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Carnival of Souls

Cinema Art from Lawrence, Kansas?   Industrial filmmaker Herk Harvey comes through with a classic horror gem for the ages. A haunted church organist begins to suspect that her hallucinations are more than just nerves. And who is that ghoulish man who keeps appearing in reflections, or popping up out of nowhere? Carnival of Souls Blu-ray The Criterion Collection 63 1962 / B&W / 1:37 flat Academy / 78 min. / available through The Criterion Collection / Street Date July 12, 2016 / 39.95 Starring Candace Hilligoss, Frances Feist, Sidney Berger, Art Ellison, Stan Levitt, Herk Harvey. Cinematography Maurice Prather Film Editor Dan Palmquist, Bill de Jarnette Original Music Gene Moore Assistant Director Raza (Reza) Badiyi Written by John Clifford Produced and Directed by Herk Harvey

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Herk Harvey's marvelous Carnival of Souls is an anomaly in screen horror, a regional effort that transcends its production limitations to deliver a tingling encounter with the uncanny. Harvey was a prolific producer of industrial films,
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One Step Beyond Complete in DVD Collector’s Set April 7th

One Step Beyond explores the amazing world of the unknown through dramatic re-enactments of mysterious “real life events.” Seventy of the 96 original episodes will be available April 7 in a special, six-disc DVD collector’s set from Film Chest Media Group.

Produced a year before the Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond – which ran on ABC for three seasons (1959-1961) – sparked the growing interest in paranormal suspense in the late 1950s. Rather than … Continue reading →
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Watch FilmOn Binge: One Step Beyond for Free

Watch FilmOn Binge: One Step Beyond for Free
FilmOn now has FilmOn Binge: “One Step Beyond,” which can be viewed for free. “One Step Beyond” is a show that’s similar to “The Twilight Zone,” so if you’re a fan of vintage sci-fi and mystery tales, you’ll find a lot to love with “One Step Beyond.” Here’s more about the show: “Launched at the same time as ‘The Twilight Zone,’ this TV series fed the growing interest in paranormal suspense differently. Rather than creating fictional stories with supernatural twists, this series sought out ‘real’ stories of the supernatural and re-created them.” You can watch all episodes of the series at FilmOn, including “Call from Tomorrow,” Episode 19 from Season [ Read More ]

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Limbus Inc: Review

Reviewed By Rick O’Shea

Authors: Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Brett J. Talley, Joseph Nassise, Anne C. Petty, Jonathan Maberry

270 Pages

JournalStone Publishing

Matthew Sellers, a bookstore owner receives an ominous gift from an eccentric stranger, Ichabod Templeton. Within the present is a compilation of reports centering around a most unorthodox, elusive employment agency known simply as Limbus Inc. The personnel agency is the main focus or theme of each tale. Templeton upon parting company with Sellers declares the bookstore owner is the chosen one. Is the baffled shop owner in for far more than what he’d bargained for?

The Slaughter Man: Written by Benjamin Kane Ethridge, The Sticker copes with work conditions at the local slaughterhouse. After his marriage falls apart he takes drastic measures to fulfill his potential.

The Sacrifice: Written by Brett J. Talley, is a story about Ryan who struggles from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from time served in the military.
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Madness honoured with medals of gratitude from Poland

Madness honoured with medals of gratitude from Poland
Madness have been honoured by Poland with medals of gratitude. The English ska band were thanked for going 'One Step Beyond' in Poland during the 1980s, when they donated their gig fees to help the Solidarity Campaign Movement. After picking up their Medals of Gratitude, the musicians attended a ceremony on Monday (December 17) at the Polish Embassy in London where they were handed Medals of Gratitude from the European Solidarity Centre by Polish Ambassador (more)
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Attention Montreal horror movie fans: The Miskatonic Insitute of Horror Studies releases its 3rd annual lineup!

Anybody living in or around Montreal knows that La Belle Province’s metropolis is a fantastic place to be a film lover, especially for horror films. Now the obvious reason why this would be the case is the Fantasia International Film Festival, which had its 16th edition run this past July and August. Yet another, perhaps lesser know (but certainly growing) venue for Montreal horror film buffs to satisfy their cravings is the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, a unique experience if there ever was one.

The fine folks at Miskatonic have, in essence, set up a non-profit ‘school’ of sorts where an actual curriculum is set up for which films lovers and hopeful filmmakers can sign up for courses which last from September to April of the following year. Among the speakers are established writers, filmmakers and curators who provide bountiful insight, intelligent critical analysis and commentary on the
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R.I.P. Ernest Borgnine (1917-2012)

Academy Award-winning American film and television actor Ernest Borgnine has passed away from renal failure in Los Angeles, California, aged 89. The son of Italian immigrants, Borgnine was born in Hamden, Connecticut in 1917 and served in the United States Navy during World War II, after which he decided to pursue a career on the stage. Joining Virginia's Barter Theatre, Borgnine earned rave reviews for his role as the Gentleman Caller in Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie, which opened the doors to Broadway where he was able to develop his skills as a character actor.

After moving to Los Angeles, Borgnine made his film debut in 1951's China Corsair but his big breakthrough came two years later with an acclaimed supporting turn as Staff Sergeant "Fatso" Judson in the Oscar darling From Here to Eternity; he would subsequently find himself the recipient of an Academy Award, taking home the Best Actor gong
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Rest in Peace: Warren Stevens

The word just reached us that a true legend passed away earlier this week, and we're saddened to pass on the news that actor Warren Stevens, who appeared in Forbidden Planet as well as numerous TV shows, died in Sherman Oaks, California, on Tuesday, March 27th at age 92.

Stevens, who suffered from lung disease, also acted in "The Twilight Zone" in both 1962 and 1986, "The Outer Limits", "One Step Beyond", and "Alfred Hitchcock Present", among many other films and TV series.

Born in Clark's Summit, Pennsylvania, Stevens attended the Naval Academy but left before graduating due to problems with his vision, though he later served as a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps during WWII. He developed his interest in acting while at Annapolis and did summer stock before entering the service during the war. After WWII he returned to summer stock, worked in radio, and joined the Actors Studio in New York.
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End of Week Video Recap: 'This Means War,' 'Ghost Rider,' 'Arrietty' Interviews, 'John Carter' Clips and a Pixar Preview

  • Fandango
After eight months of end of week recaps, we're switching things up a bit. This post gathers all the week's new trailers, random fun finds and our exclusive video cast interviews which were previously buried at the bottom of the old end of week posts. You can catch all the news, first look and new images here. **Note: Some videos/trailers may contain strong language. User discretion is advised.** This Means War Cast Interview: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Cast Interview: The Secret World of Arrietty Cast Interviews: Two Little Boys, International Trailer 2 Days in New York International Trailer Marley Video: Marley Trailer The Pirates! Band of Misfits Featurette The Fp Headhunters Intruders One Step Beyond Blood Brother The Amazing Spider-Man...

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Rupert Grint attends The Friends Christmas Party!

December 15th, 2011, 10:30Am– Rupert Grint makes sure to spread some Christmas joy in the name of charity. Earlier today, Rupert Grint and his friend, Harry Potter co-star, Tom Felton attended The Friends Christmas Party at the children’s hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, UK. They spent the morning with young fans and had pictures taken with them. Earlier today, Tom Felton wrote the following on his Twitter profile: “Beautiful day in London! May even get to see my special ginger friend x” The Friends Christmas Party does sound like a lovely and touching event. On the Great Ormon Street Hospital‘s website, it is described like a heart-warming event: Every child will have the chance to meet Santa, give him their Christmas wish list, and take home special early Christmas treats and a gift. As always, there will be a very special Christmas party for 1,500 patients and their families.
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Diabolical Deal: Alien Anthology for $53 on Blu-Ray

Late last year, Fox put out the Alien Anthology Blu-Ray set. The price tag was hefty, especially if you didn’t like the last two films. While you can purchase these individually for $15, you can get this nice box set – which I believe has extras not found on the individual releases – for $53! Click beyond the break for the full details & where to buy it.

Disc 1: Alien

**1979 Theatrical Version

**2003 Director’s Cut with Ridley Scott Introduction

**Audio Commentary by Director Ridley Scott, Writer Dan O’Bannon, Executive Producer Ronald Shusett, Editor Terry Rawlings, Actors Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton and John Hurt

**Audio Commentary (for Theatrical Cut only) by Ridley Scott

**Final Theatrical Isolated Score by Jerry Goldsmith

**Composer’s Original Isolated Score by Jerry Goldsmith

**Deleted and Extended Scenes

**Mu-th-ur Mode Interactive Experience with Weyland-Yutani Datastream

Disc 2: Aliens

**1986 Theatrical Version

**1991 Special Edition with James Cameron
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More Indie Chills Gearing Up to Take You Back to the Beyond

The ghosts sure are restless in the latest trailer for Raffaele Dibacco and Kevin Dibacco's indie fear flick, Back to the Beyond, and we've got all the details you need right here to help you with those nasty things that go bump in the night.

Written by Raffaele and directed by Kevin, Back to the Beyond stars Jennifer Gjulameti, Bill Potter, James Donnelly, Cate Carson, and Bill McLean.

The flick is said to be a modern adaptation of the 1950's TV series "One Step Beyond". Not much else about it is available at press time, but the trailer pretty much speaks for itself.

Look for it this summer.

Visit The Evilshop @ Amazon!

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The Beyond Blu-ray Review

  • HeyUGuys
With a gory and Gothic opening Lucio Fulci thrusts us straight into a world in which chains tear at flesh in the most grisly ways possible and the most effective way of finally finishing off a man you’re torturing and murdering is with a semi-crucifixion and a lot of acid to the face. This is The Beyond and if you find those first few minutes hard to stomach then you’re probably not prepared for the gruesome tale that Fulci unfolds in graphic detail on screen.

Aside from setting the tone and providing an opening that somewhat explains the supernatural curse at the heart of The Beyond this preface also plays out a little like a bridge between the classic Gothic film tradition and the lurid strain of horror that Fulci was a something of a master in. Never perhaps considered quite as artistically interesting as his Italian contemporaries
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Arrow Video Announces The Beyond Blu And More!

I announced this here a while ago, but the news just became more official.  Arrow Video have posted the Rick Melton's custom cover art and specs for their world exclusive Blu-ray presentation of The Beyond.  In my opinion, this film is Lucio Fulci's masterpiece, and while some argument can be made for Zombie Aka Zombi 2 Aka Zombie Flesh Eaters, I think this one trumps it easily.  This new edition is due for release on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2011, and would make a lovely gift!  Check out the awesome specs and great custom cover art!This Amazing Edition Contains:

- 4 option reversible sleeve with original and newly commissioned artwork

- Double-sided fold-out poster

- Collector's booklet featuring an introduction to the film by Eli Roth, director of 'Cabin Fever', 'Hostel' and 'Hostel Part II', 'Beyond Bombast' and an interview with Al Cliver by author
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[Blu-Review] Alien Anthology

Finally, one of the box-sets we’ve all been waiting for! The Alien franchise is one of those series that’s perfect for Blu-Ray. It is a benchmark for the format and you can check out our full review of The Alien Anthology below.


How much can one say about the timeless classic sci-fi horror film that hasn’t been said before? Well, very little. This is still Ridley Scott‘s finest film to date and it hasn’t aged a bit. Every beat of tension still lands with a punch, the alien is still one of the best ever to be put on-screen, and it’s atmosphere stays eerie and unsettling throughout.

Alien is the king of the monster movies. Very few horror films can achieve the level of investment Scott and co. did with making you actually care for the ensemble, even outside of Ripley. What
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[DVD Review] Alien Anthology

Let’s level with each other: you’ve already seen all of the (or at least the first two) Alien films, and have formed an opinion roughly in alignment with the rest of society that the first two in the series are excellent, but that the latter two were largely ruined by a combination of repetitiveness and studio interference. You probably already have the Alien Quadrilogy, and have ample resources to find out what new supplemental materials are featured on this release (and they are legion). But as much as anything, you don’t need me to tell you what each of these films is about, what characters appear in any of them, and why you should go out of your way to see any of them. The Alien franchise is established in a way that few are, with its rules, aesthetic, and central themes renowned to those who have
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Alien Anthology Blu-ray Review

Holy God. That’s one of the first reactions one has to 20th Century Fox’s six disc Blu-ray release of the Alien Anthology. It was put together by Charles de Lauzirika, and he’s the guy who’s been doing all the supplements for this franchise for years now, including the awkwardly named Alien Quadrilogy. His task was to make a collection that had not only improved picture and sound quality, but all the supplements of previous releases, and even more additional content. He and his team delivered; this is the mother lode. Of course, the series is also presented immaculately, with each film offering two cuts, deleted scenes, commentaries and isolated scores. The six disc set has over 60 hours of supplements. It’s mind-boggling and overwhelming, but also the perfect franchise for this sort of study, and it’s perfect for Blu-ray. Our humbled review of the Alien
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Win the Alien Anthology on Blu-ray!

Never let it be said that we here at Dread Central don't take care of our readers when it comes to contests. What do we have for you today? "Only" the massive six-disc Blu-ray set known as the Alien Anthology!

All you have to do to win one of the three sets we have to give away is send us an E-mail Here including your Full Name And Mailing Address, and answer this question:

What was the original title of Alien?

• Black Space

• Nostromo

• Star Beast

Sometimes the scariest things come from within. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment presents one of the most successful and terrifying film franchises of all time when the Alien Anthology debuts on Blu-ray for the first time ever from October 25 internationally and on October 26 in North America. All four Alien films have been reinvigorated for an intense Blu-ray high-definition viewing experience. The release also marks the debut of Mu-th-ur Mode,
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Alien Anthology - Fight Facehuggers Online

You know them. You love them. But you don't want them attaching themselves to your head. Well, maybe you do. You kinky bitches! Time to load up, pack heavy, and start blasting!

Coinciding with this upcoming Tuesday’s release of the Alien Anthology on Blu-ray for the first time ever, join us in the ultimate survival game. Your mission? Shoot the facehugger aliens as they hatch and spring towards you. Rack up a high score. Own the universe! Click here to play the game, and click here for the Alien Anthology interactive desktop.

Alien Anthology Details:

Sometimes the scariest things come from within. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment presents one of the most successful and terrifying film franchises of all time when the Alien Anthology debuts on Blu-ray for the first time ever from October 25 internationally and on October 26 in North America. All four Alien films have been reinvigorated for
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Alien Anthology Blu-ray Giveaway! Who Wants a Free Copy of This Amazing Box Set

We all own far too many DVDs. Nowadays, a lot of us are buying way too many Blu-rays. However, every once in awhile, usually around the holidays, a box set will get released that is just too awesome to pass up. Next week one such release hits retail stores: the Alien Anthology Blu-ray box set. Loaded with over 50 hours of bonus materials and theatrical and special editions of all the Alien movies, the box set is one of the most comprehensive home video releases ever. We got our review copy in the mail today and it’s on a whole other level of awesome. If you’re a fan of the Alien movies, this is a must own release. Granted, it’ll take you the rest of the decade to watch all the special features, but you will feel like you got your money’s worth.

However, while most of
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