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Season 2

14 Sep. 1960
I Wed Three Wives
When actor Mark Hamilton comes to Hawaii, Tracy is hired to keep the star's three ex-wives away from him. It turns out that he's evaded paying them the alimony payments he owes them and they're planning to kidnap him in order to get their money. It also turns out that he's been cheating on his income taxes, too, and when his manager finds out about it, Hamilton kills him.
21 Sep. 1960
Princess from Manhattan
Tom agrees to help an American woman married to an Arab prince escape from her husband. However, when Tom goes to the prince's yacht, he's overpowered and taken prisoner.
28 Sep. 1960
With This Ring
Eight-year-old Patty has lost her "boyfriend", Stevie. Cricket decides to have a little fun with Tracy and Tom by having them work for her "client" Patty to find the missing Stevie. The joke turns serious when a ring that Stevie gave Patty turns out to be part of a stolen jewelry collection.
5 Oct. 1960
Sea Fire
Tom is hired by a steamship company to find out who is using its ships to smuggle narcotics into the country.
12 Oct. 1960
Jade Song
Tracy is hired to guard a group of refugee Chinese musicians. He doesn't know that one of the "musicians" is actually a Tibetan lama who has escaped from the Red Chinese, whose agents are looking for him.
19 Oct. 1960
The Blue Goddess
Harmon Kane believes his new girlfriend is from a wealthy family, but the fact is that she and her rich "father" are actually con artists planning to steal the valuable "Blue Goddess" necklace. When the girl's accomplice buys the necklace with a phony check and then skips, Tom is hired to get the necklace back.
26 Oct. 1960
White Pigeon Ticket
An ex-con is suspected in a warehouse robbery, and the only clue Tom has to him is a lottery ticket.
2 Nov. 1960
Vanessa Vanishes
A ransom note arrives before a young heiress can be abducted. Her father hires Steele--and then the girl disappears.
9 Nov. 1960
The Kahuna Curtain
Hired to guard the privacy of an heiress, Lopaka becomes concerned when her boyfriend begins to involve her in séances to retrieve her lost teddy bear.
16 Nov. 1960
Girl on a String
Pupeteer Michael Dalli informs his assistant Sandra that she's no longer needed and he's replacing her with another girl. Soon Sandra finds her lookalike puppet, which is used in the act, smashed. Shortly after that, she's hit and killed in the street by a car. A new girl, Mona, is hired to replace her, and soon Mona finds HER puppet strangled. She hires Tracy to find out what is going on.
23 Nov. 1960
Kakua Woman
Tom goes after escaped killer Ed Grimes, and tracks him to Hilo, where Grimes is being hidden by his wife Doris. Tom knows that Grimes is cheating on his wife with a new girlfriend, but Doris won't believe anything bad about her husband.
30 Nov. 1960
The Contenders
Tom is dating the sister of up-and-coming boxer Joey Steck. He discovers a scheme to fix Joey's upcoming fight against a local favorite.
7 Dec. 1960
Swan Song for a Hero
The Pacific Foundation awards Otto Van Helgren a hefty grant to sail a raft across the Pacific Ocean as a scientific experiment. However, a foundation official suspects something fishy when Von Helgren refuses to allow any photographs to be taken of him. He hires Tracy to find out what Von Helgren is up to, and Tracy in turn calls on Los Angeles private detective Rex Randolph (of Warner Bros.' companion show 77 Sunset Strip (1958)) to help him.
14 Dec. 1960
The Money Blossom
Tom uncovers a scheme to murder an orchid grower, which is part of a conspiracy to steal his most valuable orchid.
21 Dec. 1960
Services Rendered
An executive being blackmailed is talked out of committing suicide by Tom, who promises to find out who the blackmailer is. Tom's investigation convinces him that he needs the help of his old friend Greg MacKenzie, who's a detective on the mainland. Greg comes to the islands, and is so impressed with Hawaii that he not only agrees to help Tom find the blackmailer but decides to stay and join Tom's agency.
28 Dec. 1960
Baker's Half Dozen
A half-dozen US Navy sailors find out that they share a common trait--they're all engaged to the same woman. When they go to confront her they find she's disappeared, so they hire Tom to find her and retrieve the "wedding" expense money they gave her.
4 Jan. 1961
Made in Japan
When a wave of phony $20 bills hits Honolulu, the Treasury Department asks Greg for help in finding the counterfeiters. Greg thinks the bills appear to be made by a former counterfeiter named Capt. Joe, who was supposed to have gotten out of the counterfeiting business and gone straight, but it turns out that Capt. Joe has been kidnapped by a gang of counterfeiters who want him to develop plates so they can counterfeit $50 bills.
11 Jan. 1961
A Touch of Velvet
Tracy has to find the the killer of renowned artist Gordon Montaigne, and he finds some help from an unexpected source--a blind girl.
18 Jan. 1961
Talk and You're Dead
Tom goes undercover as a longshoreman to break up a waterfront loan-shark racket.
25 Jan. 1961
Robinson Koyoto
Magazine writer Gloria Matthews asks Tracy to help her in an unusual matter. She's doing a story on Micho Koyoto, a Japanese marine who has been isolated in the Solomon Islands for the past 15 years and doesn't know the war is over. He is the heir to a large fortune back in Japan, but Gloria needs Tracy's help in convincing the Japanese soldier that the war is over.
1 Feb. 1961
The Manabi Figurine
Greg is hired by Bill Sinclair to guard a rare and valuable statuette called the Manabi Figurine until it can be appraised, at which time Sinclair plans to sell it and make a profit for he and his partners who found the item. However, the figurine is stolen from Greg's safe and someone winds up murdered. Greg, Tom and Lt. Quon work together to find the thief who stole the figurine and committed the murder.
8 Feb. 1961
Caves of Pele
Helen is planning to marry Harvey Cross but she still has feelings for Carl Wakila. When Helen's brother is killed Carl is blamed. Tracy is determined to find Carl and find the truth.
15 Feb. 1961
Man in a Rage
Mike is a narcissist who blames others for the failures in his life. He believes he is owed an easy life. When his sister-in-law realizes he is stealing from her business, she realizes she is afraid of him and goes to Tracy for help.
22 Feb. 1961
The Stanhope Brand
A friend of Greg's goes to Stanhope Island in pursuit of a journalistic story and doesn't keep his dinner appointment with Greg. Greg begins to investigate.
1 Mar. 1961
The Trouble with Murder
Harry Lytton is in love with his mistress and wants to be rid of his wife. He hires a hit-man and then he wife agrees to the divorce. He goes to Tracy and Greg to try and locate the hit-man before he acts.
8 Mar. 1961
The Man from Manila
Tom returns from a covert job where he was tasked with bringing a witness back to Oahu to stand trial. An enterprising photographer learns about the witness and tries to make some money selling his information.
15 Mar. 1961
Her Father's House
Lily Shung has lived all her life in Hong Kong. Her mother died before she was five but not before telling her that her father was from a prominent family in Hawaii. Lily sets out for Hawaii to learn about her father's side of the family.
22 Mar. 1961
The Humuhumunukunukuapuaa Kid
Jenny Drake is engaged to be married. Tracy realizes she is not in love with her fiance. Jenny marries anyway to spite her wealthy mother. When her mother is killed, Jenny is blamed. Tracy must find the real killer.
29 Mar. 1961
Don't Kiss Me Goodbye
Kitty Todd arrives home from shopping and finds her husband dead. The police and her neighbors believe she did it. When another person is murdered at the house, Tom is convinced there is more to the story.
5 Apr. 1961
Dragon Road
Tracy is using a detective to track down a missing girl in Hong Kong. When the detectives phone line goes empty in mid-conversation, Tracy goes to Hong Kong to find the detective and the girl himself.
12 Apr. 1961
It Ain't Cricket
Tina Robertson's parents have hired Hawaiian Eye to keep Tina away from the man she loves. She is an impossible client. When Cricket tries to befriend her, she is mistaken for Tina by kidnappers.
19 Apr. 1961
The Comics
Bunny White is on a roll as he brings his show routine to Hawaii. When he hires a woman lacking in talent to join the show, his partner becomes concerned and hires Tracy to look into the woman's past.
26 Apr. 1961
Father, Dear Father
Beulah Mae Willey is an beautiful eccentric who comes to Hawaii flaunting her wealth. Upon her arrival she connects with Tom with who she wants to see the island. Tom starts to see hints all is not as it appears.
3 May 1961
The Manchu Formula
Ed Haskell is a publicist who wants to help his client get top dollar for an ancient Chinese anti-aging formula. In an effort to increase the aura around the cream, Ed hires Hawaiian Eye to help keep the owner and the formula safe.
10 May 1961
The Pretty People
The murder of a Hollywood star is blamed on Cricket Blake.
17 May 1961
The Big Dealer
Tracy Steele is blamed when an old girlfriend is found murdered in his car.
24 May 1961
Maid in America
Greg tries to help a young Asian woman who has arrived in Hawaii to take part in an arranged marriage. The trouble is, the man she is to marry is interested in only one thing--a pair of valuable antique vases she brought with her.
31 May 1961
A Taste for Money
Tracy Steele hunts a hit-and-run driver.

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