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Season 3

27 Sep. 1961
Satan City
A controversial novelist's new manuscript vanishes right after she comes to Hawaii to work on it. Greg investigates.
4 Oct. 1961
The Kupua of Coconut Bay
Tom is hired by a developer to convince Mama Mahina - a woman who was like a mother to Tom - sell the Coconut Bay land she owns. She is superstitious and believes the gods want the land to remain as it is.
11 Oct. 1961
The Moon of Mindanao
Tracy Steele faces danger as he traces a valuable pearl.
18 Oct. 1961
The Doctor's Lady
Laura Ingalls is accused of murder when her husband's mistress is found murdered. MacKenzie is asked to investigate the crime, but he discovers his life is also in danger because someone doesn't want him to arrive at a different conclusion.
25 Oct. 1961
Thomas Jefferson Chu
The government brings in Tom to help investigate when defense equipment that was on a dock in Formosa turns up in Red China. He goes undercover, and quickly runs into a Chinese Nationalist "spy" who may or may not be a spy at all.
1 Nov. 1961
Pill in the Box
While serving on a jury Cricket recognizes the foreman as a grade school friend. When the friend is found shot Tracy decides to help find out why and if it is related to his service on the jury.
18 Nov. 1961
Kill a Gray Fox
A girl is shot and a hated business executive is blamed. A high priced attorney from the mainland is brought in to defend the executive. Greg reluctantly agrees to work for the attorney and to follow the evidence wherever it leads.
15 Nov. 1961
Point Zero
Cricket is kidnapped off the street and taken to a remote location. When she doesn't show up for her performance at the Shell Bar, Tom starts to investigate.
22 Nov. 1961
The Queen from Kern County
A California beauty contestant arrives in Hawaii, and Doug and Tom find out that her managers are planning a few "surprises" for her.
29 Nov. 1961
The Final Score
A conman is trying to profit from the rumor of a volcano eruption. One of his marks hires Tracy to try and verify the rumor.
6 Dec. 1961
Two for the Money
A wealthy man hires Greg to track down the author of the obituary of the wife that had left him many years earlier. He asked Greg to try and bring his daughter back. Soon Greg has to decide which of two women is the real daughter.
13 Dec. 1961
A manuscript said to have been written by Robert Louis Stevenson is stolen from a boat arriving in Honolulu. A man with a college tie to Tom enlists his help to track down the document.
20 Dec. 1961
The Classic Cab
Kim buys an old limousine and finds gangsters are also interested in the car to the point of murder.
27 Dec. 1961
Concert in Hawaii
A 16 year old pianist prodigy comes to Hawaii for a concert. He hires Hawaiian Eye to ensure privacy while he practices. Tracy discerns there is something bothering the boy and is determined to find out what it is.
3 Jan. 1962
The Missile Rogues
Lopaka faces dangers as he discovers foreign agents stealing missile cones.
10 Jan. 1962
Little Miss Rich Witch
Tracy involved with madcap heiress who tries jewel theft for kicks.
17 Jan. 1962
Big Fever
Greg aids professor who faces death after winning $100,000 in poker game.
24 Jan. 1962
Year of Grace
An Indian princess disappears from the Honolulu Airport during a stopover. Tom is hired to find her.
31 Jan. 1962
My Love But Lightly
A woman Tracy is trying to forget comes to the island. When he is warned that she is in danger, he decides to fight his feelings and try to protect her.
7 Feb. 1962
Cricket's Millionaire
Cricket finds her life in danger when she exposes a publicity hoax.
14 Feb. 1962
Four-Cornered Triangle
Greg investigates a murder involving two women and two men.
21 Feb. 1962
Total Eclipse
Steele and Lopaka disagree on a girl charged with murder.
28 Feb. 1962
Blackmail in Satin
Greg takes on as a client a young woman whose mother is being hounded by a total stranger who is demanding huge sums of money.
7 Mar. 1962
A Scent of Whales
Lopaka is endangered by a murderer as he helps a beautiful model.
14 Mar. 1962
A Likely Story
Tracy faces danger for a lovely divorcee.
21 Mar. 1962
The Meeting on Molokai
Greg and private investigator Tracy Steele investigate the attempted murder of an oil executive who was about to close a merger with a rival oil company, which is controlled by a woman.
28 Mar. 1962
Tom Lopaka faces danger as he investigates a bribery charge against a prosecutor.
4 Apr. 1962
An Echo of Honor
Tracy Steele runs into a murder while investigating strange jewel thefts.
11 Apr. 1962
Nightmare in Paradise
Greg has a near miss on the road. The Coroner ruled the man in the other car died of suicide. When Tracy is discouraged from asking questions, his suspicion is aroused.
18 Apr. 1962
Aloha, Cricket
Cricket Blake is disguised as a Polynesian girl to help uncover a smuggling ring.
25 Apr. 1962
The Last Samurai
Cricket Blake gets involved with a family practicing Japanese rituals.
2 May 1962
Rx Cricket
Cricket Blake is accused of poisoning a girl to collect a fortune.
9 May 1962
Location Shooting
A WWII movie is being shot in Hawaii. The lead actor is extremely insecure. Greg is asked to make sure there is nothing that disrupts him. When the actor is blamed for a hit and run attempt, Greg starts to investigate.
16 May 1962
Across the River Lethe
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2 May 1962
Scene of the Crime
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30 May 1962
Among the Living
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6 Jun. 1962
'V' for Victim
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13 Jun. 1962
Koko Kate
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20 Jun. 1962
Lalama Lady
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