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7 Jan. 1960
The Pied Piper of Dodge City
Bat is asked to take half interest in the Long Branch Saloon to help make it profitable. He does so by hiring a female piano player but a crooked mayor and Marshal force him to create the Dodge City Peace Commission to clean up the town.
14 Jan. 1960
A Picture of Death
When Hugh Blaine bets $50,000 that all four hooves of a racehorse are off the ground at once, he agrees to pay Bat 10% of the bet to supply proof. Bat hires a man to take photographs of the trotter in action, but the pictures are stolen.
21 Jan. 1960
Pigeon and Hawk
When two speculators try to corner the stock market by sending former Pony Express riders racing from the mining towns to Denver with the latest information, Bat helps his friend counter the move with by sending news by carrier pigeon.
28 Jan. 1960
Flume to the Mother Lode
Bat and his partners fleece an unscrupulous businessman out of half the profits in a gold mine. He exacts revenge by buying up the timber they need to shore up the mine walls, then tries to kill the men with an explosion in the mine.
4 Feb. 1960
Death by the Half Dozen
A stagecoach carrying Bat and Claire, the local sheriff's fiancée, is robbed and Claire is kidnapped. With the sheriff wounded and out of action, Bat tries to rescue Claire and capture the entire gang of kidnappers by himself.
11 Feb. 1960
Deadly Diamonds
Bat's friend, Ellie Winters, is hired by promoters selling shares in their diamond mine. Although Ellie is convinced that the mine is legitimate, Bat investigates and discovers the owners are salting the mine with high-grade quartz.
18 Feb. 1960
Mr. Fourpaws
On his way to investigate irregularities in a bank's bookkeeping, Bat encounters a gun fight in which a man is killed by two gunmen. Bat finds himself involved with embezzlers, murderers and a new friend - a thieving dog.
25 Feb. 1960
Six Feet of Gold
Bat spots Lisa Truex in Deadwood who stole $2000 from him. Bat wants to collect but Lisa's boyfriend runs the town. She sells Bat an acre of land she owns that appears to be worthless but Bat finds a way to profit from it if he lives.
3 Mar. 1960
Cattle and Cane
Bat receives half of a cane he gave to Jane Taylor and rides to her ranch to investigate. He is forced to choose sides between her family and other ranchers and his old friend, a cattle baron intent on returning to the days of open range.
10 Mar. 1960
The Disappearance of Bat Masterson
Three cowboys trick a magician into helping them rob a bank by taking Bat Masterson's gun "as a joke" before he enters the bank. Bat and the magician team up to recover the loot through the aid of another conjurer's stunt.
17 Mar. 1960
The Snare
Bat travels to Yuma to give away the bride at a wedding but discovers the girl's murdered fiancée on the way there. After telling the bride, he joins the posse sent to bring the suspected killer, the Yaqui Kid, to justice.
24 Mar. 1960
Three Bullets for Bat
While awaiting a murder trail in which he will be the star witness, Bat visits a Mexican ranch where, he is told, a fortune in jewels awaits. It's a trap, though, set by the defendant's uncle and Bat will face a firing squad at dawn.
31 Mar. 1960
The Reluctant Witness
When Ellie Winters is framed for murder, she desperately telegraphs Bat for help. He bails her out to help search for a missing witness but he decides to create a second witness and get Wyatt Earp to play her high priced lawyer.
7 Apr. 1960
Come Out Fighting
During a rest stop in Headstone, Texas Bat has a run in with a Judge known for "fine" work. The Judge is up for reelection and Bat has an idea to take advantage of it. The Judge sponsors an exhibition fight and Bat makes a killing.
14 Apr. 1960
Stage to Nowhere
After Bat and the stagecoach he is riding is robbed, Bat's plan to catch the gang of stagecoach robbers backfires, when not only the silver bullion the stagecoach was carrying is stolen, but the stagecoach itself disappears.
21 Apr. 1960
Incident at Fort Bowie
The U.S. Cavalry at Fort Bowie contracts with Bat for a herd of 55 horses. When his herd is stolen and his men all killed or wounded, Bat determines to recapture his herd and bring the killers to justice but it requires some trickery.
28 Apr. 1960
Masterson's Arcadia Club
When Bat meets cowboys on a trail drive, he discovers that a gambler has appropriated his name and set up a casino called "Masterson's Arcadia Club" where all the ranch hands passing through town lose all their money playing crooked games.
5 May 1960
Welcome to Paradise
While his stage makes a stop, Bat is arrested, charged with possession of a gun and assessed a staggering fine. When Bat learns that the local judge runs the town as a personal fiefdom, he decides to change things when a man faces hanging.
12 May 1960
A Grave Situation
After Bat's good friend and railroad tycoon Hugh Blaine is conned in a complex land and cattle swindle, Blaine hires Bat to get his money back and bring the crooks to justice. However, Bat ends up digging his own grave.
19 May 1960
Gold Is Where You Steal It
When depositing his winnings, Bat and the bank are robbed by a gang of Mexican bandits. Bat tracks the bandits and their double-crossing female accomplice through Spanish-American communities to retrieve his money and the bank's money.
26 May 1960
Wanted: Alive Please
Bat is asked to find how stolen Mexican cattle, many diseased, are entering Texas and mingling with local animals. With the help of the local sheriff he prints a wanted poster which he hopes serve as his introduction to the local rustlers.
2 Jun. 1960
The Elusive Baguette
Bat down and out on his luck is hired as the bodyguard of a beautiful widow. She must wear a fabulously expensive diamond to the Governor's reception that evening but before they can leave the necklace is stolen while Bat is distracted.
16 Jun. 1960
The Big Gamble
When a man Bat staked to search for the Lost Dutchman's Mine disappears, Bat buys a map from a too agreeable bartender and sets off in pursuit. Bat soon learns that his friend is but one of many miners who have recently vanished.
23 Jun. 1960
Blood on the Money
Before Bat's partner in a casino venture is dies, he asks Masterson to deliver his share of the money to his brother on the Mexican border. Bat learns that the man is rumored to lead a gang of rustlers.
1 Jul. 1960
Barbary Castle
An old sea captain has dismantled his clan's Scottish castle and is rebuilding it in San Francisco. A stockholder serves him with a restraining order, claiming he's wasting the business' assets constructing such an extravagant building.
29 Sep. 1960
Debt of Honor
Bat grubstakes Cactus Charlie, an elderly prospector searching for a gold strike. Charlie finds gold, all right, the proceeds from a recent robbery and the crooks who buried the loot will stop at nothing to recover their ill-gotten gains.
6 Oct. 1960
Law of the Land
Working again for his friend Hugh Blaine, Bat is hired to investigate the theft of barbed-wire fencing that prevents cattle from climbing onto a railroad's right-of-way. Question is whether Bat wants to tackle the five to one odds.
13 Oct. 1960
Bat Trap
Midas Creek hires Bat to run their annual shooting contest. The council believe that the local bully will generally do anything in his power to win the contest. When the local gunsmith wins, it's the thug's rifle vs. Bat's pistol.
20 Oct. 1960
The Rage of Princess Ann
Bat has an interest in a mine in Colorado and discovers its conditions are unsafe, but the general manager is forcing the miners to work in it anyway. He decides to convince the other owners including its pretty namesake to improve safety.
27 Oct. 1960
The Hunter
An Englishman has a theory that accuracy is more important in a gunfight than speed or size of the ammunition. When he kills a bully with his specially designed rifled pistol, the Englishman decides he's ready to take on his goal - Bat.
3 Nov. 1960
Murder Can Be Dangerous
When Bat catches his gambling casino partner embezzling money, he kicks the man out, telling him never return unless he brings $25,000 to buy Bat's interest in the business. The partner plans to get control of Bat's half by killing him.
10 Nov. 1960
High Card Loses
After a bank robbery Bat finds himself broke so he accepts an offer from a friend for a job. When his friend is murdered, Bat agrees to undertake his unfinished business - delivering three mail-order brides to their new husbands.
17 Nov. 1960
Dakota Showdown
Bat rides to the assistance of his friend, a sheriff, but arrives after the Dakota boys gun him down. The president of the town council asks Bat to step into the office, but Bat decides the job should go to another person.
24 Nov. 1960
The Last of the Night Raiders
Bat is asked by a woman to help her and her young son escape the deadly Doolin gang who Bat has tangled with before. She wants to return to St. Louis with her son to her parents but her son wants to stay knowing only the gang as family.
1 Dec. 1960
Last Stop to Austin
Bat thinks a young gunfighter might be the son of a man with whom he fought at the Battle of Adobe Wells. He plans to appeal to the governor for a pardon for his crimes because of the unrewarded service of his father.
15 Dec. 1960
A Time to Die
Bat returns to Casper, Wyoming to testify at a murder trial. He learns that all the other witnesses are either dead or are afraid to testify and the father of the man under arrest intends to eliminate the last witness
22 Dec. 1960
Death by Decree
Bat inherits a casino from an old enemy and soon discovers why. Upon arriving in town, he learns that the casino is $3000 behind in its mortgage payments and the previous owner was killed by the town marshal who owns the mortgage.
29 Dec. 1960
The Lady Plays Her Hand
An eastern gambler playing a "system" breaks the bank at Bat's casino, putting the dapper Masterson out of business. Bat wonders if the "system" didn't have more than a little help from his pretty dealer.

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