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3 Jan. 1961
The Day the Teachers Disappeared
Parents pinch-hit for the teachers when a flu epidemic fells the faculty. Dobie livens up Mrs. Kenney's music class by singing "Don't Send a Rabbit" from Dwayne Hickman's 1960 Capitol LP "Dobie."
10 Jan. 1961
What's My Lion?
Maynard befriends a real cool cat: the lion belonging to His Imperial Radiance Prince Dumiphon of Ambodia.
24 Jan. 1961
The Big Question
Mr. Pomfritt assigns an essay addressing a big question: "Whither are we drifting?" Dobie and Maynard mull the question and their uncertain futures in an atypical episode that is more thoughtful than humorous.
31 Jan. 1961
Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife?
After too many late nights with the boys at the Bison Lodge, Mr. Gillis seeks to bring the romance back to his neglected marriage, heeding the sound advice of Dobie and his trusty marriage manual.
7 Feb. 1961
The Bitter Feud of Dobie and Maynard
Maynard realizes his close friendship with Dobie is affecting Dobie's social and educational advancement, so Maynard decides he must end their friendship for Dobie's own good.
14 Feb. 1961
Zelda, Get Off My Back
Dobie encourages Zelda to go and be wined and dined while tutoring the Yale-aspiring Chatsworth (thus freeing Dobie to date other girls). Will it be "out of sight, out of mind" or will Zelda's absence make his heart grow fonder?
21 Feb. 1961
I Was a High School Scrooge
Central High's yearbook editor Zelda assigns Dobie and Maynard to write a "where are they now" feature on the school's former star football player and 1911 graduate Walter "show 'em no mercy" Appleby, whom the boys discover has seemingly fallen on hard times.
28 Feb. 1961
Will Success Spoil Dobie's Mother?
Mrs. Gillis writes the winning entry in a contest and Dobie eagerly anticipates the prize: a date with glamorous movie starlet Merilee Maribou. Seeing the date as a stepping stone to success, Dobie performs "Don't Shoot The Man on the Moon" from Dwayne Hickman's 1960 Capitol LP, "Dobie."
7 Mar. 1961
The Second Childhood of Herbert T. Gillis
Dobie's upcoming graduation brings to light the embarrassing fact that Herbert T. Gillis never graduated high school, but thanks to evening classes for adults Dobie's Dad is determined to finally finish what he started long ago.
14 Mar. 1961
Dobie Versus the Machine
Adrift after graduation, Dobie and Maynard seek the counsel of their elders and of professionals on what next to do with their lives.
21 Mar. 1961
Baby Shoes
Dobie receives a friendly letter from his Uncle Sam: "Greetings. Your enlistment in the United States Army has been processed." As the Gillises prepare to send their boy into the service, Dobie's baby shoes spark a flashback to the 1940s when Mr. and Mrs. Gillis were eagerly expecting their baby.
28 Mar. 1961
I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier, Sailor or Marine
Dobie and Maynard join the Army along with Chatsworth - by mistake of course.
4 Apr. 1961
The Chicken Corporal
Waitress Betsy won't go out with Dobie unless he get a date for her roommate Suzy.
11 Apr. 1961
The Solid Gold Dog Tag
Chatsworth enlists in the Army and is assigned to Dobie and Maynard's platoon. He wants the military to make a man of him, but will Mumsy allow it?
18 Apr. 1961
The Battle of Maynard's Beard
After getting his beard caught in his rifle's bolt release, Maynard is ordered to shave off the offending fuzz. When the protest cat protests the order, Dobie defends his friend before a military tribunal.
25 Apr. 1961
Dobie, Maynard and Corporal Kilroy (a chimpanzee) are selected to participate in Operation Moonshot, which experiment requires them to spend 30 days in a simulated space capsule. Will Maynard and Kilroy's antics bring them from the frying pan to the launching pad?
2 May 1961
Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Wow
Mr. Gillis' high school squeeze Bubbles moves back to town with her beautiful daughter Hazel, stirring up fond memories and green-eyed monsters.
9 May 1961
Dobie Plays Cupid
Home from the Army on furlough, Dobie attempts to boost Maynard's confidence with girls by convincing him that his twitchy eyebrows give him irresistible sex appeal.
16 May 1961
Like Father, Like Son, Like Trouble
Dobie and Maynard land the lead roles playing officers in Lt. Merriwether's play. Following a rehearsal and still dressed as his character Major Gates, Dobie meets and woos with war stories a beautiful young lady who's father happens to be the base's gruff new colonel. Will it be Herbie "Snow Job" Gillis to the rescue or 20 years in the brig for impersonating an officer?
23 May 1961
Be It Ever So Humble
After watching a sentimental war movie, Maynard is stricken with acute homesickness and secures a pass home. Dobie fears his buddy has gone AWOL and returns home to bring him back, securing his own pass home by claiming that his father is deathly ill.
30 May 1961
Aah, Yer Fadder Wears Army Shoes
Not to be upstaged by a beautiful Army brat with an impressive pedigree, Dobie claims his father is a missing in action WWII hero and sets to spinning yarns of his extraordinary exploits.
6 Jun. 1961
Everything But the Truth
Zelda tells the snooty Rochelle that she and Dobie are secretly engaged, weaving a web of deception that threatens to ensnare her at the big society party. This time the spotlight shines on Sheila James in what appears to be a set up for a spin-off.
13 Jun. 1961
Goodbye, Mr. Pomfritt, Hello, Mr. Chips
Mr. Pomfritt is discouraged and decides to leave the teaching profession, inspiring Dobie and Maynard to host a testimonial dinner to encourage and hearten him in his calling.
20 Jun. 1961
Take Me to Your Leader
Dobie and Maynard tell their sergeant of the dark and stormy night when they were left minding the store and became convinced a Martian invasion was underway.
27 Jun. 1961
This Ain't the Way We Used to Do It
When Maynard suffers a head injury, a feisty WWII veteran comes out of retirement to help the platoon complete Operation Xerxes.
10 Oct. 1961
The Ruptured Duck
Dobie and Maynard are honorably discharged from the Army and immediately join Zelda in enrolling at S. Peter Pryor Junior College, where their old high school teacher Mr. Pomfritt is now a professor.
17 Oct. 1961
Dobie, Dobie, Who's Got Dobie?
Dobie's romances with other women are torpedoed by Zelda's clever schemes.
24 Oct. 1961
Move Over, Perry Mason
Maynard sues the insurance company after getting his hand stuck in Gillis Grocery's gumball machine.
31 Oct. 1961
The Fast White Mouse
Dobie uses the heredity factor to convince Zelda to abandon her dreams of marrying and having children with him and to turn her affections towards a more suitable mate: Chatsworth Osborn, Jr.
7 Nov. 1961
The Gigolo
Maynard, of whom no man could ever be jealous, suddenly finds himself a hot commodity among the coeds of S. Peter Pryor Junior College when he agrees to serve as their escort to social events while their boyfriends are away. Dobie, fearing his caviar-stuffed friend is headed for a life of dissipation and decay, sets to rescuing him.
14 Nov. 1961
Dig, Dig, Dig
Mr. Gillis fears Dobie's interest in Egyptology is inspired less by mouldering mummies and more by the beautiful Dr. Burkhart.
21 Nov. 1961
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry... for Tomorrow Ker-Boom
Dr. Burkhart asks her class to bring items to include in a time capsule, but Maynard refuses, discouraged by his conviction that within a matter of years the world will go "boom, boom, ker-boom!" and there will be nobody left to discover the time capsule.
28 Nov. 1961
The Richest Squirrel in Town
Mr. Pomfritt reports $41.37 has disappeared from his desk. Earlier that day Maynard arrived to school in a taxi, telling Dobie a squirrel gave him $41.37. Dobie tries to right the wrong, but, proving that no good deed goes unpunished, finds himself the prime suspect.
5 Dec. 1961
The Second Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Dobie falls for the soft-hearted Sally Bean, whose parents insist she must date two boys at a time. Can Dobie hope to compete for Sally's affections against Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.?
12 Dec. 1961
This Town Ain't Big Enough for Me and Robert Browning
"A man's reach should exceed his grasp," wrote Robert Browning, and Dobie is inspired to reach for the unattainable Poppy Jordan.
19 Dec. 1961
Have Reindeer, Will Travel
Maynard befriends a poor Mexican shoeshine boy and generously gives him $55.78--all the money his classmates had saved to fund their Christmas dance. To earn back the money, Maynard takes a job as a department store Santa Claus.
26 Dec. 1961
Crazylegs Gillis
When the irresponsible quarterback the Gillises and Maynard have been trying to help and keep from getting cut from the team disappears just before kickoff, a gridiron veteran volunteers to come out of mothballs to cover for him.

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