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16 Oct. 1959
The Streger Affair
When a burglary goes terribly wrong, Captain Matt Holbrook is faced with a homicide. Apparently Alfred Streger was shot and killed by small-time crook Danny Falto. The ongoing investigation gives Matt a complicated murder puzzle to solve. The break comes when one of the burglars ends up in hospital with a twisted ankle. As it turns out, Falto tried to get rid of his accomplice as well, but that didn't work out. So, if Falto did kill Streger, why didn't he kill his accomplice? While the detectives work hard to find and catch the burglars, Matt Holbrook soon finds out ...
23 Oct. 1959
Shot in the Dark
A shot in a dark alley ruins an after work poker game for the Detectives. It's bad enough that Officer Forbes shoots a teenage boy, but trouble is really brewing when Captain Holbrook hears that the boy is living in the Latino and Italian quarters of the city. Emotions are boiling to the point of eruption and Matt and his men have all hands full to prevent the uniformed cops from becoming victims of a vendetta...
30 Oct. 1959
The Hiding Place
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6 Nov. 1959
When it's learned that there's a mob hit intended for a local gangster, Russo is asked to pose as the man, but he needs the co-operation of his wife.
13 Nov. 1959
Murderous Deadline
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20 Nov. 1959
The Bait
When a small time crook stumbles across a large cache of high quality drugs, he inadvertently crosses the "Baron", head of the city's biggest drug dealing organization. But the Detectives give the crook a choice - either function as bait in a trap the Detectives have set up to finally catch the Baron, or be booked for possession of a major shipment of top quality narcotics. And so a small time crook finds himself in the middle of a dangerous cat and mouse game that can easily cost him more than just a few years behind bars - it can cost him his life...
27 Nov. 1959
My Name Is Tommy
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4 Dec. 1959
Back-Seat Driver
When Detective Russo and his son, while on vacation, are kidnapped by an escaping hoodlum, Russo's colleagues must work fast to prevent murder at the end of the trip.
11 Dec. 1959
Two-Time Loser
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18 Dec. 1959
The Long Drive
A not too bright blonde reports that after a party, she left her blind date in a huff, but left her purse in the car. The squad realizes that the date was a wanted mobster and take her out in a search for the location of the party.
25 Dec. 1959
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