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1 Jan. 1967
Ponderosa Explosion
Brothers Hoss and Little Joe are sweet-talked by a pair of con men into "investing" in a pair of "exotic" animals who are indeed prolific--they're common rabbits.
8 Jan. 1967
Joe sets out to avenge the death of his fiancée.
15 Jan. 1967
A Bride for Buford
Hoss must find out if a saloon girl's sudden interest in a miner is for love or his newfound wealth.
22 Jan. 1967
Black Friday
Little Joe puts his life on the line to help sick friend-turned-gunfighter, Steve Friday, who is holed up in a second story hotel room and waiting a challenge from a gunman, hired by the father of one of Friday's victims to avenge his son's death on the anniversary of the killing... Friday the 13th.
29 Jan. 1967
The Unseen Wound
Ben visits his old friend Paul Rowen, the sheriff of Concho. His wife Katherine says he has been complaining of headaches for six months now. When he starts shooting innocent people he swore to protect, the whole town has to decide how best to keep from killing their good friend.
5 Feb. 1967
Journey to Terror
Initially suspected as being part of the bank-robbing Hollister gang while on his way to visit Tom and Ellie Blackwell's drought-stricken ranch, Little Joe is soon held hostage and his friends terrorized by the real desperadoes on the run to Mexico with a wounded man.
12 Feb. 1967
While riding posse after a band of vicious marauders led by a renegade ex-cavalry officer, Ben Cartwright captures a wounded comanchero and tries to protect him from the angry ranchers who want to lynch him, his own gang who wants the money he was carrying for them and an angry Little Joe who lost a friend when his ranch was raided.
19 Feb. 1967
A Woman in the House
Ben has a problem on his hands when the girl he protected from her alcoholic husband mistakes gratitude for love.
26 Feb. 1967
Judgement at Red Creek
A marshal's brother is shot by two men who held up the stage depot. Little Joe joins the posse who follows the trail left by those men. They come upon two men who say they didn't do it but since his brother may die, the marshal seems to have other ideas.
5 Mar. 1967
Joe Cartwright, Detective
After Joe gets hooked on detective novels, he becomes suspicious of two strangers in town, and enlists Hoss's help to convince the deputy, and Ben, that they really are robbers, before it's too late.
12 Mar. 1967
Dark Enough to See the Stars
A ranch hand must learn to overcome his fear of his sweetheart's father.
26 Mar. 1967
The Deed and the Dilemma
A bigot complicates Ben's efforts to help an immigrant family.
2 Apr. 1967
The Prince
Russian siblings Count Alexis and Countess Elena visit the Ponderosa where a fugitive Russian prince once a beau to Elena now leads an outlaw gang intent on the theft of Elena's jewels.
9 Apr. 1967
A Man Without Land
Matt Jeffers is about to lose his land. Back taxes, no water and owes his foreman wages. When his foreman finds water on the land he hatches a scheme to buy the land and stick Little Joe with all the blame.
16 Apr. 1967
Napoleon's Children
A gunslinger who believes he's Napoleon leads an army to terrorize Virginia City.
23 Apr. 1967
The Wormwood Cup
A pretty woman arrives by stage and places this Notice up: I will pay $1000 to the man who kills Joe Cartwright in a fair fight. When he finds out the story behind it, Joe tries to convince her she is wrong. Failing that, someone has already picked up the gauntlet to see Joe Cartwright dead.
30 Apr. 1967
The Cartwrights get more than they bargained for when they welcome snobbish Eastern cousin Clarissa.
7 May 1967
Maestro Hoss
A phony fortuneteller tells Hoss that he's a master violinist.
14 May 1967
The Greedy Ones
The Cartwrights fear they may have to fend off a gold-rush when word spreads that an old prospector struck it rich on Ponderosa land.
17 Sep. 1967
Second Chance
Joe and Hoss are out when they are attacked by Indians, Joe hit with an arrow. With Joe needing medical attention, they come across a small wagon train of misfits, heading East. Their only doctor, dying and wanting to see his grandchildren before he dies, helps Little Joe.
24 Sep. 1967
Sense of Duty
Ben militia troop is reactivated when the Paiute Indian Wabuska is captured and needs to be transported to the nearest fort. The Indians consider him to be a god which makes him very important to their people. When several of the soldiers are killed, the tribal chief sees for himself what they have been dying for.
1 Oct. 1967
The Conquistadores
Gold panning immigrants are run off their claim. In need of money for the survival of their village, they kidnap Joe and hold him for ransom but their heart just isn't in it.
8 Oct. 1967
Judgment at Olympus
Candy is arrested for an outstanding warrant in Olympus for killing A.Z. Wheelock's son. As Hoss investigates, he finds someone else who may have a motive for putting his son out of the way.
15 Oct. 1967
Night of Reckoning
Donnie Buckler has been shot getting away from a holdup. He buries a portion and then is found by Little Joe. They go to the Ponderosa and fetch the doc but by the time he arrives the Cartwrights have been seized by the rest of the gang. When Donnie doesn't give up the loot's location, the boss decides to use some different leverage - an old girlfriend he hadn't seen in about a year.
22 Oct. 1967
False Witness
Joe, Hoss and Candy drive a herd to Sand Dust. When they go into town to collect their wages, the buyer is robbed and killed with four witnesses to both crimes. When they are put up in the hotel under protective custody, the Slater gang makes several attempts to finish them all off so they can't testify against the one brother they managed to capture.
29 Oct. 1967
The Gentle Ones
When their parents died, Mark's older brother raised him at times like he was breaking a horse. Part because he was just a kid himself and others because he didn't know any better. But Mark never doubted his brother's love but he has to show a new girl in town or die trying.
5 Nov. 1967
Desperate Passage
The Cartwright's and Candy come across a town deserted following an Indian attack. The sole survivor is a man locked in the jail until a woman claiming to have escaped the attack turns up.
12 Nov. 1967
The Sure Thing
Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene) buys a teen-age girl's stallion from her father, Burt Loughlin (Tom Tully), with the intention of letting the girl, Trudy Loughlin (Kim Darby),ride the horse in a high-stakes race, but his plans are upset when the father falls in with Harper (William Bryant), a crooked gambler.
19 Nov. 1967
Showdown at Tahoe
When a gang of robbers decide to escape via the Cartwright's steam boat, taking Candy hostage, it's Ben, Hoss and Joe to the rescue.
26 Nov. 1967
Six Black Horses
An old friend of Ben Cartwright comes to town to liven things up.
3 Dec. 1967
Check Rein
The Cartwrights become unwitting pawns in a battle between wealthy rancher Gabriel Bingham and his penniless nephew Jayce Fredericks over the ownership of the valuable black horse Jayce needs to restart his herd and reclaim his ranch.
17 Dec. 1967
Justice Deferred
Not long after bad-tempered Frank Scott is hanged for murdering a young woman in a dark Virginia City alley, witness for the prosecution, Hoss Cartwright, sees a man in a Carson City saloon who looks just like Frank, hears him whistling the same strange tune the killer whistled that fateful night, and begins to fear that his testimony has sent the wrong man to the gallows.
24 Dec. 1967
The Gold Detector
Wally Cox is the inventor of a "Willy Wonka like" machine, which he sells to Hoss claiming it has the ability to detect gold. However, all it can really detect is the lie behind the 'gold detection' theory.

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