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Season 9

17 Sep. 1967
Second Chance
Joe and Hoss are out when they are attacked by Indians, Joe hit with an arrow. With Joe needing medical attention, they come across a small wagon train of misfits, heading East. Their only doctor, dying and wanting to see his grandchildren before he dies, helps Little Joe.
24 Sep. 1967
Sense of Duty
Ben militia troop is reactivated when the Paiute Indian Wabuska is captured and needs to be transported to the nearest fort. The Indians consider him to be a god which makes him very important to their people. When several of the soldiers are killed, the tribal chief sees for himself what they have been dying for.
1 Oct. 1967
The Conquistadores
Gold panning immigrants are run off their claim. In need of money for the survival of their village, they kidnap Joe and hold him for ransom but their heart just isn't in it.
8 Oct. 1967
Judgment at Olympus
Candy is arrested for an outstanding warrant in Olympus for killing A.Z. Wheelock's son. As Hoss investigates, he finds someone else who may have a motive for putting his son out of the way.
15 Oct. 1967
Night of Reckoning
Donnie Buckler has been shot getting away from a holdup. He buries a portion and then is found by Little Joe. They go to the Ponderosa and fetch the doc but by the time he arrives the Cartwrights have been seized by the rest of the gang. When Donnie doesn't give up the loot's location, the boss decides to use some different leverage - an old girlfriend he hadn't seen in about a year.
22 Oct. 1967
False Witness
Joe, Hoss and Candy drive a herd to Sand Dust. When they go into town to collect their wages, the buyer is robbed and killed with four witnesses to both crimes. When they are put up in the hotel under protective custody, the Slater gang makes several attempts to finish them all off so they can't testify against the one brother they managed to capture.
29 Oct. 1967
The Gentle Ones
When their parents died, Mark's older brother raised him at times like he was breaking a horse. Part because he was just a kid himself and others because he didn't know any better. But Mark never doubted his brother's love but he has to show a new girl in town or die trying.
5 Nov. 1967
Desperate Passage
The Cartwright's and Candy come across a town deserted following an Indian attack. The sole survivor is a man locked in the jail until a woman claiming to have escaped the attack turns up.
12 Nov. 1967
The Sure Thing
Ben Cartwright (Lorne Greene) buys a teen-age girl's stallion from her father, Burt Loughlin (Tom Tully), with the intention of letting the girl, Trudy Loughlin (Kim Darby),ride the horse in a high-stakes race, but his plans are upset when the father falls in with Harper (William Bryant), a crooked gambler.
19 Nov. 1967
Showdown at Tahoe
When a gang of robbers decide to escape via the Cartwright's steam boat, taking Candy hostage, it's Ben, Hoss and Joe to the rescue.
26 Nov. 1967
Six Black Horses
An old friend of Ben Cartwright comes to town to liven things up.
3 Dec. 1967
Check Rein
The Cartwrights become unwitting pawns in a battle between wealthy rancher Gabriel Bingham and his penniless nephew Jayce Fredericks over the ownership of the valuable black horse Jayce needs to restart his herd and reclaim his ranch.
17 Dec. 1967
Justice Deferred
Not long after bad-tempered Frank Scott is hanged for murdering a young woman in a dark Virginia City alley, witness for the prosecution, Hoss Cartwright, sees a man in a Carson City saloon who looks just like Frank, hears him whistling the same strange tune the killer whistled that fateful night, and begins to fear that his testimony has sent the wrong man to the gallows.
24 Dec. 1967
The Gold Detector
Wally Cox is the inventor of a "Willy Wonka like" machine, which he sells to Hoss claiming it has the ability to detect gold. However, all it can really detect is the lie behind the 'gold detection' theory.
7 Jan. 1968
The Trackers
The Virginia City bank is robbed and a clerk killed. Cully Maco, just released from prison, is the only suspect. When the posse catches up to him, he claims he didn't know about the latest incident anymore than he knew who sent him away to prison for 5 years. So who did kill and steal $161,000?
14 Jan. 1968
A Girl Named George
Attorney Cato Troxell's is defending his brother against a murder charge. When he's found guilty, Cato threatens the judge in front of witnesses. When the judge is killed in his own barn, Cato is naturally brought up on charges. But several days before, a photographer was hired to take a group photo of the Ponderosa and some hands from several surrounding ranches. But how did Cato get in the picture? Everyone swears he wasn't there!
21 Jan. 1968
The Thirteenth Man
The Cattlemen's Association hire a range detective to put an end to the cattle rustling affecting all in their area. What they soon learn is that he has a shady past which includes killings with never any witnesses.
28 Jan. 1968
The Burning Sky
The Cartwrights hire a new bronc buster who brings along a new bride -- an Indian woman who a few locals just don't feel comfortable around. One neighbor in particular takes a dislike to her and she uncovers a secret he has been ashamed to reveal.
4 Feb. 1968
The Price of Salt
The salt bed is now exhausted and the only supply left is in a warehouse and controlled by its new owner. Since everyone needs the salt and they need it now or their cattle will die, the biggest buyer tries to set the price. When a price is reached, they are all up in arms. But the monetary price is nothing to what is finally paid.
18 Feb. 1968
Blood Tie
Ben Cartwright finds himself in a fight for his life when he acts too late on his suspicion that there is more than meets the eye to an amiable, young drifter that Little Joe brought home to the Ponderosa.
25 Feb. 1968
The Crime of Johnny Mule
With Hoss being the lone hold-out during the murder trail of Johnny Mule, he will only have a short time to gather evidence before a new trail is set. But when Johnny breaks out of jail, things look bad.
3 Mar. 1968
The Late Ben Cartwright
When an assassin's bullet strikes him down on the Ponderosa, Ben Cartwright decides to stay "dead" until he can find out who's behind the failed attempt...and why.
10 Mar. 1968
Star Crossed
Candy falls in love with a new arrival but she is being pursued by a blackmailer. When the blackmail plot is revealed, Candy seeks help from the Cartwrights but he returns lodging house of his future bride to find her murdered.
17 Mar. 1968
Trouble Town
Candy finally leaves the Ponderosa and the Cartwright family to marry his longtime fiancé, Lila, in River Bend. His life changes radically, however, when he arrives in the town and finds himself arrested and thrown in jail for something he didn't do. Getting word of his plight, the Cartwrights travel to River Bend, only to discover that the town is controlled by a murderous, corrupt sheriff and his equally crooked deputy.
7 Apr. 1968
Commitment at Angelus
While in the nearby town of Angeles to treat Candy's injured hand, Little Joe offers horse wrangling work to an out-of-work miner friend, Steve Regan. But, when a rearing horse accidentally kills Steve, Little Joe and Candy stay to help the grieving widow and instead find themselves embroiled in a dangerous mine strike, resented by the angry Angeles miners, and discovering that there may be real cause to doubt the mine's safety...and their own.
14 Apr. 1968
A Dream to Dream
Hoss gets to play 'Pa' to two children while he visits their home to buy horses from the children's father who spends more time in the Saloon than he does with his wife and children.
28 Apr. 1968
In Defense of Honor
Longtime hand 'adopted' into the Cartwright family as a baby decides to return to the Indian tribe to which he was born. Indian haters stir up trouble that puts the new treaty in jeopardy.
5 May 1968
To Die in Darkness
Candy and Ben are imprisoned in a mine for a month by a man set on revenge. Years before, the man was wrongly incarcerated by the testimony of Ben Cartwright.
12 May 1968
The Bottle Fighter
Hoss needs a lawyer but the only one available is an alcoholic. Its up to the Cartwright's and Candy to keep him sober until the trial.
19 May 1968
The Arrival of Eddie
After Eddie returns to town and learns Hoss accidentally shot his father, it's up to Hoss to gain Eddie's forgiveness and make amends-and at the same time foil a blackmail plot.
26 May 1968
The Stronghold
Joe is in charge of selling a herd in Dry Wells to the Farrell brothers but he is swindled out of the bankers draft. Joe returns with Candy and Dude to take back what is his.
2 Jun. 1968
Pride of a Man
Joe steps in as teacher when his school mistress girlfriend Abby is thrown from a horse. Joe meets his match when he undertakes to teach the two sons of a hog farmer.
7 Jul. 1968
A Severe Case of Matrimony
When Spanish Gypsies arrive on the Cartwright ranch things get a lot more exciting for Ben, Hoss and Joe as they find themselves the subject of Rosalita's advances.
28 Jul. 1968
Stage Door Johnnies
Joe and Hoss waste time and money chasing after an actress and her lap dog.

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