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2 Jan. 1966
The Dublin Lad
Joe is a member of the jury which convicts Terrence O'Toole of murder. O'Toole is sentenced is hang. But despite his own vote, Joe is plagued by doubts about the man's guilt.
9 Jan. 1966
To Kill a Buffalo
Hoss finds a young Indian who's been left to die by his tribe because he is lame. He is brought to the Ponderosa, where the doctor is able to heal his leg so he can walk again. Hoss tries to teach him to overcome his hostility to the white man as well.
16 Jan. 1966
Ride the Wind: Part 1
The Pony Express comes to Virginia City and Little Joe decides to join. Soon Indians react to express riders invading their lands.
23 Jan. 1966
Ride the Wind: Part 2
If the Pony Express is to survive the growing Indian problem must be addressed. When things get out of hand, it is Ben Cartwright who steps in to save the life of the Indian Chiefs son and secure a peace treaty.
30 Jan. 1966
Destiny's Child
Ben tries to find jobs for two strangers who helped him when his wagon was bogged down in the mud. Trouble ensues when one of the strangers dies, leaving the other one who is mentally disabled, alone.
6 Feb. 1966
Peace Officer
A band of rowdy young punks accidentally kill a deputy in a barroom brawl. With Sheriff Coffee out of town, the mayor sends for legendary peace officer Wes Dunn to take his place temporarily and track down the gang. But it soon becomes apparent that Dunn is totally ruthless and brutal in the methods he uses to catch them.
13 Feb. 1966
The Code
A gunfighter comes to Virginia City. Little Joe allows his pride to draw him into a challenge. Ben forbids him to participate. Little Joe must decide to obey his father or obey the code of the west.
20 Feb. 1966
Three Brides for Hoss
An ordinary day on the Ponderosa turns all but ordinary when three mail order brides arrive claiming they're engaged to Hoss.
27 Feb. 1966
The Emperor Norton
Ben's old friend Joshua Norton is a brilliant inventor who has ideas for a new type of bridge. He is also an eccentric who fancies himself as, and dresses as, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. When Norton encourages Chinese mine workers to stand up for their rights and higher wages, the mine owner petitions to have him committed, and Ben tries to defend him.
6 Mar. 1966
Her Brother's Keeper
Claire Armory comes to Virginia City to live with her brother Carl, an invalid neighbor of the Cartwrights. Carl encourages Claire to see Ben, and soon Claire and Ben fall in love with each other. But Carl is a manipulative man who uses his condition in order to get Claire to do what he wants, and tries to use her now to get money from Ben. Claire struggles with whether or not to break free from her brother and marry Ben.
20 Mar. 1966
The Trouble with Jamie
Ben's cousin Matthew visits the Ponderosa, along with his ward Elizabeth and his son Jamie. Jamie is a spoiled and arrogant brat who constantly insults both his father and the Cartwrights. When Matthew decides to leave Jamie with the Cartwrights while he and Elizabeth visit San Francisco, Ben has his work cut out for him in teaching the young man a lesson in behavior.
27 Mar. 1966
Shining in Spain
Little Joe falls for beautiful young Wendy Daniels, who has arrived in Virginia City to wait for her father, who plans to start a stage and freight line there. Wendy has nothing but the highest praise for her father, but the town banker receives information that Daniels has not told Wendy the truth about his financial situation, a fact which could deeply disappoint the girl.
3 Apr. 1966
The Genius
Against Ben's better judgment, Hoss hires drunken Will Smith as a ranch hand on the Ponderosa, hoping to straighten him out. It doesn't work out; he is soon fired for drinking on the job. Then Hoss discovers that Smith is actually a famous poet, William Warlock Evans. He determines to help turn Evans around to his former self.
10 Apr. 1966
The Unwritten Commandment
Young Andy Walker wants to be a singer, and a local saloon hostess is anxious to train him. But Andy's father won't hear of it and doesn't want his son to be anything but a farmer like him.
17 Apr. 1966
Big Shadow on the Land
A group of immigrant winegrowers sets up business on the Ponderosa.
24 Apr. 1966
The Fighters
Hoss feels guilty about ending a boxer's career and vows never to fight again. However, his promise is put to the test when Joe is badly beaten.
1 May 1966
Home from the Sea
Adam's old shipmate plots to rob the Cartwrights of gold.
8 May 1966
The Last Mission
Ben joins an old Army buddy on a mission to make peace with the Indians. But Hoss, who is riding along with them, becomes suspicious that Colonel Jarrell is not telling them his real plans.
15 May 1966
A Dollar's Worth of Trouble
Hoss and Little Joe fall victim to a con, involving a gypsy, a beautiful blonde, and a nearsighted gunfighter coming to town.
11 Sep. 1966
Something Hurt, Something Wild
Joe is accused of assaulting Laurie Ferguson.
18 Sep. 1966
Horse of a Different Hue
Colonel Robert Fairchild is an old friend of the Cartwright clan and a member of a gang of con artists out to swindle the Cartwrights in a crooked horse race.
25 Sep. 1966
A Time to Step Down
Angered that his longtime friend, Ben Cartwright, would ask him to retire into easier work after 50 years of wrangling, aging ranch-hand Dan Tolliver falls in with two disgruntled drifters who plan to rob the Ponderosa payroll.
2 Oct. 1966
The Pursued: Part 1
The Cartwrights come to the aid of a Mormon rancher being persecuted for his beliefs.
9 Oct. 1966
The Pursued: Part 2
Mormon rancher Heber Clawson is forced out of town by bigots with his two wives -- one of whom needs medical attention.
16 Oct. 1966
To Bloom for Thee
Hoss falls for a cold, indifferent woman with a shady past.
23 Oct. 1966
Credit for a Kill
When it's unclear which of their two bullets, fired simultaneously, brought down a wanted horse thief, Little Joe allows his friend, rancher Morgan Tanner, to take the credit and claim the much needed reward money. But when the outlaw's brothers come to town for his body and revenge, Joe must make a difficult decision that will save his friend, but may destroy their friendship.
30 Oct. 1966
Four Sisters from Boston
Four sisters come from Boston to try to prevent a property left to them by their uncle from being auctioned due to back taxes. They arrive the day of the sale but are short the full amount due. When Ben steps in and pays off all that is due, one of the sisters wonders what's Ben's motive. But are her suspicions aimed in the wrong direction?
6 Nov. 1966
Old Charlie
Charlie is well liked by everyone. He's always full of stories and plans for making money. One day a man, with a reward on his head. tries to rob his livery stable and is accidentally killed by his own knife. When the man's family comes to town looking for revenge, Hoss has to try to let everyone know who was actually in that knife fight before Old Charlie gives up his life for the reward.
13 Nov. 1966
Ballad of the Ponderosa
A balladeer blames Ben for the hanging of his father.
20 Nov. 1966
The Oath
Mean Big Charlie Monahan makes his son promise to kill Ben Cartwright after Ben's testimony sends Big Charlie to the gallows for the murder of an old prospector.
27 Nov. 1966
A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town
Special Deputy Hoss goes in search of the gunman who shot Little Joe, tangling with testy townsfolk, two crafty brothers, and their mother, who is more interested in protecting her sons than seeing justice done.
4 Dec. 1966
The Bridegroom
Maggie Dowling's father's indifferent insults about her appearance, and his embarrassing attempts at matchmaking, drive her to despair; but Little Joe intervenes to help her prod widower, Jared Wilson to declare his affections for her.
18 Dec. 1966
The Cartwrights protect a deaf-mute boy and his mother from his outlaw stepfather.
25 Dec. 1966
A Christmas Story
A singer returns to Virginia City for Christmas along with his scheming uncle.

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