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Season 1

1 Oct. 1959
Prairie Incident
Sam Buckhart finds a newly orphaned little girl (Tess) who's father was just killed and takes her back to town. Her father was robbed by two outlaws and are aware Tess can identify them. Johnny will go to any length to stop her from identifying him.
8 Oct. 1959
Full Circle
Sam travels to Clay Junction looking for an outlaw named Pete Falon. When he gets there, he meets a Sheriff who no longer has a good gun hand and a deputy who's been threatened by the gang he had recently broken away from. Sam also finds the wanted man he's looking for.
15 Oct. 1959
A Matter of Life and Death
Sam Buckhart goes after an outlaw who's been reported as living in Albuquerque. Sam finds his gang's camp and must save his pregnant wife who is suffering from advanced toxemia.
22 Oct. 1959
The Hostiles
Sam sets off to arrest an escaped outlaw who killed a young woman for no reason. Unfortunately, Truck's mountain-men friends stand behind him and refuse to give Truck up. Adding to his trouble, Sam also has a woman going along with him who is in love with Truck. He thought he understood these people, but now he's not so sure.
29 Oct. 1959
Passenger to Mescalero
Sam is transporting Johnny Q to Mescaleno where he will spend 15 years in jail for robbery. During the stagecoach ride, they are held up by some of Johnny's friends. Sam must find a way to protect all the passengers, keep Johnny in custody, and fight off Johnny's friends before sundown.
5 Nov. 1959
Blood Trails
An Apache named Charlie Wolf kills a Marshal and Deputy in a ghost town when they try to arrest him after breaking jail. It turns out he and Sam grew up together. Sam goes after him alone, saying it's the only way he would ever be caught.
12 Nov. 1959
Desperate Decision
After rustlers steal two of Cameron's prized horses and kill the foreman, Sam Buckhart and his deputy, Walt Timmins, go looking for a Comanchero party. The problem, however, is that neither of the Cameron brothers like...or trust...Sam. Sam doesn't give them a choice and insists they cooperate. Their distrust causes a lot of trouble while on the hunt, especially with the Comancheros.
19 Nov. 1959
Appointment in Santa Fe
Sam finds himself in the middle of a mess when a bounty hunting lawman comes to Santa Fe. Marshal Morrison had vowed to kill Santee when he served as a guard at Andersonville prison camp during the Civil War.
26 Nov. 1959
The Gibbet
Sam Buckhart must work as a Marshal for a town after the People's Committee hangs one of Zeb Derkson's men. Zeb Derkson is the leader of a gang who's making the town a haven for outlaws. Buckhart becomes suspicious of Derkson after one of the People's Committee members is murdered.
3 Dec. 1959
The Dude
Sam Buckhart comes upon a gentleman (Theodore Roosevelt) roaming the desert after three masked men jump him and steal his horses and gear. The gentleman isn't so gentle with Tree Strelling, who runs the town, and finds himself in a lot of trouble.
10 Dec. 1959
The Innocents
Sam is asked to help a man who's been accused of cold-blooded murder. When a lynching mob gets out of control, Sam decides to transport the prisoner to Albuquerque to stand trial and his wife goes along.
17 Dec. 1959
Clear Title
Sam goes to Shannonville to investigate the murder of a man, but is met with cold reception. He is determined to get to the truth and arrest the man who committed the murder, but Walter Shannon runs the town and everyone in it, and he will do everything in his power to protect the murderer.
24 Dec. 1959
Toll Road
Benson and his boy, Healey, kill Mr. and Mrs. Dawson and take over the toll road and home they own. Upon arriving back from a cattle drive, Davey, who's in love with the Dawson's daughter Ellen, rides into Santa Fe and tells Sam about the couple's disappearance. Sam is upset when he finds Ellen Dawson inside the house with Benson and Healey. He becomes even more upset when Healey declares she is now his wife. Benson tells Sam that if anyone tries to open the gate to the toll road they will be shot. Sam informs Coleman and his boys about this, but when Davey sees Ellen...
31 Dec. 1959
Calculated Risk
While chasing after two bank robbers, Sam kills one in self-defense. The bank robber's son, Clint, is naturally very upset and threatens to kill Sam. Sam has no choice but to take Clint back to the boarding house where Martha will take care of him. Clint has a lot of anger and is mean to Tess and another boy. Sam stops the fight between Clint and Dave, then talks to Clint about not using a rock as a weapon during a fight. Clint knows the other bank robber and sees him in town. While talking to Sam, Clint informs him he can lead Sam to the bank robber. Sam feels it may...
7 Jan. 1960
While traveling back to Santa Fe, Sam and Tess come upon an old farm that was attacked by renegade Indians several months ago. He assures Tess that she is safe because the Indians had moved on a long time ago. But Sam is unaware there is another danger that's lurking close by. He soon learns about it when Tess falls down an old well and he must go for help. More trouble meets up with him because the man he asks for help hates Apaches!
14 Jan. 1960
Sam sets after a couple men who dressed up like Indians and stole the diamonds from a Mary statue in the church and killed the priest. Tess, the only eye witness to the crimes, described one of the Indians as wearing a beard. Sam is a bit puzzled since Indians didn't wear beards and is determined to find out just what the one outlaw is hiding.
21 Jan. 1960
The Comet
While traveling back to Santa Fe, Sam and Deputy Forbes stop at Libertyville so Sam can visit an old ninety year old friend, but Sam decides to stay and investigate the reason behind a seemingly fake preacher and a man carrying a bag full of peppermint candy. Sam knows the three men in the hotel are together, but he's not quite sure how. To add to his troubles, the preacher is preaching Revelations to the town folk and warning them they will die if they don't sell everything and go back to the town they were born in.
28 Jan. 1960
The Rawhiders
A gypsy who is hated by the locals is accused of a rancher's murder. Sam believes the man is innocent and works to clear him and find the real killer.
4 Feb. 1960
The Imposter
Sam was alone in Santa Fe. The Marshal and all his deputies were out of town. I'm not sure which job was hardest - guarding his prisoner locked up in the jail or fighting with the entire town who was in an uproar, thanks to the loud mouth of Col. Efram Springer. The man that Sam was holding in jail was accused of murder, and many seemed to think his gang was coming to get him. The men were afraid the gang would come in and start shooting. But the real trouble started when the "marshal" arrived. At least, he claimed to be a Marshal. As Sam talked to him and watched his...
11 Feb. 1960
Common Ground
After Gentleman Frank Deegan is shot while robbing a stage, he take refuge in Martha's barn. He then takes Tess and Martha hostage. Sam arrives back in town and is told that Deegan is on the lose. He and Deputy Lordan go looking for him. Sam is shocked when he finds the trail leads to the boarding house!
18 Feb. 1960
The Matriarch
A man is mysteriously gunned down on the ranch he worked on. The ranch is owned by Constance Vateri and her son, Dev. Constance claimed she shot the man without knowing who he was. She saw him carrying a saddle that belonged to her son. Upon further investigation, Sam begins to believe things did not happen the way she says. Sam is more convinced than ever when the dead man's father, Hodie, comes up murdered.
25 Feb. 1960
A Question of Courage
Sam must investigate a series of unexplained shootings that have occurred after receiving an unsigned letter stating the Sheriff is incompetent. When he arrives and talks to the Sheriff about the shootings, he decides to hold a meeting with the Kolb family who are responsible for the killings. The following morning, they arrive in town to announce they won't be attending the meeting. If Sam expects the Sheriff to back him up, he'll be very disappointed!
10 Mar. 1960
Dangerous Barriers
A rancher murders a local teenage boy's father in order to get his land. Sam tries to help the boy keep his land and bring his father's killer to justice, but that's complicated by the fact that the boy hates Indians.
17 Mar. 1960
The Show-Off
A young man rides into town and allows everyone to believe he is Billy the Kid. Sam isn't sure if his claim is true or not, but decides he should take every precaution just in case he really is. A bounty hunter is very interesting in the case as well, which will play a big part in the young man's fate.
24 Mar. 1960
Rabbit's Fang
Sam becomes involved in a conflict between a slow-witted gunfighter and the greedy husband of a woman the gunfighter is in love with.
31 Mar. 1960
Sam strikes up a friendship with a wanted female bank robber--who doesn't know that Sam is a deputy marshal.
7 Apr. 1960
After Governor Lew Wallace grants amnesty to every gunfighter in New Mexico Territory, Sam is forced to release a man who just killed a rancher. Sam goes to give the governor his opinion of the general amnesty. Unsuccessful in changing the governor's mind, he returns to the office and gives the gunfighter a deputy job, much to Deputy Lordan's surprise.
14 Apr. 1960
Jeb's Daughter
Sam tries to help a young woman who lives in the backwoods with her father--who has decided to sell her into slavery.
21 Apr. 1960
Cavern of the Wind
Sam is captured by a gang of greedy gold prospectors, who force him to lead them to a treasure site--where a group of Apaches seeking vengeance are waiting for them.
5 May 1960
Trojan Horse
Sam Buckhart uses a two man circus and their wagon to go capture an outlaw.

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