragedy strikes.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Don Dubbins ... Lt. Bill Smith
Christopher Dark ... Capt. Les Forsythe
Nancy Hadley ... Paula Smith

Bartlett Robinson ... Gen. Robert Hicks
Don Kennedy ... Capt. Dan Michaels
Jack Mann ... Maj. Hall
Michael Galloway ... Worker #1
Walter Stocker ... Chuck

Season 1, Episode 4: Water Tank Rescue

28 October 1959
When an astronaut is stricken by a heart attack on the Moon, McCauley must find a way to get him back to Earth.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Jon Shepodd ... Lt. Rick Gordon

Joan Taylor ... Carol Gordon

Paul Langton ... Maj. Warnecke
Gar Moore ... Capt. Hal Roberts

Stephen Talbot ... Tommy Gordon

Richard Travis ... Prof. Grayson
Peter Walker ... Lt. Frank Werner
Barry Brooks ... Ground Control Captain

Season 1, Episode 5: Lost Missile

4 November 1959
When an experimental nuclear-powered missile goes out of control, its creator insists on accompanying McCauley into space to try and disarm it before it can strike the moon and wipe out a twelve-man expedition.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Harry Townes ... Dr. William Thyssen
Marcia Henderson ... Helen Thyssen

Ken Lynch ... Gen. Thomas

Gavin MacLeod ... Dr. Dave Parsons

Jeremy Slate ... Capt. Barrett
Jim Stockton ... Lt. Hargraves

Season 1, Episode 6: Moonquake

11 November 1959
Trailblazer I is on route to the Moon when one of the crew gets word his wife has been hurt in a car wreck. Although distracted, the crewman needs to focus all his skills and abilities to overcome a major accident.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Arthur Franz ... Captain Tom Farrow

Denver Pyle ... Dr. Peter Riber
Bek Nelson ... Jane Farrow

Ross Elliott ... Dr. George Batton
Britt Lomond ... Bruegel

Robert Karnes ... Capt. Sy Robbins

Ann Doran ... Nurse
Mike Keene ... Dr. Strauss
Leonard Graves ... General
Sumner Williams ... General's Aide

Season 1, Episode 7: Space Trap

18 November 1959
Returning from the Moon with valuable spore samples the crew of MR7 are rendered unconscious. Earth sends a rescue mission but a decision has to be made that could put everyone's life at risk.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Peter Hansen ... Dr. Charles Cooper (as Peter Hanson)
Robert Gist ... Capt. Dan Freer

Russ Conway ... Gen. Devon
Ron Foster ... Lt. Neil Templeton (as Ronald Foster)
Dallas Mitchell ... Lt. Pat Warren

Michael Chapin ... Lt. Rick Staab
Joe Haworth ... Ground Control

Season 1, Episode 8: Asteroid

25 November 1959
An asteroid straying close to Earth becomes the subject of an experiment. It is decided to scout the asteroid with a view of turning it into a mobile space station. If not the rock must be destroyed.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Bill Williams ... Dr. Stacy Croydon
Herbert Rudley ... Dr. Waring
Joyce Meadows ... Lynn Croydon

Walter Reed ... Gen. Barker

Richard Crane ... Maj. Emery
Lionel Ames ... Capt. Draper

Richard Bull ... Radio Operator

Season 1, Episode 9: Edge of Eternity

2 December 1959
Shortly after leaving the Moon a spacecraft is hit by an asteroid destroying their oxygen supply. The three man crew now become engaged in a life and death battle to extend their oxygen supply long enough to make it home.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Joyce Taylor ... Mary McCauley

Corey Allen ... Lt. Johnny Baker
Kem Dibbs ... Maj. Harvey Sparkman
Mary Webster ... Ellen Baker

Louis Jean Heydt ... Dr. Summers
Sue Carlton ... Patsy Sparkman

Clark Howat ... Maj. Gordon Briggs
Hal Hamilton ... Westlake

Season 1, Episode 10: Burnout

9 December 1959
Test continue on a new alloy for re-entry. On one test the ship acts erratically and although the crew is saved the ship is lost. A second mission is launched to try and understand what went wrong.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

John Sutton ... Air Vice Marshal Malcolm Terry

Lance Fuller ... Capt. Bob Stark

Robert Clarke ... Maj. Gibbie Gibson
Donna Martell ... Molly Gibson
Barbara Bestar ... Nan
Ken Drake ... Prof. Emerson
Tom McNamara ... Committee Member

Season 1, Episode 11: First Woman on the Moon

16 December 1959
It is decided to conduct an experiment to see if women could handle the rigors of spaceflight and living on the Moon. The plan is to send a woman to the Moon for 90 days. Initially she doesn't cope very well through a lack of training or projects to complete. Eventually she comes up with a novel set of activities to try and show her value to the mission

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Nancy Gates ... Renza Hale

H.M. Wynant ... Major Joe Hale
Harry Jackson ... Maj. Markey
Tyler McVey ... Maj. Gen. Norgath

Norman Leavitt ... Doctor
Denny Niles ... Moonbase Tech #1
Max Huber ... Moonbase Tech #2

Season 1, Episode 12: Christmas on the Moon

23 December 1959
McCauley and two astronomers are on the Moon on Christmas day, and one of them is stricken with appendicitis.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Joyce Taylor ... Mary McCauley

Keith Larsen ... Dr. Jim Nichols

Whit Bissell ... Prof. Oliver Farrar
Patricia Manning ... Edith Nichols

Paul Langton ... Maj. Dr. Warnecke
Del Russel ... Johnny McCauley
Sean Bartlett ... Col. Stan Adams
Charles Herbert ... Peter McCauley

Season 1, Episode 13: Quarantine

30 December 1959
Two scientists who can't get along are assigned to the same space station, and McCauley has to keep the peace.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Warren Stevens ... Dr. Randolph

Simon Oakland ... Dr. Horton
John Milford ... Dr. Hamilton

Guy Stockwell ... Lt. Murphy

Ray Teal ... Gen. Sam Warren
Donald Freed ... Ground Control

Season 1, Episode 14: Tankers in Space

6 January 1960
It is decided to attempt fuel transfers between space craft while flying in orbit. The requirement for precision control of two spacecraft is met by using a pair of specially trained twins. Safety is the primary concern, but ensuring this, they overlook one potential fatal flaw in the mission

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

James Drury ... Maj. Nick Alborg

Murray Hamilton ... Lt. Col. Bill Aborg

Phillip Terry ... Col. Stoner
Robert Brubaker ... Gen. Warren
Mary Newton ... Mrs. Alborg

Helen Mowery ... Dorothy Alborg
Jennifer Lea ... Helen - the Fiancee
Jack Emrek ... Operations Chief

Season 1, Episode 15: Sea of Stars

13 January 1960
Col. McCauley is training a young cadet who wants to be an astronaut, and pushes the young man almost to his limit. When an onboard accident knocks out McCauley, the nervous young cadet has to bring the craft back to Earth on his own.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Fred Beir ... Lt. Art Frey

Jack Ging ... Lt. Jerry Rutledge
Nan Peterson ... Ann Hammond

Tom Brown ... Maj. Franklin
Audrey Caire ... Miss Handlin (as Audrey Clark)
Angus Duncan
Jim Jacobs ... Radio Operator (as Jim Cody)

Russ Conway ... Gen. Devon (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 16: A Handful of Hours

20 January 1960
Four men a stranded after their spacecraft crash lands on the Moon. Their only hope of survival is to walk to Moonbase. All goes well till they realize the oxygen tank they are carrying to resupply themselves has a faulty valve. There is a way around the problem, but the cost may be too high for the team to accept

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Peter Baldwin ... Lt. Bob Kelly
Mark Dana ... Dr. Prescott

William Schallert ... Dr. David Orrin
Logan Field ... Col. Adams
William Lundmark ... Lt. Denny
Del Russel ... Johnny McCauley
Scott Davey ... Jerry Kelly
Wade Cagle ... Lt. Cagle
Robert O'Connor ... Sgt. Sparkman

Season 1, Episode 17: Earthbound

27 January 1960
An eager, space-enthusiast technician installs a smaller Guidance Control System he designed into the rocket ship. There is now room in the equipment bay for him to stow away on the next flight. But during the 12G takeoff his improvised couch crushes the equipment rack, causing the ship to lose all power before reaching orbit. The uncontrollable ship will quickly re-enter and burn unless repairs can be completed.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Joyce Taylor ... Mary McCauley

Robert Reed ... Technician Russell Smith
Anne Benton ... Julie Wills

Byron Morrow ... Glen Stillwell
John Garrett ... Captain Bill Williams
Don Edmonds ... Lt. Eden

Season 1, Episode 18: Caves of the Moon

3 February 1960
A mission is sent to explore a cave system on the Moon in the hope of finding ice. Having a source of water available would enable the colonisation of the Moon.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

John Howard ... Dr. Rowland Kennedy
Paul Comi ... Major John Arnold
Donald May ... Capt. Doug Bowers
Lillian Hamilton ... Mrs. Bennett

Season 1, Episode 19: Dateline: Moon

10 February 1960
A maverick journalist wins an opportunity to visit the Moon base. An opportunist he will look for anyway to manufacture a story, and his gambling habits put him at odds with the base commander.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Harry Lauter ... Jimmy Manx
Ray Montgomery ... Paul Carson
Lisa Gaye ... Joyce Lynn
King Calder ... Editor Morrison
Patrick Waltz ... Henry Gorman

Rand Brooks ... Ron Carlson

Dennis Moore ... Moonbase Crewman
Dana Enlow ... Roman
Brad Forrest ... Moonbase Crewman

Season 1, Episode 20: Moon Cloud

17 February 1960
A scientist's wife warns McCauley that her husband Perry's's co-worker Hal Carter is jealous of his success. McCauley doesn't believe her, but when Perry's theory about radioactive gas on the moon prove correct, Hal plots to kill Perry.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Robert Vaughn ... Perry Holcomb

Douglas Dick ... Dr. Harold Carter

Allison Hayes ... Mandy Holcomb

John Cliff ... Gen. Tunney
Bill Masters ... Captain Van Fleet

Season 1, Episode 21: Contraband

2 March 1960
McCauley must take four scientists back to the moon to find a deposit of a valuable mineral that one of them stole, so that he can trick the thief into revealing himself.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

James Coburn ... Dr. Narry
Robert Christopher ... Dr. Bromfield
Robert Osterloh ... Dr. Jack Rice
Don Ross ... Dr. Orr
John Close ... Col. Ferretti
Pat McCaffrie ... Major Stubblefield

Season 1, Episode 22: Dark of the Sun

9 March 1960
Tensions mount as final crew selections go forward for a special observation flight of the sun. At the core of the conflict is the potential for one of the crew to be a woman. The other candidates fail to treat her as a highly trained crew person and only see her as a vulnerable woman. Ultimately she uses her gender to solve the problem

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Carol Ohmart ... Dr. Muriel Catherine Gallagher
Manning Ross ... Dr. Torrance Alexander
Billy Lechner ... Major Paul Ellis (as William Lechner)
Dennis McCarthy ... Dr. Caleb Fiske
John McNamara ... General A. W. Withers
Robert Darwin ... Sergeant (as Robert Darin)

Season 1, Episode 23: Verdict in Orbit

16 March 1960
Col McCauley, while serving on the space station gets word his son has been seriously injured in a hit and run accident near the rocket base. Tension mounts as word comes through the driver of the car has been identified, and appears to be on duty on board the space station. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide on the station, how will this terrible emotional conundrum be resolved

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Joyce Taylor ... Mary McCauley
Peter Adams ... Dr. Arnold Rawdin
Tod Griffin ... Lt. Col. Vern Driscoll
Norman Dupont ... Sgt. Wilson (as Norman DuPont)
John McCann ... Sgt. Smith
Robert Dornan ... Radio Operator
Charles Herbert ... Peter McCauley

Season 1, Episode 24: Is There Another Civilization?

23 March 1960
While on a routine flight one of the rockets is hit by a meteor fragment. On Earth they run tests to discover the meteor is not only made of metal, but appears to have been artificially created. A second flight is launched immediately to retrieve more samples. What they discover may solve one of the greatest mysteries known to man

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Joyce Taylor ... Mary McCauley

Paul Carr ... Capt. Swanson
John Compton ... Major Summers
Tyler McVey ... Maj. Gen. T. M. Norgath
John Bryant ... Maj. Bowers

Joe Flynn ... Carey Stoddart
Mike Rayhill ... Maj. Al Lewisham
David Bedell ... Maj. Johnny Farrell
Howard Vann ... Major Dolan

Season 1, Episode 25: Shadows on the Moon

30 March 1960
A Moon survey mission finds a curiously-shaped rock formation. A month later, members of the return mission encounter other mysterious events and suspect that they are not alone.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Gerald Mohr ... Dr. Bernard Bush

Mort Mills ... Dr. George Coldwell

Harry Carey Jr. ... Major Jim Blythe

Season 1, Episode 26: Flash in the Sky

6 April 1960
A ship tasked with retrieving a malfunctioning Venus probe runs into issues when the scientist in charge, a friend of McCauley's insists on going despite previously disobeying McCauley's orders.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Joyce Taylor ... Mary McCauley

John Lupton ... Dr. Guthrie Durlock

Joan Marshall ... Lorrie Sigmund

William Hudson ... Major Hardwin
Mark Houston ... Lt. Walker
Robert O'Connor ... Sgt. Sparkman

Season 1, Episode 27: Lunar Secret

13 April 1960
A series of photographs taken by an expedition on the Moon shows some sort of artificial object moving up on a ridge. Two men are sent to investigate; what they find amazes them. Then an accident leaves them in deadly danger.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
John Hudson ... Captain Kyle Rennish
Carla Balenda ... Dr. Alice Roe (as Sally Bliss)
Kort Falkenberg ... Lt. Rudy Manton
Mimi Gibson ... Jenny Rennish
Robert Courtleigh ... Captain Jerry MacIntyre

Season 1, Episode 28: Voice of Infinity

20 April 1960
Space station Astra is chosen for a medical experiment to measure men's reactions to stress and fatigue. The medical director is convinced he can quantify a person's reactions to strain and so prevent accidents. Then a life-threatening problem on the space station requires men to perform well beyond their limits. An inner "voice of infinity" is what they heard, enabling them to save the situation.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Myron Healey ... Maj. Steven Hawks - Psychologist

Charles Cooper ... Capt. Thomas Ward, MD

Ralph Taeger ... Airman Fred Jones
Charles Stewart

Rand Brooks ... Major Canell
Barnaby Hale

Season 1, Episode 29: From Another World

27 April 1960
Colonel McCauley returns from Asteroid 78-1. The mission was cut short by the failure of his suit oxygen supply. He is insistent that just before he passed out he saw fossil evidence of life on the asteroid. Unconnected with this, Air Force medical staff have recommended his prolonged series of missions requires a 60-day 'grounding' to recover from stress. Will McCauley be able to lead the return mission to the asteroid if its unpredictable orbit permits another rendezvous?

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Joyce Taylor ... Mary McCauley

Russ Conway ... Major Gen. Chuck G. Devon

Edward Platt ... Dr. Luraski
Alan Dexter ... Gen. Frank Brereton
Rand Harper

Season 1, Episode 30: Emergency Mission

4 May 1960
A miss-fire of the MR28 sees the craft miss the Moon and head for deep space. The only chance of rescue is a new MX experimental rocket. In theory, the new ship should have the range. In practice, no one really knows.

Season 1, Episode 31: Beyond the Stars

11 May 1960
A 3-man team visit the Lunar Observatory, isolated from all Earth signals on the Moon's far side, for routine Radio Telescope work. They pass the time during a long sky-mapping session by taping 'A glimpse of lunar life' sound-broadcast. An power fault interrupts and requires a Moon walk to the Radio Telescope. One man is badly injured while returning. Unconscious for days, he responds to the tape-recording and deliriously asks to hear the 'sound from the stars'. His colleagues comply and make an interesting discovery.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Joyce Taylor ... Mary McCauley

Gene Nelson ... Major Charles Randolph

James Best ... Lt. John Leonard
Sally Fraser ... Donna Talbot

Season 1, Episode 32: Mission to Mars

25 May 1960
On the Moon the US and Soviets are in an informal race to be the first to Mars. Both sides play down the need to rush with concerns about safety. Ultimately both missions launch within minutes of each other, but a terrible accident completely changes the game and the ultimate fate of both crews

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Jeremy Slate ... Capt. Jim Nicholls

John Van Dreelen ... Col. Tolchek
Jack Hogan ... Maj. Ingram

Don Eitner ... Maj. Ralph Denvers
Tyler McVey ... Maj. Gen. Norgath
David Janti
Peter Balakoff (as Ted Roter)
Wil Huffman

Season 1, Episode 33: Moon Trap

1 June 1960
Ship MR34 loses Auto-Control during landing and crashes 200 miles from Moon Base. Two of the crew survive and make for a nearby fuel-cache. Can they use the liquid oxygen there to improvise a survival igloo?

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Dan Barton ... Maj. Tom Jackson

Don Burnett ... Capt. Dick Jackson
Robin Lory ... Harriet Jackson
Mike Keene ... Colonel Swenson
Richard Emory ... Dr. Parker
Jim Jacobs ... Capt. Henry, Co-Pilot (as Jim Cody)

Season 1, Episode 34: Flare Up

17 August 1960
A Soviet Major is the sole survivor of a crash landing near a US advance moon station. Determined to appear blameless, he reports Americans sabotaged the landing and then takes drastic action to destroy all evidence.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Werner Klemperer ... Major Kralenko
Skip Ward ... Captain Webb

Eric Feldary ... Colonel Alexandrov
Edgar Barrier ... Russian General
Jay Warren ... Russian Captain
Preston Hanson ... Captain Rumbough
Larry Thor ... Major General Mallon
Lee Raymond ... Marlowe

Season 1, Episode 35: Into the Sun

24 August 1960
A new project involves launching capsules of atomic waste into orbit and then assembling them with an atomic rocket motor. The unit is then accelerated for disposal into the Sun. The civilian Project Engineer, who will attach the a-rocket in space, is a former astronaut who resigned after a re-entry accident. He now lacks confidence in himself and is convinced that no-one else trusts him.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Paul Picerni ... Bob King
Harp McGuire ... Major Tex Nolan

Nelson Leigh ... General Adams
Mack Williams ... Mayor Clark

Season 1, Episode 36: The Sun Never Sets

31 August 1960
Colonel McCauley is assigned to observe and assist the British space program. Their Vega Project will use a more powerful second-stage rocket engine. McCauley has to express the US concerns about the reliability of this engine.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

John Sutton ... Air Vice Marshall Terry

Robin Hughes ... Captain Tom Hetherford
David Frankham ... Neil Bedford-Jones
Mavis Neal Palmer ... Lady Alice Bedford-Jones (as Mavis Neal)
Roy Dean
Sydney Smith ... US General

Season 1, Episode 37: Mystery Satellite

7 September 1960
The crew of MR37 encounter a strange object that they first believe is a meteor till it starts changing direction to match their ship. Whatever the object was it is confirmed it could not have come from Earth. When MR30 also encounters the object, a desperate chase begins to try and identify it

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley
Brett King ... Maj. Tim O'Leary
Charles Maxwell ... Col. Frank Bartlett
Edward Mallory ... Capt. Don Miller
Mike Steele ... Major Vic Enright
Harry Ellerbe ... Maj. Gen. Albright
George Diestel ... Maj. Bob Williams
Mel Marshall ... Sgt. Tucker

John Archer ... (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 38: Flight to the Red Planet

14 September 1960
The first mission to Mars is nearing the red planet when a series of accidents and break downs put the mission in doubt. The crew must balance the need for caution and safety against the massive amount of scientific data that could be gained on such an expedition.

William Lundigan ... Col. Edward McCauley

Marshall Thompson ... Maj. Vic Devery

Michael Pate ... Dr. Morrow
Tom Middleton ... Maj. Jim Nichols
Harry Ellerbe ... General

John Zaremba ... Dr. Toler

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