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Season 3

30 Aug. 1960
In 1960 a series of earthquakes activate a tsunami, which heads towards Honolulu. Wheelchair-bound Margaret North, stuck in her house, prays for help and finds it when stone deaf, elderly Thomas Powers, lost on the island, comes to her house as a result of which both are saved. She believes it was no coincidence but a psychic phenomenon.
27 Sep. 1960
Anniversary of a Murder
A married businessman is having a secret affair, and one night while he's driving home drunk from a rendezvous with his mistress, he runs over and kills a young boy. No one saw him so he believes he got away with it, but soon he is astonished to hear what he believes to be his victim's voice on his dictaphone.
4 Oct. 1960
The Death Waltz
At a cavalry outpost in 1860s New Mexico, flirtatious, heartless Lillie takes great delight in playing her two beaus, decent Eustace Fairchild and the sexier, more dashing Henry Buchanan off against each other. Eustace is killed by Apaches but Lillie still goes to the dance with Henry. However Eustace's ghost turns up for what will be the last waltz for both him and Lillie.
11 Oct. 1960
The Return
On patrol during the Korean war young corporal Fred Cossage gets separated from the rest of his unit who, after a fruitless search for him, give him up as dead and return behind their own lines. But Cossage is still alive and, despite being blinded and severely wounded, is able via psychic help to make a return.
18 Oct. 1960
If You See Sally
Pa Ellis blames his daughter Sally following the accidental death of her brother Paul and she moves to the city but Pa relents and asks her to come home. Sally sets out to hitch-hike and is caught up in a terrible storm and killed. However, over the following years many drivers on the road where Sally perished see her ghost thumbing lifts and some pick her up though she never makes it back home.
25 Oct. 1960
Moment of Hate
A successful but driven businesswoman, Karen Wadsworth, is convinced that she can make her thoughts become reality. She soon begins to believe that she can use the power of suggestion and turn it into the power to kill.
1 Nov. 1960
To Know the End
Emily MacDougall, a young woman living in England during World War II, begins to have strange hallucinations of death and destruction. What she doesn't realize is that her visions may threaten not only the man who is closest to her, but the entire country as well.
15 Nov. 1960
The Trap
Just before he falls asleep, a man is suddenly aware that there is another life that seems to be in direct conflict with his own. He is astounded to discover that he has stumbled upon what seems to be a parallel universe - one in which he also exists - but in not quite the same way he does in this one.
22 Nov. 1960
The Voice
Young reporter Jared Corning travels to a small New England town to cover the trial of several local people accused of setting fire to a barn owned by unpopular Tom Goss. Jared finds it hard to believe that their aim was to kill a pet raccoon owned by Goss's daughter, but even harder to withstand the small, disembodied voice that tells him to start another fire.
29 Nov. 1960
The Promise
Following the Second World War German ex-prisoner of war Carl Bremer remains in London, working on bomb disposal units. He marries a local woman and she is about to give birth to their child when Carl, against his wife's wishes, goes on one last, fatal mission - though he is still seen at the hospital gazing proudly at his new-born child.
6 Dec. 1960
Tonight at 12:17
Laura Perkins is expecting a baby, and the pregnancy is worrying her. She is soon shocked to discover, however, that her condition has resulted in her having extraordinary psychic powers. She determines to use these new powers to save the life of her unborn child.
13 Dec. 1960
Where Are They?
In 1922 the town of Chico, California was pelted by rocks falling from an empty sky. A writer who called himself The Ghost took credit for the phenomena, but was never identified. Similarly, in 1917 a stranger appeared to government officials in Washington, D. C. and demonstrated a new fuel made from water that could power an auto engine. After his successful exhibition, the stranger vanished as quickly as he had appeared. The FBI and Secret Service searched for months and could never find him.
20 Dec. 1960
Legacy of Love
Marianne Darelle finds that she is suddenly and forcefully drawn to a small seaside town that she has never been to before, and there she begins a strange relationship with a married man--and is shocked to discover that he, too, was pulled into the town by a force that he can't explain, either.
27 Dec. 1960
A wife is notified that her husband, a Marine, has been lost at sea. However, she refuses to believe that he is dead and knows that he will return to her. Soon afterwards she is walking alone through a park when a would-be mugger approaches her, but he is scared off by the sudden appearance of what looks to be some sort of spirit.
3 Jan. 1961
The Executioner
In 1862, Confederate soldier Jess Bradley and his faithful dog are captured by a sadistic Union officer, Col. Martin. When Jess' dog is killed, forces from beyond began to take a strange revenge on the colonel.
10 Jan. 1961
The Last Round
A prizefighter who has fallen on very hard times is visited by the ghost of a fellow boxer, who reminds him of a terrifying old legend that may well come true.
17 Jan. 1961
Dead Man's Tale
A down-on-his-luck newsman, Phillip Werris, checks into a flea-bag hotel with his wife Jan, where he finds a manual on how to prospect for gold. That night while sleepwalking, Phillip types a short story that features the author of the manual and his brother. Against his wishes, Jan submits the story to be published. After publication, the story takes on an unnatural air, leading to an amazing climax.
24 Jan. 1961
The Sacred Mushroom
Newland and his associates visit a remote Mexican village to determine if eating a rare mushroom can enhance one's extrasensory perception capacities.
31 Jan. 1961
The Gift
It's May in England and a Gypsy fortuneteller and her rakish son set to work rooking a gullible public. But when the phony fortuneteller actually receives the gift of clairvoyance she has long prayed for, she is startled by what she sees.
7 Feb. 1961
Person Unknown
In Mexico, an escaped convict hides out in a monastery. Unfortunately, it is on the night when the ghost of an Aztec warrior is said to roam the halls. When a murder is discovered later that night, he must prove that he not only didn't commit the murder, but that it was in fact committed by the ghostly warrior.
21 Feb. 1961
Night of Decision
During the American Revolution, Gen. George Washington is suddenly visited by visions that convince him the revolution will be successful. However, he is also troubled by visions that tell him there will be a great civil war that will occur after his death, and he doesn't know how to stop it.
28 Feb. 1961
The Stranger
Following an earthquake in Asia Minor three living people are dug out of the rubble. They claim that a fourth man, who has died, was the driving force who sustained their battle for survival, but finger prints reveal him to be a prisoner who died some time before the quake.
7 Mar. 1961
A man confesses to murdering a child, but the members of his church swear that at the time of the killing the man was asleep in a pew.
14 Mar. 1961
The Face
From early childhood Stephen Bolt has frightening dreams of a man's ominous face. Later he sees that the man's hand threatens him with a knife. Stephen knows the dreams are a premonition of his death, but his family are unsympathetic. When he grows up, Stephen goes to sea to escape his tormentor.
21 Mar. 1961
The Room Upstairs
Will and Esther Hollis, a childless American couple, rent an old house in London. Esther is convinced she can hear a child crying though nobody else can. She locates the cries to an upstairs room, which she enters. There is indeed a little girl in the room but Esther has somehow travelled back into the previous century by her actions.
4 Apr. 1961
Signal Received
In 1941 two sailors from HMS Hood, Watson and Breed, hear a strange radio broadcast stating that the ship has been sunk with heavy loss of life. Their shipmate Robin Hughes, however, hears that he will live to a ripe old age. When it is time for the ship to sail Hughes is reassigned at the last minute. The radio message proves to be a tragic omen for Breed and Watson whilst the real Hughes appears in the studio to talk about his belief in the supernatural.
11 Apr. 1961
The Confession
Standing on a soap-box, Harvey Lawrence proclaims that he killed a man. A flashback reveals that when he was an up-and-coming lawyer prosecuting a man for murder he deliberately allowed the man to hang even though Sarah, the supposed victim came to see Lawrence. When Sarah reappears after many years Lawrence's past catches up with him.
25 Apr. 1961
The Avengers
During the Second World war a Nazi general invites locals, whom he later plans to send to death camps, to a château for a celebration which, in its detail, copies one held there a hundred and fifty years earlier. However the ghosts of the original celebrants return to stop his plan,
2 May 1961
The Prisoner
Ruth Goldman, a survivor of the Nazi death camps, receives a visitor, Hessler, a German officer who oversaw her cruel treatment during her imprisonment and she kills him. However when she confesses and a doctor examines the body it turns out that Hessler has been dead for several years previously.
16 May 1961
Blood Flower
Professor Carroll is a political theorist who nonetheless has a neutral stance when it comes to radical involvement. However he becomes strangely political after sniffing a rare Latin American flower, unaware that it was stained with the blood of a famous revolutionary.
23 May 1961
The Sorcerer
In World War One German officer Reitliger enlists the help of Karnak, a man with supposed psychic powers, to find out how his girlfriend Elsa is faring back in Germany. Seeing a vision of her infidelity he gets Karnak to will him back home where he kills Elsa but no one will believe him as the murder was down to an out of body experience and nobody can be in two places at once. Ultimately Reitlinger decides on a way to ensure he is punished.
6 Jun. 1961
The Villa
A group of Britons are holidaying at an Italian villa where young medical student Tony Hudson hypnotizes his friend's wife, Mary Low. Whilst in a trance Mary becomes hysterical, claiming that she can sense a young woman trapped in a lift, and efforts are made to locate the woman.
13 Jun. 1961
While walking across a fog-covered London Bridge one night, a struggling writer falls in love with a beautiful woman he meets there. Howewver, she isn't quite what she seems to be, and he stands a good chance of succumbing--literally--to her charms.
20 Jun. 1961
The Tiger
Miss Cartwright is hired to be the new governess to young Pamela. Cartwright immediately dismisses Pamela's beloved nanny, Mrs. Murphy, and finds a punishment room for the child in the basement. Pamela's favorite toy is a stuffed tiger, which becomes the focus of Pamela's revenge against the dictatorial governess. Strange and ominous things begin to happen that can only be explained as psychic phenomena.
27 Jun. 1961
A troubled painter is obsessed with painting a young lady he's never met before. He determines to find her in real life before the obsession drives him crazy.
4 Jul. 1961
In 1883, a Boston newspaperman writes a detailed eyewitness account of a natural disaster -- a full day before it happens. Working in his office late one night, Henry Soames finds his concentration rocked by four momentous explosions. When he emerges from his trance, he files a sensational report about the eruption of Krakatoa, a volcano in the Dutch East Indies. The paper's editors run the story across the front page and the following morning the paper sells like hotcakes. Eager to promote his new ace reporter, the publisher is puzzled when Soames denies ...

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