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Season 1

5 Nov. 1959
Dead Man's Switch
Prejudiced thugs attack a Puerto Rican teen at the neighborhood youth center, egged into action by the columns of a bigoted writer. As his son lies near death in the hospital, the boy's father pays the race-baiting writer a visit--armed with a hand grenade.
10 Dec. 1959
24 Dec. 1959
National Treasure
Manfred is called to the estate of Lord Eastly for a deathbed confession: the Rembrandt painting hanging in his home is an original. It had been stolen from the museum and replaced with a copy. The lord wants Manfred to return the painting as quietly as possible.
14 Jan. 1960
Tim saves a woman from jumping off a bridge into the Seine River. After coming to at his apartment, he and Nicole learn only her name, Marie, and that she's from Algeria before running off. Wanting to help, Tim tracks down the young woman's uncle who says she smuggled herself into France to escape the political horrors back home.
28 Jan. 1960
The Discovery
An unlicensed doctor is accused of murdering a sick friend by using him as a Guinea pig, administering an experimental drug he devised.
24 Feb. 1960
A plane which crashed five years earlier is spotted by a hunter in Canada. Jeff is visited by the late pilot's wife. She wants him to get to the wreckage first to see if a half-million dollars of embezzled gold was aboard the aircraft.
9 Mar. 1960
The Miracle of St. Phillipe
Collier and Nicole arrive in a small French town filled with pilgrims seeking miracles from a holy relic. When it's stolen, a crazy man confesses, but he eagerly takes the blame for any and all crimes anyway.
4 May 1960
The Grandmother
An old French military family has a shameful secret to hide about how a troop of soldiers lost their lives, and how the matriarchal grandmother's own grandson lost his sight in the Algerian war.
11 May 1960
The Man Who Wasn't There
Manfred's investigates a possibly kidnapped scientist takes him to a reactivated, but top secret Royal Navy station on a small island off Scotland. Though an MP, he's refused entry. He sneaks in, locating the missing man, in an old shed.
8 Jun. 1960
17 Aug. 1960
Treviso Dam
After a young man working on a new multimillion-Lira dam project tells Poccari of some of the dangerously inferior cement being used, he has a mysterious fatal accident. So Poccari goes to investigate.

 Season 1 

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