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Season 4

25 Sep. 1962
Among the Missing
Jess Harper is on the trail of the thieves who robbed the bank in Laramie and seriously wounded young Mike Williams. His only clues are a name and that the faceless man bought a horse in Chloride. Jess arrives in Chloride and finds himself short on friends and long on enemies. His only ally is Jamie, the groom in the livery stable, who ends up saving his life after Jess asks one too many questions. Jamie has own need for revenge and Jess won't rest until man who wounded Mike is brought to justice. It's Jess and Jamie against the corrupt sheriff and his partner.
2 Oct. 1962
War Hero
Slim Sherman and Jess Harper become involved in presidential politics when General George Barton visits Laramie. There are people who don't want to see him run and when an assassination attempt is foiled by Jess, the opinionated General decides to recuperate at the Sherman ranch. This embroils all the residents of Sherman Ranch and Relay Station in a tense and dangerous situation.
9 Oct. 1962
The Fortune Hunter
Vince Jackson is a handsome, charming, fast gunman who has his sights set on Slims beautiful, rich fiancé with extortion in mind.
16 Oct. 1962
Shadow of the Past
Jess Harper is filling in as deputy sheriff in Laramie when he discovers his big sister Francie is not dead as he's believed for years. Francie has come to Laramie seeking Jess' help to bury her "dead" husband, gunman Ben McKittrick. Ben was wounded by the Keefer brothers and is hiding, Francie hopes that Jess can help her fool everyone so that they can live in peace. It becomes complicated when the Keefer's show up in Laramie demanding the body of McKittrick. So begins a dangerous game between Jess and the Keefers with the townspeople of Laramie in the middle. In the...
23 Oct. 1962
The Long Road Back
Young Virg Walker is being escorted back to Laramine by Slim when he's found using money from a stage robbery and murder.
30 Oct. 1962
Lost Allegiance
Jess, injured by a falling tree in a dust storm, is nursed back to health by Sharon, daughter of a rancher plagued by rustlers. Sharon remains sympathetic to Jess even when the leader of the rustlers proves to be one of Jess's old friends.
13 Nov. 1962
The Sunday Shoot
It's the annual Sunday Shoot in Laramie and it's drawn shooters from miles around, all vying for the $1000 prize. Hobie Carson and his intended, Nancy Telford, are counting on winning so they can buy a bottom land farm, but they are mountain folk unused to ways of town. Rafe Seton is a man of unsavory reputation who also competing against Slim Sherman and Jess Harper and there is bad blood between Seton and Slim. When Hobie wins it becomes a tale of the country mouse as Seton and his cronies set up the young man to steal his winnings, to the dismay of Nancy. It's up ...
20 Nov. 1962
Double Eagles
Outlaw Al Denning, and his gang, are being chased by a posse, so he starts leaving behind some of the $20,000 in gold eagle coins behind to tempt the pursuing lawmen into a payoff.
27 Nov. 1962
Beyond Justice
Slim is deputized to protect Stephen Collier, a murder suspect with a killer on his trail- and his lawyer, who's behaving very strangely.
4 Dec. 1962
Bad Blood
Jess is escorting a young boy to his aunt in Colorado, but the boy is determined to break away and go see his father, who is cold blooded, murderous, outlaw leader.
11 Dec. 1962
Time of the Traitor
When Dr. Samuel Mudd saves young Steve Prescott's life after a wagon accident, it sets off chain of events that pits Slim Sherman, Daisy Cooper and Mike Williams against an angry father who believes that Dr. Mudd maimed his son. Vic Prescott also believes that Dr. Mudd, convicted of aiding John Wilkes Booth in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, has escaped from prison. He will do anything to make sure Dr. Mudd dies, including going against his friends and Slim Sherman.
25 Dec. 1962
Gun Duel
Jess Harper is spending the weekend in Laramie as deputy sheriff while Mort Cory is off to Cedar Bend on business. Complicating an otherwise quiet weekend is Parson Hawks who occupies a cell in the jail and Johnny Hartley, Mort Cory's nephew and deputy sheriff wannabe. What Jess hasn't bargained for is a couple of bank robbers arriving to meet their third partner to split the proceeds of a bank heist. Jess' quiet weekend is about to heat up and the results could get him and Johnny Hartley killed.
1 Jan. 1963
Naked Steel
After a cattle drive, Slim is confronted by a man whose son was killed by a card shark back in Colorado. Slim returns to Colorado to investigate what happened and get $3,000 belonging to the father of the man who confronted Slim. He learns that two bank robbers have the $3,000 plus what they got from the bank after a robbery in which one of the thieves is killed. The sheriff is in love with a saloon girl and finds the money the thieves left behind. He offers to take the girl away for a new start. How will Slim get the money to save the man's ranch back in Laramie?
8 Jan. 1963
Jess Harper is marked man when he shoots and kills Joe Morgan who was accused of robbing and murdering a local man. Compounding matters, Morgan was found to be innocent of the murder and Jess's fatal shot caught Morgan in the back. Morgan wasn't without friends and they, along with Morgan's girl Gladys, plot to make sure the Morgan's brothers, Mac and Al, pay Jess back for killing Joe. With Sheriff Corey using Jess as bait to draw Al and Mac out and Slim injured, it's too dangerous for Jess to be at the ranch. Then Jess injures his gun hand after a dust up with Joe's ...
15 Jan. 1963
Protective Custody
Walt Douglas is an executive of the stage line who comes to Laramie looking for his estranged daughter Alicia and stops off at Sherman Ranch and Relay Station to ask Slim Sherman, Daisy Cooper and Jess Harper if they've seen her. Slim and Daisy haven't but Jess has and only admits it to Slim after Walt leaves. Jess knows Alicia at Leora, a saloon hostess he's met in town. What neither of them knows is that Leora/Alicia is involved with Cass and Willard, a couple saddle tramps looking to steal the mining payroll that's coming in. Slim rides to Laramie hoping to ...
22 Jan. 1963
The Betrayers
Jess Harper is a victim of mistaken identity and betrayal by an old friend in Ironwood where he's delivered some horses. Facing a murder charge, aiding and abetting the Ray Thatcher gangs robbery of the bank and a hangman's noose, his only salvation is Daisy Cooper and escaping jail to find Kett Darby to clear his name.
29 Jan. 1963
The Wedding Party
Jealous outlaw gang leader, Gil Harrison, is determined to stop the wedding of his ex-wife, despite plans to have it at her fathers well fortified ranch.
5 Feb. 1963
No Place to Run
Gandy Ross is a safe cracker trying to go straight who's run into a bit of bad luck when he meets up with Jess Harper and Slim Sherman. Gandy starts working at the ranch but the Wellman gang wants Gandy's safe cracking services and will stop at nothing, including framing him for a stage robbery and murder, to get him to help them rob a bank in Granite City. Things get complicated when Jess ends up escorting Gandy back to Cheyenne with the sheriff and ends up inadvertently aiding him to escape. When the authorities in Cheyenne discover that Gandy Ross was not part of ...
12 Feb. 1963
The Fugitives
Slim Sherman is part of the posse trailing after fugitive stage robber Joel Greevy, when he catches up with Greevy and is shot by the thief and left for dead in the hills. Jess Harper, trying to backtrack Slim, catches Greevy who is riding Slim's horse. The cocky thief won't tell where he left Slim unless he is set free, telling lies about what happened at every turn. Jess even pleads with Myra, Joel's sister, for help but she refuses. Jess is backed into a corner and with bad weather closing in he has to play a desperate game with Greevy, which could jeopardize his ...
19 Feb. 1963
The Dispossessed
Slim and Jess encounter three women on the prairie. The women are traveling with three mustangers who are very protective of them. At first one of the mustangers wants to kill Slim and Jess for bothering the women but the leader of the group lets them go. Later Slim and Jess help out a trio of ranchers as they fight off a fire at their barn, and when they tell the ranchers about the group of mustangers they encountered and the women with them, the ranchers come to believe that the mustangers are actually Comancheros who have been stealing their horses, and decide to ...
26 Feb. 1963
The Renegade Brand
A trio of thieves rob the Sherman Ranch and Relay station, wounding both Jess Harper and Mr. Frazer from the stage line office, who was carrying the money. With information from Jess, Slim Sherman, still sworn in as Mort Cory's deputy, is able to trail the thieves until they split up. Slim catches up with one, killing him in self defense, which puts Slim in danger when it turns out that the man he killed is Hank McGovern, son of Ellen McGovern, wealthy rancher in the area. Ellen refuses to believe her son guilty of theft and attempted murder especially since Slim ...
5 Mar. 1963
The Violent Ones
Bob Blayne was a gunman five years ago when Deputy Jess Harper shot and maimed his hand. Blayne's sons, Bill and Larry, believe that Jess has ruined their father's life and want to see him dead. Bill believes he can gun Jess after he shoots down a friend of Jess' and Bill's friends encourage him to try. The problem is Jess Harper refuses to rise to their bait even as everything in him wants to. Bill, Larry and their friends lure Jess into Laramie by badly beating Slim Sherman. Jess takes the bait and ends up killing Bill in fair fight. A grief stricken Larry ambushes ...
12 Mar. 1963
The Unvanquished
Slim Sherman finds himself playing detective when he gets involved in with Tah-Za, an Arapaho who admits to murdering a hired hand of Slim's. Slim knows that Tah-Za is covering for someone else because the facts don't fit quite right. What Slim doesn't know is that Tah-Za is covering for his son Diamo, who accidentally shot Ben while he was protecting his pregnant wife. Meanwhile Daisy Cooper and Mike Williams find Diamo and his wife in the barn. Kindhearted Daisy takes them in to care for Winema as her time draws near. While Ben's brothers are trying to frame the ...
19 Mar. 1963
The Sometime Gambler
Irv Richards is a gambler and ex-con with a poor reputation around Laramie. His old gang come to Laramie to rob the mining payroll from the bank and they want Irv's help. He refuses but is 'convinced' to do it anyway when his daughter Ellen is threatened. Jess Harper was riding shotgun on the stage that was supposed to carry the payroll but wasn't able to pick it up because of flooding. The gang doesn't know this and try for the payroll anyway, but Richards double crosses them and is shot because they believe he stole the money. The wounded Richards meets up with ...
2 Apr. 1963
Edge of Evil
Jess Harper finds that gold is at root of all evil while paying a visit to Stede Rhodes and his wife, Anne. They come across a loose pack mule that, on closer inspection, is carrying sacks upon sacks of gold. This causes Stede to turn on Jess when he disagrees with Stede over what to do with the gold. Jess meets up with Roger Canby, real owner of the gold and they chase down Anne and Stede, but Canby is not the jolly person he appears. He buried his two partners alive because of the gold and he'll do anything to keep it, including kill again. The tug of war over the ...
9 Apr. 1963
Broken Honor
Jess Harper is planning on riding shotgun on a stage run carrying a bank shipment when Dave Bryne tries to bribe him to look the other way. Jess tries to get Bryne arrested but skinflint stage office manager Art Potter won't press charges. To further complicate matters Potter finds out about Jess' checkered past and orders him to stay away from the stage. Mort Cory gets Jess to catch up with the stage outside town. The stage is robbed anyway with Mose and Jess getting wounded. Jess chases down the thief who grabbed the strong box but he doesn't have the money. It's ...
16 Apr. 1963
The Last Battleground
A bushwhacking attempt on Jess Harper reveals the wreckage of a Union gold wagon stolen by Confederate raiders and opens old wounds for Slim Sherman when accusations against his father helping the rebels are resurrected. Slim sets out with Maj. John Ellis and James Courtland, the officer accused of helping the rebels steal the gold wagons, to find the lost convoy and prove his father innocent of helping the Confederacy. They aren't the only one's interested in the lost gold convoy, there are others that will stop at nothing to get the gold, including the real Yankee ...
23 Apr. 1963
The Stranger
Emil Viktor is on the run from a trumped up murder conviction and crooked Sheriff Vanton Madox and his posse. Emil has been killing Slim Sherman's cattle to feed his family, who living on a run down ranch near the mountains where he's been hiding. Slim Sherman and Jess Harper have been unable to capture the elusive stranger that's been paying for the slaughtered cattle. When Mike Williams admits to having been helped the mysterious stranger both Slim and Jess begin to have their doubts. The situation gets complicated when Jess is rescued by Emil after a bad fall and ...
30 Apr. 1963
The Marshals
Jess Harper is critically wounded by Clint Buckner's gang when he attempts to prevent the ambush of the tumbleweed wagon transporting Clint's brother, Vern to his hanging in Cheyenne. With Jess needing a doctor, and not likely to survive the trip to Laramie, Marshal Branch McGary and Deputy Reb Carlson are forced to head for Ironwood and straight into the arms of Clint Buckner and his gang. Buckner kidnaps the town doctor in an attempt to force Marshal McGary to free his brother to save Jess' life.
7 May 1963
Badge of Glory
When ex-bounty hunter, turned preacher, John Holby is asked by a dying outlaw friend to cash his body in for a reward to build a new church, he accepts but it brings serious trouble from the rest of outlaw's gang.
14 May 1963
Slim finds a young woman severely injured. Soon he finds that two men have kidnapped her, and is about to capture them when they are all caught by the girl's rancher father and his hired hands. The father assumes that Slim was the leader of the kidnappers and plans to have all three men hanged. Actually, one of the rancher's own men is in league with the two kidnappers, one of whom is a ruthless killer, the other a young man who is in love with the girl and was beaten by her father because of it, and wants to get even with him for his brutal methods.
21 May 1963
The Road to Helena
Ruth Franklin, working as a saloon girl, foils a plan by three men to rob Slim. Afterward she persuades Slim to come to her house and help her father, who plans to return $50,000 that he embezzled from a Helena bank (but has never spent). Slim agrees to take them to Helena, but they are trailed by the same men who had earlier planned to rob Slim and now hope to take the money Mr. Franklin is carrying for themselves.

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